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Fri Jun 29, 2012, 10:37 AM Jun 2012

"It's Constitutional. Bitches." - Patrick Gaspard, the Executive Director of the DNC [View all]

In this context, and as the word is frequently used, 'bitches' refers to whiny, complaining tantrum-throwers who have been utterly dominated in some capacity and can refer to any demographic. But the word 'bitch' has a long history of being used as a slur against women specifically, and is still used as such very often in today's society. That said, can any of you imagine being paid to do a job that is intensively image sensitive and of which public relations is one's number one concern, and tweet such a ridiculous, unprofessional, could-have-been-said-a-thousand-other-ways phrase. I fucking couldn't.

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This is appropriate for this professional individual at this time in history.
12 (60%)
This is inappropriate for this professional individual at this time in history.
8 (40%)
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Gaspard, who is normally great, made a mistake here and should apologize. stevenleser Jun 2012 #1
disparaging mothers OK? Baclava Jun 2012 #4
I believe it's disparaging to the people who fuck them. hughee99 Jun 2012 #16
Fathers? drm604 Jun 2012 #52
Wait... is that a legitimate tweet? WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2012 #50
what minority would hat be? notadmblnd Jun 2012 #58
i think its hilarious. probably inapropriate, but i voted "yay" anyway pnwest Jun 2012 #2
Yes, it was aimed at righties treestar Jun 2012 #12
But...wouldn't "It's Constitutional, Limp Dicks!" be far more appropriate? Zorra Jun 2012 #46
I know it's wrong... one_voice Jun 2012 #3
From a linguistic point of view, I do not find 'motherfucker' to be demeaning or insulting at all. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #9
Sure, it's not very professional. HappyMe Jun 2012 #5
If a DUer had posted that, there would be a 400 response thread in meta, by now. nt Romulox Jun 2012 #6
Its a popular saying. FarLeftFist Jun 2012 #7
My answer was not listed - this is inappropriate, period. nt TBF Jun 2012 #8
Sorry about that. I felt the need for context because words have shared meanings. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #10
I am female and that word does not bother me that much treestar Jun 2012 #11
I understand why it doesn't bother some people, but this man was "at work" when he tweeted this, RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #13
I don't think this is near as bad HappyMe Jun 2012 #14
I'm with you... one_voice Jun 2012 #18
Let it be known that Democrats are capable of anger and revenge flamingdem Jun 2012 #15
Exactly! DoBotherMe Jun 2012 #30
I don't feel it's appropriate. bigwillq Jun 2012 #17
lighten up angel123 Jun 2012 #19
No apology is being requested. I am criticizing it from the point of view of his job. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #20
I feel if a repub said something similar bigwillq Jun 2012 #22
SSHHH. There is no double standard CBGLuthier Jun 2012 #26
MIOKIYAL redqueen Jun 2012 #32
HA! Is that the first rule of DU? bigwillq Jun 2012 #55
All i will say is 11 years of DU has taught me the real genuine meaning CBGLuthier Jun 2012 #57
+1. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #62
Yup bigwillq Jun 2012 #64
i'm a woman of some years too, but not nearly as "understanding," let's say. StarryNight Jun 2012 #29
Cheney told a Senator "Fuck You" on the floor of the Senate!!! Greybnk48 Jun 2012 #21
Of course I understand what you are saying and agree. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #23
but Mom, they did it first!!!! nt StarryNight Jun 2012 #25
greaaat... 71% of DUers think gender-based insults are fine. no surprise. nt StarryNight Jun 2012 #24
Not me, that's why I love the word ASSHOLE. Wonderfully gender neutral CBGLuthier Jun 2012 #27
There is no widespread misogyny on DU. redqueen Jun 2012 #31
I called a wooden post a bitch yesterday snooper2 Jun 2012 #59
I think the term "bitches" can be gender neutral like on Breaking Bad.... cbdo2007 Jun 2012 #34
I did account for that in my OP and it is, essentially, the underpinning of option 1 in the poll. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #60
I think Chappelle Show also helped to popularize that use deutsey Jun 2012 #63
+1. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #41
in this use, it comes off as someones "bitch" and came across as a slam against women seabeyond Jun 2012 #28
you misread the context and the meaning hfojvt Jun 2012 #33
I might have added a hearty "suck it." Bake Jun 2012 #35
Wow. nt redqueen Jun 2012 #37
Suck my cock, bitches. Hugabear Jun 2012 #40
+1. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #42
I'm not offended but practically speaking, why risk the x% of blowback? Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2012 #36
Yes, exactly. It serves no purpose. I would not hire a PR person who made such a worthless gamble. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #43
Why surprised? redqueen Jun 2012 #44
I was trying to account for how language drifts and evolves. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #47
I don't see that your analysis is sexist... redqueen Jun 2012 #49
All important. Thank you. RadiationTherapy Jun 2012 #53
In this context, it was not a slur. NB Bulldog 83 Jun 2012 #65
I think it's been partly stripped of its old meaning, among younger people. David__77 Jun 2012 #38
Yeah, I think that's true deutsey Jun 2012 #51
I would have said it, with attitude. Quantess Jun 2012 #39
..."he won, the people won, get over it" irisblue Jun 2012 #45
I am in between Xyzse Jun 2012 #48
Inappropriate, IMO, but I still loved it. n/t cynatnite Jun 2012 #54
If I used language like that at work I'd get... WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2012 #56
if I used language like that at work, I'd feel silly Enrique Jun 2012 #67
I'm divided... Scootaloo Jun 2012 #61
I agree with you completely, except I chose the first option. Quantess Jun 2012 #66
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