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246. Would love to know
Mon Feb 13, 2017, 09:29 AM
Feb 2017

Do you know anyone who voted 3rd party, for Trump or not at all who regret their vote?

And yet Obama True Dough Feb 2017 #1
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2017 #91
President Barack Hussein Obama heaven05 Feb 2017 #100
Fuckface Von Pussygrabber knows nothing about anything, according to his Eliot Rosewater Feb 2017 #154
I miss our True President every single day. spiderpig Feb 2017 #155
Obama didnt take office expecting to be king. Amaryllis Feb 2017 #167
Trump was not expecting to be king either rpannier Feb 2017 #239
I am convinced because #ComradeTrump doesn't read Capn Sunshine Feb 2017 #207
You may very well be right about that True Dough Feb 2017 #220
I hope Obama is tweeting his fun vacation photos at 45! forgotmylogin Feb 2017 #215
Trump is a chump. C_U_L8R Feb 2017 #2
You could randomly pick someone out of the phone book and they'd do a better job. alarimer Feb 2017 #26
Since his entire cabinet are people who are AGAINST... Dave Starsky Feb 2017 #235
I just said to my daughter that I thought I could do beveeheart Feb 2017 #97
I might qualify. I've read the Constitution and I've worked for a living. sarge43 Feb 2017 #114
I tried to start a Union here in Florida. I had people actually ask what is a Union? classykaren Feb 2017 #205
Yeah, I know. sarge43 Feb 2017 #212
That is what is really missing in our schools Civics classes. classykaren Feb 2017 #204
So how's that a "business man" DK504 Feb 2017 #123
Big Dump's only knowledge of civics is buying off building inspectors Kolesar Feb 2017 #130
Oh, yes. ChazInAz Feb 2017 #142
Didn't Napoleon miss one battle because he had dysentery? eom lol Kolesar Feb 2017 #158
What I read is that he was ineffective at Waterloo because of . . . hatrack Feb 2017 #219
Hemorrhoids are what I heard. diane in sf Feb 2017 #221
He never wanted to be President. Dulcinea Feb 2017 #171
Sounds like he is drowning, so safeinOhio Feb 2017 #3
LOL! kwassa Feb 2017 #12
The BIGGEST! Daemonaquila Feb 2017 #27
YUGE Rollo Feb 2017 #83
Oh that's mean. johnp3907 Feb 2017 #51
Trump-branded water? spiderpig Feb 2017 #159
Water from Flint, MI. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #179
Don't give Ivanka any ideas, Auntie! spiderpig Feb 2017 #183
Or she might give to all of us. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #186
I think a big Rosie ODonnell Rock, playing the white supremacist Bannon PatrickforO Feb 2017 #62
Oh yes! I hope it's her playing Bannon and portrays Bannon manipulating NCjack Feb 2017 #98
Yes! The damn thing zentrum Feb 2017 #143
Seriously, that might be what sends him over the edge. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2017 #175
A bigly rock. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2017 #122
It's shows, stupid.. we hate you Cha Feb 2017 #4
I think that makes him crazy. Cracklin Charlie Feb 2017 #24
Wait no - cilla4progress Feb 2017 #104
There are ways, but they are extremely illegal. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2017 #202
Tired of winning already? Zoonart Feb 2017 #5
so much winning Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #110
Another promise kept. DTs did say we'd have so much winning we'd get tired of winning... Hekate Feb 2017 #113
I think everyone just misunderstood; he was trying to say "whining" - n/t anarch Feb 2017 #151
That too Hekate Feb 2017 #157
Looser than what? louis-t Feb 2017 #127
HAHAHAHAHA Zoonart Feb 2017 #129
Just resign then. MoonRiver Feb 2017 #6
At his age Freddie Feb 2017 #13
Ex-presidents get huge yearly "stipends." MoonRiver Feb 2017 #22
Least surprising story of the month. Given this daughterfucker has never held a real job. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2017 #7
Donald and Ivanka? keithbvadu2 Feb 2017 #90
. Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2017 #131
"Daughterfucker" I love it! maddiemom Feb 2017 #117
As I started typing motherf.... I went: "Hey wait a minute.....". nt Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2017 #132
Ha 47of74 Feb 2017 #211
He imagined that the Presidency would make him the unquestioned top-dog of everything. DetlefK Feb 2017 #8
Any job in government is stressful Caliman73 Feb 2017 #118
