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Thank you for this thoughtful thread. K&R myrna minx Jun 2012 #1
Find a friend or a family member with power B2G Jun 2012 #2
That might mean traveling for an hour or more in a car. TalkingDog Jun 2012 #5
Power outages rarely take out an entire city B2G Jun 2012 #10
Going negative won't help. GeorgeGist Jul 2012 #112
Well, this is if you still have power, but no AC (we are AC free) TalkingDog Jun 2012 #3
I put cold wash cloths on my wrists sometimes n/t We are Devo Jun 2012 #88
Neck is the best Aerows Jun 2012 #89
We rarely get extreme heat here in the NW, but when we do Arugula Latte Jun 2012 #4
My spray bottle & oscillating fan are my best friends in the summer! CrispyQ Jun 2012 #13
I was just about to post a suggestion that a wet cloth on the back of the neck hedgehog Jun 2012 #6
We close up the house in the am too. FedUpWithIt All Jun 2012 #7
If you don't have decent insulation, go buy some of those cheap-o silver thing-a-ma-bobs MADem Jun 2012 #32
That's a great idea! FedUpWithIt All Jun 2012 #44
It works REALLY well, too. I speak from experience! MADem Jun 2012 #45
That's a really good idea, and one I'm going to look into Aerows Jun 2012 #91
Happy to so do! nt MADem Jul 2012 #100
cheap-o silver thing 'by the meter' at the Grey Jun 2012 #54
If it is cheap, better still! nt MADem Jun 2012 #55
I buy a big roll of the foil insulatin from Home Depot.. about $20.00 fir a large roll. You crunch60 Jul 2012 #109
I only suggested the ones that you use for cars because I am often able to find those things cheap! MADem Jul 2012 #116
My grandfather taught me a trick-- lastlib Jun 2012 #73
Personal air conditioning. MADem Jul 2012 #118
After yesterday's storms, I think everyone should get hold of a NOAA weather radio hedgehog Jun 2012 #8
Even better.... there's an ap for that. Fawke Em Jun 2012 #25
There's a lot of blood flow to the head through the neck.. Fumesucker Jun 2012 #9
Those work; that's why they were designed that way! MADem Jun 2012 #35
Don't shop for perishables when ghastly heat is in the forecast. Fill your fridge and freezer kestrel91316 Jun 2012 #11
Fill up ziploc bags, too Aerows Jun 2012 #90
goto the library hfojvt Jun 2012 #12
Clotheslines are a thing of the past in many neighborhoods. CrispyQ Jun 2012 #15
well, we don't all have privacy fences hfojvt Jun 2012 #20
I have a whirly bird clothes line, been using it for several years, clothes dry very fast crunch60 Jul 2012 #114
Solar Dryers!!! bvar22 Jun 2012 #56
Excellent thread. Here are some thoughts: nolabear Jun 2012 #14
Regarding #5, CrispyQ Jun 2012 #16
30 years in the Arizona desert ThoughtCriminal Jun 2012 #17
We have a couple of battery operated fans as well. FedUpWithIt All Jun 2012 #21
We've got 10 free nights through hotels.com blueamy66 Jun 2012 #29
I love Chandler... B2G Jun 2012 #36
Chandler isn't what it used to be. blueamy66 Jun 2012 #40
I've done that bathtub trick! MADem Jun 2012 #37
Cold water? In Arizona? My hot water marybourg Jun 2012 #67
sing it sister blueamy66 Jun 2012 #94
Do not overcool your home thelordofhell Jun 2012 #18
Bodies also acclimate to a degree and slowly adjusting to warmer temps FedUpWithIt All Jun 2012 #24
Excellent point, this! Acclimate yourself to the heat. patrice Jun 2012 #26
Have our thermostat at 80... blueamy66 Jun 2012 #30
When the outside temps rise above 90, I keep my thermostat set at 7-deg F cooler. That SDjack Jun 2012 #49
The dog is lucky! blueamy66 Jun 2012 #68
We play the spritzing game. Everyone gets to give surprise, gentle spritzes to the others. SDjack Jun 2012 #87
sounds like fun! blueamy66 Jun 2012 #95
In the South...it's called "Iced Tea" Lochloosa Jun 2012 #19
I couldn't last Aerows Jun 2012 #92
Severe heat is dangerous! We tend to think of a hot day as an inconvenience, hedgehog Jun 2012 #22
Stay calm. All sensory experiences should be soothing. Change your active hours if you can to night. patrice Jun 2012 #23
Staying hydrated is the most important thing to remember liberal N proud Jun 2012 #27
I keep at least two tall bottles of water cooling in the frig no_hypocrisy Jul 2012 #107
Good post. Hydrate. emilyg Jun 2012 #28
