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INCREDIBLE Rachel Maddow tweet! Just Now! [View all] scheming daemons Mar 2017 OP
WOW Gothmog Mar 2017 #1
Which "Trump"? What year? NurseJackie Mar 2017 #2
Good questions. johnp3907 Mar 2017 #8
oh good grief! chillfactor Mar 2017 #12
Apparently I'm not alone in my skeptical nature... NurseJackie Mar 2017 #83
I share your skepticism. Maru Kitteh Mar 2017 #33
From 2005 octoberlib Mar 2017 #49
"What we've got is from 2005... the President's 1040 form..." WePurrsevere Mar 2017 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author WePurrsevere Mar 2017 #52
It's boring as hell because Trump (or "John Barron") leaked it. lagomorph777 Mar 2017 #105
Boring yes, much of this will be... WePurrsevere Mar 2017 #107
Oh boy!!! longship Mar 2017 #3
Woo hoo MFM008 Mar 2017 #4
+1000nt iluvtennis Mar 2017 #38
Yippeeeeee!!!! greatauntoftriplets Mar 2017 #5
Holy happy pi day C_U_L8R Mar 2017 #6
ohmygrrd. And I thought *I* was a nerd! 🤓 Maru Kitteh Mar 2017 #37
Bring it!!!!! MontanaMama Mar 2017 #7
definitely watching and rewatching underthematrix Mar 2017 #9
OMG! chillfactor Mar 2017 #10
K&R mvd Mar 2017 #11
Definitely a long way. JudyM Mar 2017 #14
Go Rachel democrank Mar 2017 #13
Awesome!, thanks cor the post. RGinNJ Mar 2017 #15
I have the feeling this might be state returns for the umbrella org and not his federal returns. LonePirate Mar 2017 #16
Most recent tweet says 2005 1040 form House of Roberts Mar 2017 #48
1040 is federal not state HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #55
Is that so? I'd never have guessed! House of Roberts Mar 2017 #59
Now, now.. be nice.... pangaia Mar 2017 #73
That's what I read also. Last summer we have the two page 1040 from 1990 something. iluvtennis Mar 2017 #75
Oh I hope so sharp_stick Mar 2017 #17
It was only a matter of time ffr Mar 2017 #18
well... djsunyc Mar 2017 #19
Bwahahahahahaaaa spanone Mar 2017 #21
Obviously, these were fabricated by Obama personally... regnaD kciN Mar 2017 #65
Trending top 3 right now on Twitter. sarcasmo Mar 2017 #20
We all know Maddow is SO unlike that empty suit.... dixiegrrrrl Mar 2017 #22
Oh! Please! Baitball Blogger Mar 2017 #23
If she doesn't deliver.... her show will be harmed irreparably. scheming daemons Mar 2017 #24
Rachel is honest. she doesnt do bait and switch. Amaryllis Mar 2017 #42
omg he must have shat himself when he read that.... TalenaGor Mar 2017 #25
Love that smile! ffr Mar 2017 #26
I choose to be extremely skeptical Dem2 Mar 2017 #27
I'll believe it when I see it. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2017 #28
Unless there's a Chinese or Russian smoking gun in there, who cares... Miles Archer Mar 2017 #40
And anything even about Russia or China is ignored... regnaD kciN Mar 2017 #70
Holding my breath. calimary Mar 2017 #29
I'll believe it when I see it, and furthermore if she actually tells us what is in them, I will still_one Mar 2017 #30
She's breaking news on perhaps the crime of the millenium. It'll be worth it! ffr Mar 2017 #35
I hope your assessment is right on for a lot of reasons. Another reason still_one Mar 2017 #74
Have a glass of wine while taking the story in. If nothing else, you'll have a relaxing evening... ffr Mar 2017 #96
I'll drink to that ffr still_one Mar 2017 #97
Aparently not :-( -nt Bradical79 Mar 2017 #94
It was a nothing story to only gain ratings. still_one Mar 2017 #95
Rachel's program is available as both a video and audio podcast. longship Mar 2017 #31