We all knew how badly he would suck as President. He can't sit there and watch himself on TV all day livetohike Feb 2017 #9
Here is the Politico write-up: demmiblue Feb 2017 #10
That photo! That Photo. eom LittleGirl Feb 2017 #57
Checks and Balances. The reason why America hasn't had a dictator. nt Blue_true Feb 2017 #58
Most elementary school students NewJeffCT Feb 2017 #64
*sings* I'm just a bill.. yes I'm only a bill.. Amimnoch Feb 2017 #107
Thanks- was going to post this REAL story Ripstory stole from snooper2 Feb 2017 #75
He didn't realize . . . peggysue2 Feb 2017 #96
That's why the acting AG refused to defend it. It's indefensible bigbrother05 Feb 2017 #121
Presidenting is hard work! AnnieBW Feb 2017 #102
Hey, Don. There's an easy solution to this problem. Vinca Feb 2017 #11
Aw... the poor sot. He's not getting to be King yet! Eyeball_Kid Feb 2017 #14
Utterly predictable. (nt) Paladin Feb 2017 #15
Well, he's never had a real job before, let alone MineralMan Feb 2017 #16
I believe the actual quote was IdiotsforPalin Feb 2017 #23
I corrected his awful grammar. MineralMan Feb 2017 #25
Tee hee! fleur-de-lisa Feb 2017 #168
Exactly! AFAIK he's never been someone else's employee before. Dale Neiburg Feb 2017 #38
Yeah, This RobinA Feb 2017 #144
He really didn't want the actual job BeyondGeography Feb 2017 #17
As Howard Stern said a week or so ago "He's miserable" underpants Feb 2017 #85
Irony abounds BeyondGeography Feb 2017 #95
stern has some great insight on donnie. unblock Feb 2017 #112
Trump Is The One RobinA Feb 2017 #145
I would very much prefer to have Stern as president... anarch Feb 2017 #153
I bet he would actually enjoy an impeachment loyalsister Feb 2017 #244
He will resign and Takket Feb 2017 #18
#45 should draft a new letter of resignation ... and stick to it. In_The_Wind Feb 2017 #19
Look at that signature. murielm99 Feb 2017 #152
Well, since he can't read, it will be possible to shove another document, one of resignation, in Doitnow Feb 2017 #209
Ooh, now... 3catwoman3 Feb 2017 #217
HaHaHa! StarryNite Feb 2017 #243
Why is it that the GOP Leadership finds this work too "hard"? Deb Feb 2017 #20
Because it requires intelligence and a heart, logosoco Feb 2017 #48
Daddy's money get the red out Feb 2017 #49
It is hard. Lucky Luciano Feb 2017 #59
Because the world is complicated - hell, reality is complicated . . . hatrack Feb 2017 #69
And because The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #115
Well, That And RobinA Feb 2017 #147
You have to answer to America . . . not "the shareholders". HughBeaumont Feb 2017 #21
tRump doesn't have shareholders; he has creditors (Russian oligarchs?); he is a debtor. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2017 #32
Exactly. nt SunSeeker Feb 2017 #43
maybe not---he's giving Russians something---money laundering services wordpix Feb 2017 #166
He never answered to shareholders exboyfil Feb 2017 #40
None of his businesses are public, so he doesn't really have to answer The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2017 #194
He was involved in at least one corporation exboyfil Feb 2017 #195
Let's factor in here too that he is doing maybe 20% of the job underpants Feb 2017 #55
It will take weeks to fumigate the place tavernier Feb 2017 #63
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2017 #93
Speaking of Mark Burnett, klook Feb 2017 #189
You mean we're not great yet? alarimer Feb 2017 #28
Fucking loser malaise Feb 2017 #29
Suck it Trump mindfulNJ Feb 2017 #30
I hope it's beingg televised when his head explodes. Nitram Feb 2017 #44
As pretty much everybody predicted Blue_Tires Feb 2017 #31
yep... and did he once think about actually doing something DECENT???? Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #109
+1 AgadorSparticus Feb 2017 #238
He never wanted the job in the first place. All he wanted was the attention from running. Arkansas Granny Feb 2017 #33
He doesn't have the discipline. It is as simple as that. Trust Buster Feb 2017 #34
He never thought he would actually WIN. Now he doesnt know what to do. nt 7962 Feb 2017 #35
Sad. truebluegreen Feb 2017 #36
Imagine his voice saying it. It's mocking, sarcastic, cruel, in ways an emoji can't convey. Hekate Feb 2017 #149
No class. randome Feb 2017 #37
priveleged white man hard. mercuryblues Feb 2017 #39
