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27. It was a good legal ruling and therefore a good thing for the judicial branch...
Fri Jun 29, 2012, 05:31 AM
Jun 2012

As far as health care goes, my hope is that the insurances companies will be heavily regulated and health care costs drop to reasonable levels. I know HHS already made one price adjustment after realizing the prices they set were still too high so I hope for more of the same. When you can go halfway across the world and get cheaper, quality care with no insurance than you can get with insurance in this country, the system is ridiculously broken.

kickin for votes. seabeyond Jun 2012 #1
kicking again for votes. i should have put something inflammatory to keep it up top seabeyond Jun 2012 #2
k seabeyond Jun 2012 #3
I'm still on the fence, Sea. Ruby the Liberal Jun 2012 #4
i am with you. i see the woes in mandatory. that is tough. i am not seeing the insurance issue seabeyond Jun 2012 #16
It's a baby step - but at least we're going in the right direction. nt TBF Jun 2012 #5
Yeah - ^THIS^ Ruby the Liberal Jun 2012 #9
yes maddezmom Jun 2012 #10
How is private, for-profit healthcare the right direction? leftstreet Jun 2012 #14
The baby step is more folks covered - TBF Jun 2012 #19
We didn't need people in the streets leftstreet Jun 2012 #35
I don't like the privatized part of it at all - TBF Jun 2012 #36
I voted "Good for the people" but... Wounded Bear Jun 2012 #6
It's a mixed blessing. Blue_In_AK Jun 2012 #7
My thoughts exactly. n/t 99Forever Jun 2012 #11
Same here. I agree with how Bernie Sanders put it: GreenPartyVoter Jun 2012 #24
sanders is another i listen to. and reasonably trust. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #33
I'm feeling pretty good about this one. onethatcares Jun 2012 #8
K for votes ~ How do I feel? goclark Jun 2012 #12
Looking for the poisoned pill. It's too soon to know how this will all play out. n/t gkhouston Jun 2012 #13
true. i do get that. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #17
It's a very good ruling for people who can afford insurance n/t leftstreet Jun 2012 #15
Kick for more votes. MineralMan Jun 2012 #18
looking pretty good. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #20
k seabeyond Jun 2012 #21
one more time, then once in the morning for the morning crowd. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #22
This is a slippery slope. n/t Le Taz Hot Jun 2012 #23
A good step in the right direction. limpyhobbler Jun 2012 #25
I'm still not entirely sure I wasn't slipped a Jeffrey Kennah Jun 2012 #26
It was a good legal ruling and therefore a good thing for the judicial branch... Blasphemer Jun 2012 #27
Its a step in the right direction is what I think. madokie Jun 2012 #28
As Bernie Sanders said, A good day for millions of Americans. MADem Jun 2012 #29
Pre existing disease denial is gone lovuian Jun 2012 #30
A good ruling H2O Man Jun 2012 #31
Good ruling. Sans__Culottes Jun 2012 #32
We can do much better. We are far from done. RC Jun 2012 #34
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