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Ever Fainted? Here's a Poll [View all] MineralMan Sep 2016 OP
Kick this if you want to see more responses, please. MineralMan Sep 2016 #1
Of course I have, mostly as a youngster feeling invincible. uppityperson Sep 2016 #2
done trof Sep 2016 #3
I have never fainted, but I have come close a couple of times. CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #4
17 years old on my second day of Basic Combat Training, Ft. Gordon GA. MohRokTah Sep 2016 #5
Heh, I fainted on the day we got all our shots in reception anoNY42 Sep 2016 #54
I have fainted several times Island Blue Sep 2016 #6
Yes, at the dog park in subzero temps after a week-long migraine spell brought on by extreme cold hlthe2b Sep 2016 #7
Me too, lots of times. Laffy Kat Sep 2016 #37
Several times. NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #8
Of course. All it means is that your circulation is a touch off for a minute. nolabear Sep 2016 #9
Vasovagal JustAnotherGen Sep 2016 #10
I fainted/collapsed due to heat -- Hell Hath No Fury Sep 2016 #11
I got up too soon librarylu Sep 2016 #12
Had to go with the more then once duncang Sep 2016 #13
Yup. KMOD Sep 2016 #14
Bad flu, dehydration, heat Liberal_in_LA Sep 2016 #19
Tennis match, mid-morning. madamesilverspurs Sep 2016 #15
I've come close. RandySF Sep 2016 #16
I never have, but my wife apparently used to faint quite a bit while in college and just after. Dr Hobbitstein Sep 2016 #17
Well actually i didn't faint, i was knocked out nolabels Sep 2016 #18
I have, twice Hayduke Bomgarte Sep 2016 #20
Yes, From Heat Me. Sep 2016 #21
Twice, as a child Thirties Child Sep 2016 #22
I keeled over into the arms of the nurse who took blood for a fasting CBC. GreenEyedLefty Sep 2016 #23
Twice. silverweb Sep 2016 #24
It is how I ended up with a badly broken arm. Out of no where, the world spun and I was down on appleannie1 Sep 2016 #25
I broke a leg on the way down Warpy Sep 2016 #28
I've only fainted on purpose. Kablooie Sep 2016 #26
I remember that teen fad! MineralMan Sep 2016 #40
Twice in college, they never figured out why. redstatebluegirl Sep 2016 #27
I live in Florida RockaFowler Sep 2016 #29
giving blood once handmade34 Sep 2016 #30
Only when giving blood...or rather after giving blood. ileus Sep 2016 #31
Yes, a reaction to LA smog. Liberty Belle Sep 2016 #32
When I was about to be hit by a toboggan full of people who had picked up speed coming down a ski hi applegrove Sep 2016 #33
No, but I had pneumonia when I was in my 20s and it took me weeks to be 100% fine. Mass Sep 2016 #34
I have not, but came close. NT Adrahil Sep 2016 #35
had pleurisy (sp?) as a kid rurallib Sep 2016 #36
I passed out from 100 degree heat 20 years ago meow2u3 Sep 2016 #38
Passed out in a hospital yuiyoshida Sep 2016 #39
No, but I've come close a couple of times. MurrayDelph Sep 2016 #41
Fainted, blacked out 2x, knocked out 3x, concussed 4x? NightWatcher Sep 2016 #42
Hey me too. I've fainted, blacked out, and been concussed a few times as well. NightWatcher Sep 2016 #43
Dude, small world, I've had a few head injuries myself. NightWatcher Sep 2016 #44
I have twice. Both incidents related to fasting CrawlingChaos Sep 2016 #45
One faint - passed out about a week after a concussion csziggy Sep 2016 #46
Noro virus. Maru Kitteh Sep 2016 #47
Yep, fainted once. It was health related. n/t Waldorf Sep 2016 #48
back in the day i fainted getting a tb skin test dembotoz Sep 2016 #49
Yes... I'm a firefighter... belcffub Sep 2016 #50
Three Times ProfessorGAC Sep 2016 #51
No, I never have, but I felt close to it a few Zing Zing Zingbah Sep 2016 #52
Who "fainted"? Sunlei Sep 2016 #53
When I got my finger smashed in a car door CanonRay Sep 2016 #55
I've never fainted OriginalGeek Sep 2016 #56
Yes, twice. MoonRiver Sep 2016 #57
Yes, once.. KK9 Sep 2016 #58
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