He lacks stamina to be president. sinkingfeeling Feb 2017 #41
ROFLMAO!!!! Nitram Feb 2017 #42
Low energy loser! SunSeeker Feb 2017 #45
No law says you can't resign DeminPennswoods Feb 2017 #46
Given the multiple bankruptcies, it's just as well he can't run it that way muriel_volestrangler Feb 2017 #47
Presidenting is hard, the Orange psycho is finding out. nt Blue_true Feb 2017 #50
You mean to tell me that running a nation is difficult?! retrowire Feb 2017 #52
We can break this guy IronLionZion Feb 2017 #53
To what end? Jim Lane Feb 2017 #196
Conservative is easier to deal with than crazy IronLionZion Feb 2017 #200
45 hates democracy. That is patently obvious. onecaliberal Feb 2017 #54
Caveat Emptor! And I mean that *literally*! He bought it (or they bought him) Roland99 Feb 2017 #56
Dear Mr. tRump, not to add more pressure and stress to you as apparently you're frazzled, but manicraven Feb 2017 #60
Could have told him this treestar Feb 2017 #61
He thought he was elected to be a dictator not a president. SamKnause Feb 2017 #65
+1000 Fla Dem Feb 2017 #70
Suck it up, Choir Boy! hamsterjill Feb 2017 #66
Be careful what you ask for... MrScorpio Feb 2017 #67
Looks like President Baby Hands ended up being the one who lacks the stamina to be president Lanius Feb 2017 #68
I've Been Predicting RobinA Feb 2017 #162
Many of us saw this coming BainsBane Feb 2017 #71
Has Trump ever really worked a day in his life? vlyons Feb 2017 #72
As Gail Collins observed, mobeau69 Feb 2017 #86
Trump is use to having a cushy boss position and if something goes wrong he blames UCmeNdc Feb 2017 #73
May he pull a Palin. dae Feb 2017 #74
Hey donnie, make us all proud. mobeau69 Feb 2017 #76
Trump's incompetent? Gee, who'd a thunk it! - n/t Jim__ Feb 2017 #77
Not the electorial college apparently.... LakeArenal Feb 2017 #88
This leaky Whitehouse must be making him furious SHRED Feb 2017 #78
And downstream, the State and Defense Departments leak stuff to forestall his attacks Kolesar Feb 2017 #133
Pullout Quote neeksgeek Feb 2017 #79
You can blame tens of millions of American idiots Mr. Ected Feb 2017 #80
He actually thought it was a reality show. Butterflylady Feb 2017 #81
We don't like him, either. He should not have run for office, and his supporters are inane. LS_Editor Feb 2017 #82
Deluded idiot got the ultimate job. Let's help him conclude that he should resign. nt NCjack Feb 2017 #84
Don't let up. mobeau69 Feb 2017 #89
Oh my goodness, that is really violent............ Jim Beard Feb 2017 #99
It's okay donnie... sheshe2 Feb 2017 #87
Tough shit, crybaby snowflake. GoCubsGo Feb 2017 #92
Trump--The gift that keeps on giving randr Feb 2017 #94
I mean cilla4progress Feb 2017 #101
He could do the right thing and resign. Initech Feb 2017 #103
I'm surprised it's taken this long Nwgirl503 Feb 2017 #105
Champagne on the house when he gives up or is ejected! Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #106
No one could have predicted, blah blah blah Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #108
Of course he doesn't. After 70 years of being Mr. Big Shot & nobody ever telling him "no", catbyte Feb 2017 #111
I am ROFLMAO. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2017 #116
LOL. Yeah, that's a problem. mobeau69 Feb 2017 #191
Poor tired rump. Maybe he needs a vacation. notdarkyet Feb 2017 #119
Or a dirt nap. GreenEyedLefty Feb 2017 #201
A dirt nap... 3catwoman3 Feb 2017 #218
we are now witness to short attention span kabuki theater of the stupid. Javaman Feb 2017 #120
He's never understood how the government works NastyRiffraff Feb 2017 #124
Trump never really wanted the JOB of POTUS; he just wanted to stick it to Obama--the black man mnhtnbb Feb 2017 #125
Much like Caligula elmac Feb 2017 #126
And he already appointed his horse to the NSC underpants Feb 2017 #135
and Caligulas nickname was little boots elmac Feb 2017 #136
Welcome to reality Lotusflower70 Feb 2017 #128
This is what we need to tell any conservative who equates being a CEO with being president Caliman73 Feb 2017 #134
Been saying this myself for a while, though not with your detail... Wounded Bear Feb 2017 #141
No it is not. Caliman73 Feb 2017 #146
He doesn't have the "STAMINA".. lol JHan Feb 2017 #137
LOL onetexan Feb 2017 #161
Assuming this is true awesomerwb Feb 2017 #138
