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Jakes Progress

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Wed Feb 22, 2017, 12:29 AM Feb 2017

I have close, hard-working, truly decent friends who are about to be deported. [View all]

They are lovely people. They are good and kind and compassionate. They are about to have their lives turned into shit because of the sheer hate and ignorance and greed of trump and the braindead, soulless, drooling assholes who helped elect him.

I am mad a hell. I can't bring myself to speak with anyone - republican or democrat - who had anything to do with bringing about the destruction of the American dream.

If you voted for trump, you belong in hell. If you didn't vote because you thought Hillary was not your cup of tea, you need to hang your head in shame. If you voted for one of the idiot third party candidates, you are shit.

I cannot bring the words to describe how I feel about the ruined lives. Don't tell me that we have to fight. I am. But it is too late for these blameless people. I feel horrible for the ones I know and can only despair at how their misery is multiplied across the county because of the wretched people who helped trump into the white house.

If you fall into any of the categories above, just go fuck yourselves and die. You truly suck.

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I agree.. I'm pissed Cha Feb 2017 #1
This should not be happening in the bdamomma Feb 2017 #73
Fascists trying to take over America and the World like Cha Feb 2017 #74
I agree. I am so enraged I cannot formulate the words to describe the feeling bravenak Feb 2017 #2
All I can think of Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #7
Me too. Besides, they hated us first, for trying to help them! bravenak Feb 2017 #12
Looking back brer cat Feb 2017 #33
My hairstylists who owns his own business is in panic mode. sarcasmo Feb 2017 #3
Same for us. Wellstone ruled Feb 2017 #4
They have contributed more to America than the Trumps have world wide wally Feb 2017 #5
+1000000! Despise tRump and his rotten supporters. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2017 #8
+1000000! Totally agree. It is just shameful. My heart aches and aches. nt iluvtennis Feb 2017 #21
And that is the Truth madokie Feb 2017 #34
The Trumps have contributed negatively to this country. Charles Bukowski Feb 2017 #81
i'm pissed too. i don't know anyone personally, DesertFlower Feb 2017 #6
People with jobs shouldn't be deported! scscholar Feb 2017 #10
even if they don't have jobs they should not DesertFlower Feb 2017 #17
agree about the gun owners, all gun owners should be deported gopiscrap Feb 2017 #29
you want to deport me. i'm a gun owner. DesertFlower Feb 2017 #31
I have no use for fucking gun humpers gopiscrap Feb 2017 #32
When they came for the gun owners...I did nothing. Hate and bigotry take many forms, jmg257 Feb 2017 #36
If you're going to paraphrase like that... FiveGoodMen Feb 2017 #46
Yup - haven't even heard someone asking to deport all Nazis. jmg257 Feb 2017 #64
I'm a gun owner. yagotme Feb 2017 #69
Naa - we're good. Just people expressing their notions of evil. nt jmg257 Feb 2017 #70
Whew. They had me worried there for a bit. yagotme Feb 2017 #71
i'm an american citizen (born here) who owns DesertFlower Feb 2017 #61
Deported where? sarisataka Feb 2017 #67
Gun owners are criminals sarisataka Feb 2017 #66
My heart goes to your friends and also to you. Doreen Feb 2017 #9
And many people who are cowering in their homes, afraid to be "out". Their children are terrified, LuckyLib Feb 2017 #11
To be honest RoadhogRidesAgain Feb 2017 #13
I know. Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #14
. RoadhogRidesAgain Feb 2017 #19
Well said. I look forward to many more posts from you in the coming months and years Tom Rinaldo Feb 2017 #35
I have relatives who are wondering if they will be deported 2naSalit Feb 2017 #15
+1000! Cuz we don't know who's next. We gotta resist this shit. nt iluvtennis Feb 2017 #22
Post removed Post removed Feb 2017 #16
Criminals? What the fuck? bettyellen Feb 2017 #18
That one's mainspring was wound to tight Brother Buzz Feb 2017 #23
Anyone who lives in a border town knows people who can be deported. haele Feb 2017 #25
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Feb 2017 #20
The real problem is that 'legally' they have no recourse. Stonepounder Feb 2017 #24
That isn't the real problem. Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #38
You can blame whoever you want, but I stand by my original comment. Stonepounder Feb 2017 #39
Your comment wasn't wrong. Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #50
Oh, I love Woody. His songs and his singing. Stonepounder Feb 2017 #60
I hear ya, brother peequod Feb 2017 #26
Well good luck to employers when they can't get help. There are dozens of help wanted signs all over notdarkyet Feb 2017 #27
I see the same "Wanted" signs in my old town. The thing is they can probably hire an American right Lanius Feb 2017 #55
And it's STUPID! There's no reason on earth for doing this! Kablooie Feb 2017 #28
well, it will be great for the for-profit prison industry anarch Feb 2017 #41
the first question the rs always ask " are they here leagly"? AllaN01Bear Feb 2017 #30
Someone ask the native American tribes workinclasszero Feb 2017 #44
This whole thing is illegal and immoral and wrong. Initech Feb 2017 #37
I lost five friends over this election HAB911 Feb 2017 #40
Me too. Some family Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #48
I dropped a lifelong friend. He descended into hatred and bigotry. yardwork Feb 2017 #80
That's terrible. Why are they being targeted? WillowTree Feb 2017 #42
Because they are brown in Texas. Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #49
I agree workinclasszero Feb 2017 #43
It is tragic and disgusting, the people who voted for him or third party have enabled this mess. BeckyDem Feb 2017 #45
I even blame the ones who finally voted for Hillary Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #47
I like Hillary so she was my choice. I thought Oprah said it best, you do not have to like BeckyDem Feb 2017 #51
Exactly, it was a no fucking brainer... onecaliberal Feb 2017 #76
I know, right? He wasn't even like a Reagan, all nice and polite, always saying nice things. BeckyDem Feb 2017 #77
Yes and your description of him is much more diplomatic than mine. onecaliberal Feb 2017 #82
You could not have said it better. Hopefully, the ACLU or other legal group can put the brakes on still_one Feb 2017 #52
They need to do this or move to Connecticut! CountAllVotes Feb 2017 #58
++ ON THE trumpheads, YOU SUCK!!!! heaven05 Feb 2017 #53
CBS CEO, Trump may be bad for America, but he is great for business. BeckyDem Feb 2017 #59
I count my students every school day and breathe easier when I realize they are all still there. Starry Messenger Feb 2017 #54
ICE has been taping video of kids getting off the school buses in my school district. lapucelle Feb 2017 #78
What about Dreamers with undocumented parents? Lanius Feb 2017 #56
A non-relative of mine was a life-long Democrat CountAllVotes Feb 2017 #57
Are 54 Recs all this gets? UTUSN Feb 2017 #62
This makes me tear up. I am hearing that emergency rooms in immigrant neighborhoods Squinch Feb 2017 #63
Evil is exactly the right word. Jakes Progress Feb 2017 #65
deportation is not an answer n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Feb 2017 #68
I feel exactly the same way...those who helped in this endeavor have blood on Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #72
Where do you live? I am offering sanctuary. I am in upstate NY nt adigal Feb 2017 #75
I agree with you and I am sorry for your friends. This is wrong. yardwork Feb 2017 #79
k&r bigtree Feb 2017 #83
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