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Now they're calling him on his lies malaise Nov 2016 #1
They started off this morning with the statement that "he was claiming it without proof". Now they still_one Nov 2016 #2
1 Little Star Nov 2016 #3
ya beat me to it oldtime dfl_er Nov 2016 #5
doesn't matter, it is important to point out the distinction. Thanks still_one Nov 2016 #7
1,000 malaise Nov 2016 #9
I am with you, malaise. sheshe2 Nov 2016 #10
This is madness malaise Nov 2016 #11
Mad King Donald, pacing in his golden tower. It helps me a bit to visualize it as a fairy tale. Hekate Nov 2016 #21
LOL malaise Nov 2016 #33
I agree malaise. Hang in there. still_one Nov 2016 #17
It's their game to exasperate and exhaust us. Hang tough. anamandujano Nov 2016 #26
Too little too late. They kissed his arse for ratings. Oneironaut Nov 2016 #25
While I'm glad the NY Times used the word "lie" oldtime dfl_er Nov 2016 #4
exactly still_one Nov 2016 #6
the headline for the 'opinion piece' was on the front page, above the fold. spanone Nov 2016 #12
That is true, and gives it more impact, but its still referred to as an still_one Nov 2016 #18
"Someone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2016 #8
Timely. Brrr. Hekate Nov 2016 #23
Of that I have NO doubt, whatsoever. BigDemVoter Nov 2016 #24
I'm glad this is keeping Trump up at night. Solly Mack Nov 2016 #13
i expect more tweets aimed at the new york times....expect they do too spanone Nov 2016 #14
Definitely. His minders allow him to tweet and make youtube videos. Solly Mack Nov 2016 #15
grrrr... spanone Nov 2016 #16
Yeah. :( Solly Mack Nov 2016 #19
While he oldtime dfl_er Nov 2016 #30
All while Hillary is out hiking, recuperating after the nightmarishly exhausting campaign. anamandujano Nov 2016 #28
and Trump is driving himself crazy. Solly Mack Nov 2016 #29
i love it also . i was thinking it would be a good idea to come up with a name for him JI7 Nov 2016 #34
He Is A Pathological Liar colsohlibgal Nov 2016 #20
and once again, we see media falling into the "truth trap" 0rganism Nov 2016 #22
Trump doesn't have an eloquent molecule in his body. His trolls repeat the same old lie even anamandujano Nov 2016 #27
he's plenty eloquent, but he's speaking a different language 0rganism Nov 2016 #31
What you're describing is not eloquent. You need a different word. anamandujano Nov 2016 #32
I'm waiting for when he arrests a bunch of Democrats for plotting against him.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2016 #35
Best damn reason for a recount.. own it drumpfuck. Cha Nov 2016 #36
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