Spectacular Thread! northoftheborder Feb 2017 #139
Well we don't like this shit either. milestogo Feb 2017 #140
I could size up a crowd, tell them what they want to hear, and make them love me Miles Archer Feb 2017 #148
Good I hope he's just a miserable and he is making all of us. TrekLuver Feb 2017 #150
Caught between Schadenfreude and terror here. This is exactly what we predicted based on... Hekate Feb 2017 #156
And that's actually Good News!!!!! KPN Feb 2017 #160
I also hate his job--at least, I hate the job he's doing. If he's miserable, he's earned it fishwax Feb 2017 #163
Well let US relieve you of your burdens. democratisphere Feb 2017 #164
poor widdle Trumpy looks like he's crying in the pic---priceless wordpix Feb 2017 #165
Did he think it was going to be fun? MountCleaners Feb 2017 #169
You've only scratched the surface shithead. lpbk2713 Feb 2017 #170
Dumpster thought he could rule like Hitler workinclasszero Feb 2017 #172
Amazing he didn't realize what the job was. Honeycombe8 Feb 2017 #173
Remember Rick Perry exboyfil Feb 2017 #197
Unfit! Mickju Feb 2017 #174
Just shows how intellectually lazy he is. Not to study and learn what a job is - what the Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2017 #176
Good... DemKittyNC Feb 2017 #177
Oh, no... mindem Feb 2017 #178
A lot of people, including me, didn't think he really wanted this job. LisaM Feb 2017 #180
Poor little orange little baby...Let's drive him crazy...n/t asuhornets Feb 2017 #181
I had predicted this. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #182
He'll be happier going back to bossing everyone who works for him. I hope Doitnow Feb 2017 #184
I hate your staff & how you are doing your job too. nt irisblue Feb 2017 #185
What a friggen snowflake! llmart Feb 2017 #187
He looks like a lab rat in this pic JDC Feb 2017 #188
Caption - "Constipation: Our Nation's Silent Killer" klook Feb 2017 #190
The psychopath got his first real job Progressive dog Feb 2017 #192
Isn't quite as fabulous as he thought it would be, is it? ailsagirl Feb 2017 #193
Well, we do not like him or his shit either. TNNurse Feb 2017 #198
Meanwhile ICE Jackboots are busily terrorizing communities. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2017 #199
I read on another post they're following school buses. lpbk2713 Feb 2017 #206
if the intention is to terrorize, they're succeeding. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2017 #213
The 'shock and awe' plan is not going well. wildeyed Feb 2017 #203
He owes so many people and 'entities' that he can't resign. Get ready though. YOHABLO Feb 2017 #208
Awwwwwwww. What a delicate flower. 47of74 Feb 2017 #210
The very first thought that I had when... 3catwoman3 Feb 2017 #214
I expected this would happen even before he took office. He was born into luxury, given napi21 Feb 2017 #216
Maybe THAT explains why he always looks to be painfully constipated! Siwsan Feb 2017 #222
Nah, that isnt caused by stress its just that blockage of a head he has shoved up his ass cstanleytech Feb 2017 #225
That makes MUCH more sense Siwsan Feb 2017 #227
I can believe this as I suspect he thought that the President secretly had unlimited powers cstanleytech Feb 2017 #223
I've got a great solution! Sucha NastyWoman Feb 2017 #224
Hell Bush jr would be a better president and I honestly thought the Repugnants could cstanleytech Feb 2017 #226
I can see how the zentrum Feb 2017 #228
Resign. Eom uppityperson Feb 2017 #229
The damned fool thought he would get elected President, Volaris Feb 2017 #230
It shows... Mike Nelson Feb 2017 #231
Cue the itty bitty violin... calimary Feb 2017 #232
"he threw his hair in the ring" More_Cowbell Feb 2017 #233
Maybe like his best Buddy, Sarah Palin yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #234
Heh heh. POTUS ain't as easy as it looks, right, Donnie? DinahMoeHum Feb 2017 #236
Well, this is what happens when someone just wants to be the Max Headroom of Presidents. 4lbs Feb 2017 #237
Power with a few Turbineguy Feb 2017 #240
his view out the window bora13 Feb 2017 #241
This should be part of our goal: cab67 Feb 2017 #242
Just saw this......and this could be incredibly good news. Stuart G Feb 2017 #245
But DownriverDem Feb 2017 #247
Would love to know DownriverDem Feb 2017 #246
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