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9. Happens To Me Too, Mo
Thu Mar 2, 2017, 10:08 AM
Mar 2017

I drive a 4 lane divided highway (but not limited access) to and from work. I had a guy flip me off because i was doing 50 in a 55 and when he caught up to me, there was someone else in the left lane, going a little faster than me, but no room for him to get around me. When that car cleared, he got to the left lane, shot ahead of me, flipped me off and ducked into the right lane just when the first car that passed me was trying to merge right. That person had to swing back to the left.

So, he nearly drives into my trunk, passes two cars going 15 or 20 above the speed limit, nearly causes an accident and he flips me off!

Go figure.

They are so scary! get the red out Mar 2017 #1
She is a very sweet child (always my baby) Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #2
No, not yet, but I've seen them walking around and they look deranged, like ready RKP5637 Mar 2017 #3
She came home sobbing... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #5
I think drivers are getting more aggressive. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2017 #4
It really is...the polite behavior has all but Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #6
Happens To Me Too, Mo ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #9
The guy should lose his license...that is so dangerous. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #11
I was turning left (at a light) onto a freeway entrance ramp. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2017 #15
Dreadful. As for acting out, does anyone remember Hortensis Mar 2017 #40
It's pretty bizarre hearing these stories. GoneOffShore Mar 2017 #18
Maybe he thought you were on your phone FoxNewsSucks Mar 2017 #58
I am not ever on my phone. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2017 #59
No but I don't go out much these days TNLib Mar 2017 #7
It is scary...you have to be careful. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #8
Nope, only time I was ever confronted over politics was about my Bernie sticker by a fellow democrat Amishman Mar 2017 #10
My other daughter had a Bernie sticker on her car and there were some comments. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #12
Bernie and Hillary stickers HockeyMom Mar 2017 #13
Unbelievable....I can't believe a person would do that. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #14
Not yet. But I suspect it's coming. GoneOffShore Mar 2017 #16
Yes...tough times...I remember when men would stop and Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #20
Did she get the other driver's license plate number or any KingCharlemagne Mar 2017 #17
It was too dark and she was too scared. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #19
Yeah, i can imagine. Something that can happen is that KingCharlemagne Mar 2017 #21
I am too...he could have more dangerous. He was a bully Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #27
Um, where's the evidence that this was a Trump supporter? brooklynite Mar 2017 #22
He was wearing a make America great hat...she saw it in the street light Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #23
I was wondering too. You'd left off the part about why Hortensis Mar 2017 #37
It there but not in the beginning but I should have put it in the beginning. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #64
Few non-TRump supporters wear "make America great stupid caps". Nt moriah Mar 2017 #24
I did put it in the original post...checked because that is a good question. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #25
Their mere existence is a threat to my and your existence. Eliot Rosewater Mar 2017 #26
Yes,they are bullies and angry...looking for a confrontation... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #35
I was buying incense at the corner gas station. moriah Mar 2017 #28
Wow, where you scared? Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #34
I'm in a red state. I'm also Pagan. I'm used to dealing with idiots. moriah Mar 2017 #45
Most people I know think flashing your brights to be like honking the horn. Girard442 Mar 2017 #29
That was not it...he was angry that she put her brights on...they were at the exit...he was at Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #31
I have had a Trump supporter trespass and vandalize my property on multiple occasions. NCTraveler Mar 2017 #30
That is true...the guy is a bully and a coward...and very lucky Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #32
I can't believe that someone would do that....a camera might help. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #33
The person who did it was caught on camera and is facing charges for something bigger. NCTraveler Mar 2017 #36
Good that you fought back. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #38
An a-hole like that will slip up eventually. lpbk2713 Mar 2017 #39
Yes... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #55
Trump supporters only pick on people they perceive to be weaker then themselves. hunter Mar 2017 #41
She is so sweet and naive. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #54
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2017 #42
I would like self driving cars too...especially since I hate driving Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #53
as you say, "he is dangerous and will hurt someone" 0rganism Mar 2017 #43
I know some of the police here... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #51
Was she a female driving alone? HipChick Mar 2017 #44
That is true... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #50
Sorry to hear this... HipChick Mar 2017 #52
I've been lucky Jamaal510 Mar 2017 #46
Some of my neighbors are rightwing. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #49
There was some asshole with a Trump sticker on his hummer who parked sideways blocking 2 kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2017 #47
Best not to poke these people as they are ustable. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #48
Driving in Arizona with our California license plates kimbutgar Mar 2017 #56
Yeah we have one of those in our area too...they spew pollution on purpose... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #63
Voted NO, but LOL Lib Mar 2017 #57
haha Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #62
A Hump supporter told Mr Maru "our kind" wasn't wanted here Maru Kitteh Mar 2017 #60
You know what his brand of hate isn't wanted here....damn. Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #61
As I live in a very blue area of CA, no sakabatou Mar 2017 #65
Well as you know, we have more than a few here in Ohio... Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #66
I wonder how they feel about him now sakabatou Mar 2017 #67
He has done nothing for Ohio...we have plants shut down Demsrule86 Mar 2017 #68
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