"Go soak your head" is great advice for hot weather Warpy Jun 2012 #31
"spindles"? patrice Jun 2012 #33
I am curious, too!! nt MADem Jun 2012 #39
maybe yarn spindles? AlecBGreen Jun 2012 #48
Oh! got it! You're a weaver, right? Very awesome! patrice Jun 2012 #38
Ahhhhhh!!! Warp and weft! D'oh! nt MADem Jun 2012 #41
I do the head dunk myself and it is a rapid aid and it's affects are surprisingly long lasting FedUpWithIt All Jun 2012 #43
Yes, when I go swimming on a very hot day, I don't completely dry my hair afterwards Lydia Leftcoast Jun 2012 #46
I take multiple short cold showers when I over heat Marrah_G Jun 2012 #34
Take a cheap cap nadinbrzezinski Jun 2012 #42
Keeping your head Aerows Jun 2012 #98
Wear cotton clothing. progdog Jun 2012 #47
Please, if you see your mail carrier. mailman82 Jun 2012 #50
I will do this. Thanks for the thought. FedUpWithIt All Jun 2012 #51
Offer our workers water.. otherone Jun 2012 #60
Did it yesterday, she looked exhausted when she delivered a package.. Fumesucker Jun 2012 #61
Or your construction workers...handymen etc. Auntie Bush Jun 2012 #71
Always do, and to any worker that is outside. n/t Aerows Jun 2012 #99
a couple ideas AlecBGreen Jun 2012 #52
one more... AlecBGreen Jun 2012 #53
Frozen fruit smoothies--mmmmmm! MADem Jul 2012 #101
If you have an automobile Ezlivin Jun 2012 #57
Unfortunately, my car A/C is not working. RebelOne Jun 2012 #64
It's a silly thing - but you don't really think about the ceiling fans in your home and how strong TBF Jun 2012 #58
some idiot wrote in a news column that ceiling fans dixiegrrrrl Jun 2012 #86
I just looked and you're right - the ducts are positioned above them TBF Jun 2012 #97
Look to our neighbors in Latin America. bvar22 Jun 2012 #59
Bring your dogs in too - TBF Jun 2012 #62
Paint your roof WHITE! ErikJ Jun 2012 #63
What isn't too good to do in extreme heat- turtlerescue1 Jun 2012 #65
Water, water and more water DearAbby Jun 2012 #66
Don't forget the doggies NNN0LHI Jun 2012 #69
Feel lucky being out WEST... in that AsahinaKimi Jun 2012 #70
yup. Dry heat in LA also Liberal_in_LA Jun 2012 #72
I completely agree with you. emmadoggy Jul 2012 #105
hammocks noamnety Jun 2012 #74
I buy frozen blueberries or rasberries in heavy plastic baggies especially now they are on sale.. nenagh Jun 2012 #75
Stick 'em in a blender with a bit of juice~! nt MADem Jul 2012 #102
I sleep between two damp bathsheets. aquart Jun 2012 #76
If you cover your windows with plastic or shrink-wrap in winter to keep cold out. Don't REMOVE it! Auntie Bush Jun 2012 #77
another good use for bubble wrap, Grey Jun 2012 #81
However, I like shrink-wrap because it's clear and you can still see out the window. Auntie Bush Jun 2012 #85
Move to Minnesota! NickB79 Jun 2012 #78
Outdoor shade dhpgetsit Jun 2012 #79
Eventually, evaporation won't work anymore as the humidity climbs due to global warming NickB79 Jun 2012 #80
neat. i never heard of a zeer pot before. dionysus Jun 2012 #82
It's a great idea Aerows Jun 2012 #96
*OR* You could go find a store like some I HAVE seen here in Cupcake Land, in a strip-mall, with its patrice Jun 2012 #83
Dry Ice Air Conditioner Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2012 #84
That can all work somewhat... Rod Mollise Jun 2012 #93
living inside cheyenne mountain might be ok in the near future.... MindMover Jul 2012 #103
If you have food that will spoil, cook it up. Eat cool, light food. freshwest Jul 2012 #104
I'd like to say after 36 years in texas I am used to it Skittles Jul 2012 #106
Wanna lose 1200 Calories a month? crunch60 Jul 2012 #108
put some water out for birds and other animals bananas Jul 2012 #110
Didn't the Romans Shankapotomus Jul 2012 #111
Someone needs to invent a fan Shankapotomus Jul 2012 #113
It'll cost ya thelordofhell Jul 2012 #119
It uses 85watts Shankapotomus Jul 2012 #120
I've heard what you do is invest in a lot of polluting corporations. raouldukelives Jul 2012 #115
If you have a cast iron tub, fill it with cold water for a cold radiator effect. firehorse Jul 2012 #117
Thanks for all the great ideas! I've learned a few things. FedUpWithIt All Jul 2012 #121
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