Thank you from those of us who refuse cable LuckyLib Mar 2017 #69
Getting some fruit, a bottle of white wine malaise Mar 2017 #32
I bought a bottle of APPLETON ESTATE - SIGNATURE BLEND.. pangaia Mar 2017 #76
Prepare to be dispappointed oberliner Mar 2017 #34
Agree. n/t Polly Hennessey Mar 2017 #39
I don't think so. randome Mar 2017 #63
I agree that she is reliable oberliner Mar 2017 #67
Eh. You could be right. I know we both hope you're wrong. randome Mar 2017 #80
Yes indeed oberliner Mar 2017 #81
I cannot picture Rachel Maddox playing us. mourningdove92 Mar 2017 #36
She wants people to watch her show oberliner Mar 2017 #51
Her ratings are thru the roof..Doubt this is a ratings thing. rainbow4321 Mar 2017 #62
She has no reason to try to get people to watch her show? oberliner Mar 2017 #66
Check back in after the show aires.. busterbrown Mar 2017 #104
My first question is this just for one year? Just one page? Quixote1818 Mar 2017 #41
Yes, 2005 oberliner Mar 2017 #68
Everyone's picking up the story and running with it... Miles Archer Mar 2017 #43
I hope this is not a tease. Zoonart Mar 2017 #57
IF it's a series of loopholes and lies, it will be out of the news cycle by this time tomorrow. Miles Archer Mar 2017 #58
Stream it here Sedona Mar 2017 #44
MSNBC live audio at the following link: tableturner Mar 2017 #45
IF this is real, she'll never have to buy another drink for the rest of her life. Big IF though. briv1016 Mar 2017 #46
Get OUT!!! WOWEEE! colorado_ufo Mar 2017 #47
She just Tweeted.. It's TanTrump's from 2005... WePurrsevere Mar 2017 #53
man oh man. i hope she has something juicy Takket Mar 2017 #54
This is a what a blank 2005 1040 looks like HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #60
Ho. Lee. Shit. DK504 Mar 2017 #56
Rachel is never haphazard in her show Greywing Mar 2017 #61
No taxes, in debt, not as rich as he said? Cattledog Mar 2017 #64
if Rachel has anything incriminating.... chillfactor Mar 2017 #71
Goodo Mr.d Mar 2017 #72
I hope this isn't a Dan Rather Karl Rove game, and they checked the sources still_one Mar 2017 #77
Am I the only one Motownman78 Mar 2017 #78
You're freaked out, arent you? Politicub Mar 2017 #85
Not really. Motownman78 Mar 2017 #86
WH response QED Mar 2017 #79
"dishonest media" progressoid Mar 2017 #84
Predictable QED Mar 2017 #87
Maddow is doing a heck of a good job presenting these facts. PatrickforO Mar 2017 #82
... Grassy Knoll Mar 2017 #88
How does this hurt Trump? TimeToGo Mar 2017 #89
Reinforce he hasn't let go of his returns, the tease was too hyped but the other details were a uponit7771 Mar 2017 #91
I concur. n/t SleeplessinSoCal Mar 2017 #92
draw attention away from Comey grantcart Mar 2017 #93
2005? If nothing else, maybe it will put the tax returns back on the front of the stove. C Moon Mar 2017 #90
He shouldn't be able to make that much money, and of course it missing the amount in Russia NamesDave Mar 2017 #98
The deplorables are laughing at us right now. Initech Mar 2017 #99
Wow! Is this the beginning of the end? Nitram Mar 2017 #100
The tweet had more substance than the actual report last night. George II Mar 2017 #101
anyone feeling played? frankieallen Mar 2017 #102
Yes, and I even expected it to be a letdown and predicted it Lee-Lee Mar 2017 #103
Utter FAIL. Thanks for nothing Rachel. beaglelover Mar 2017 #106
Well, if you had to foresight to be reticent with her other doings..... nolabels Mar 2017 #108
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