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Response to Amimnoch (Reply #12)

wow! Holy crap. Fast Walker 52 Dec 2016 #1
No, statisically, it can't be happening. Coyotl Dec 2016 #18
K&R Jeffersons Ghost Dec 2016 #36
It is not "hackers," per se. pangaia Dec 2016 #45
But Palast's discussion does not take triron Dec 2016 #65
can't stop staring at that graph bigtree Dec 2016 #38
This graph too, from Wisconsin, 'small wards' votes have anominalies from opitscan machines? Sunlei Dec 2016 #58
80,000 votes DK504 Dec 2016 #66
The Russian-Republican axis can make many strange things happen Achilleaze Dec 2016 #60
Except there is no such thing. Coyotl Dec 2016 #61
Wow that graph is quite striking Cal Carpenter Dec 2016 #79
fuck.. JHan Dec 2016 #2
if you haven't cried yet, barbtries Dec 2016 #30
I have many times :( coming back in a torrent. JHan Dec 2016 #32
Whoa Lotusflower70 Dec 2016 #3
Ugh. It never should have been this close, even if the vote totals were flipped. Pathetic. nt MadDAsHell Dec 2016 #4
I agree. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #9
+1,000,000. HughBeaumont Dec 2016 #40
With all the SUPPORT for HRC-- it seems an impossibility ailsagirl Dec 2016 #73
Meantime, Mr. Apprentice is making Romney grovel publicly, & chitchatting with Pakistan's PM... Hekate Dec 2016 #5
I wouldn't worry too much about Romney. LisaM Dec 2016 #25
I assume that this is before any recount/audit??/ Farmgirl1961 Dec 2016 #6
could be uncounted votes bigtree Dec 2016 #7
This is before a recount. Raine1967 Dec 2016 #13
Before recount. Dawson Leery Dec 2016 #33
unofficial vs official counts Amishman Dec 2016 #70
What was it they used to say about counting chickens before they hatch? Ford_Prefect Dec 2016 #8
Woo Hoo! SOO close now! nt jmg257 Dec 2016 #10
This is why we need to stop the nonsense of painting a whole state red or blue. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2016 #11
How 79,316 votes nullified 2.3 million votes. Amimnoch Dec 2016 #12
No they didn't Leontius Dec 2016 #51
Yes they did. Amimnoch Dec 2016 #52
Learn politics. Leontius Dec 2016 #56
Let's learn some more politics: JHan Dec 2016 #62
Really! Amimnoch Dec 2016 #67
dislike of Hillary has bad effects.. JHan Dec 2016 #68
The majority in those states weren't going to vote for her no matter what she said. So don't politicaljunkie41910 Dec 2016 #69
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #59
yeah that's totally why we lost 79,000 votes and the E.C... yes that's THE WHOLE PICTURE /sarcasm JHan Dec 2016 #63
Wha cilla4progress Dec 2016 #14
It was from the state election boards updating their totals.... Historic NY Dec 2016 #15
Total votes cast between all these states: Almost 14M. SpankMe Dec 2016 #16
Or, put another way: Republicans needed to flip only 40,000 votes to steal the electoral college. Coyotl Dec 2016 #17
Since states are the ones running the election the electoral college provides some buffer.... PoliticAverse Dec 2016 #22
Let's hope so! That would be nice. Never more applicable than today. Coyotl Dec 2016 #23
Hmmmm kebob Dec 2016 #19
well rtracey Dec 2016 #20
I've Never Understood The Desperate Need For Anything Other ProfessorGAC Dec 2016 #46
Precincts are usually very easy to count. kentuck Dec 2016 #47
Exactly, Kentuck! ProfessorGAC Dec 2016 #50
It's a cultural deficiency that can't imagine conspiracy lostnfound Dec 2016 #76
Can someone in PA give us an update on what's going on with the recount effort in PA? Farmgirl1961 Dec 2016 #21
There's 2 tracks DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #26
I thought I heard that the judge in Montco PRETZEL Dec 2016 #31
Some counties are withholding certification DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #35
state recount is so byzantine DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #39
Found a link PRETZEL Dec 2016 #41
every extra vote matters DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #43
I agree PRETZEL Dec 2016 #44
She's only 15k shy of auto recount DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #48
I really hope she makes it PRETZEL Dec 2016 #49
Thanks for that link red dog 1 Dec 2016 #54
time and money maybe PRETZEL Dec 2016 #57
this post on kos says the cook report spreadsheet hasn't been updated orleans Dec 2016 #24
There is so much disinformation on this, you'd think Russia is involved or something. Hoyt Dec 2016 #34
Kick Hekate Dec 2016 #27
strange. Anyone know if the change is because of provisional vote counts? Sunlei Dec 2016 #28
could be or maybe absentee ballots DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #37
K&R... spanone Dec 2016 #29
OK, here's the state law DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #42
Wisconsin raised their recount fee MontanaMama Dec 2016 #53
Increasing the cost by 300%...powers that be trying to shutdown the recount. GAH n/t iluvtennis Dec 2016 #55
Trump halts Michigan Recount TeddyBear 1 Dec 2016 #64
The Gropenfuhrer has spoken. MontanaMama Dec 2016 #71
throwing crap on the wall bigtree Dec 2016 #75
K&R! Cha Dec 2016 #72
JHC.. that's a huge DROP. Cha Dec 2016 #74
don't know if anyone posted this (they probably did) orleans Dec 2016 #77
Absentee Ballots DesmondFoster Dec 2016 #78
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