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Mon Mar 27, 2017, 02:35 PM Mar 2017

Leggingsgate - What's your Opinion [View all]

This poll is about teens in public places, and particularly when boarding planes. Vote for the one you think is the most not OK. Read them all before voting.

This poll brought to you by Irrelevancy World Magazine

38 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Leggings alone - NOT OK
2 (5%)
Leggings with miniskirt - NOT OK
0 (0%)
Leggings with knee-length skirt - NOT OK
0 (0%)
Leggings with built-in skirty thing - NOT OK
0 (0%)
Leggings with underwear showing - NOT OK
3 (8%)
Leggings with deliberate tears or holes - NOT OK
0 (0%)
I don't really care what they wear
23 (61%)
You're NOT leaving the house like that!
1 (3%)
I like to vote.
2 (5%)
Other (please explain)
7 (18%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Leggingsgate - What's your Opinion [View all] MineralMan Mar 2017 OP
I'm holding out True Dough Mar 2017 #1
I apologize for being off topic but did anyone else see a United commercial with Chuck Norris? Missn-Hitch Mar 2017 #2
Was he wearing leggings? nt Buns_of_Fire Mar 2017 #83
That symbol of masculinity? I was mistaken. It was a United Health commercial. Cheers. Missn-Hitch Mar 2017 #109
Too bad there are apparently no photos of this aberration. No Vested Interest Mar 2017 #3
It's not what the people applying the rules Hortensis Mar 2017 #54
In general, I'd say as lonog as I can't see their undies or privates, but... Lisa0825 Mar 2017 #4
What's "appropriate"? mythology Mar 2017 #14
When we flew on passes, it was "Business Casual." Lisa0825 Mar 2017 #15
Underwear not visible. Leggings not transparent. Leggings fit (not too tight or loose). Blue_true Mar 2017 #82
Other: "Obey the dress code if you're allowed to fly free." NurseJackie Mar 2017 #5
So much this. B2G Mar 2017 #6
+1 Obey the rules, or pay the price. Kids not getting their way. Boo Hoo. southerncrone Mar 2017 #27
"My child is special! JenniferJuniper Mar 2017 #31
As a former teacher, I know this argument all too well! southerncrone Mar 2017 #39
Oh, I can only imagine you do! JenniferJuniper Mar 2017 #41
"Can't you just make an exception this one time? We won't do it again. Promise!" NurseJackie Mar 2017 #67
Really... RobinA Mar 2017 #98
+1, follow the dress code for non-rev tickets. n/t tammywammy Mar 2017 #13
It's as simple as that. Phentex Mar 2017 #52
Yep. Especially when you know the rules in the first place. GoCubsGo Mar 2017 #64
Exactly. phylny Mar 2017 #70
Agree. Want to ignore the dress code? Buy a full price fare EllieBC Mar 2017 #92
i.e. If you are flying for free, please class the joint up a bit Sentath Mar 2017 #97
I've flown on United employee passes crazycatlady Mar 2017 #7
Having worked for an airline, the dress code is hammered into you joeybee12 Mar 2017 #10
Agree malaise Mar 2017 #61
Hi joeybee12 Mar 2017 #72
Murray will be out for six weeks malaise Mar 2017 #74
I knew he pulled out of Miami joeybee12 Mar 2017 #76
Yep he'll remain #1 for a while malaise Mar 2017 #78
Just checked the scores. Wow joeybee12 Mar 2017 #86
Yep malaise Mar 2017 #87
Same. I've never taken advantage of it, but other family members have. kcr Mar 2017 #19
I have too, and they were very clear on the dress code. WoonTars Mar 2017 #22
Then your aunt was not doing her job to ensure you knew the rules of non rev travel. Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2017 #32
This!! duncang Mar 2017 #59
I could argue the legging issue if I knew what a legging is. Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2017 #60
Basically footless tights worn as pants. Ms. Toad Mar 2017 #80
It should be noted that one of the "women" in leggings was ten years old Warpy Mar 2017 #8
No, then they,are friends or family of an employee joeybee12 Mar 2017 #12
I agree. Warren DeMontague Mar 2017 #84
All these complaints about Legos. Just let the kids play with their toys. FSogol Mar 2017 #9
KIK! Never mind... MineralMan Mar 2017 #11
I voted legging alone not ok Madam Mossfern Mar 2017 #16
Well, see, I was staring so hard at the leggings that MineralMan Mar 2017 #18
the irony here is that the company created those rules so these free passengers would unblock Mar 2017 #17
Funny how that works, isn't it? MineralMan Mar 2017 #20
Problem With That UB, Is. . . ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #21
imho, the easiest thing to do is just drop the separate dress code. unblock Mar 2017 #50
Yep ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #57
If the employees' guests get the policy cancelled, then the fault is theirs Orrex Mar 2017 #99
i'm saying if management keeps the free ticket perk but relaxes the separate dress code requirement. unblock Mar 2017 #102
Alternatively... Orrex Mar 2017 #103
yes, well, the real question is who went to the media with the story. unblock Mar 2017 #104
That's a great point that I hadn't considered (nt) Orrex Mar 2017 #105
How would anyone know what deal someone got to be on the plane - or care? womanofthehills Mar 2017 #42
that's the silly part. the company knows that they are employees and their family, but no one else unblock Mar 2017 #48
That is because you only care about what you think Egnever Mar 2017 #56
why thank you for the gratuitous insult. unblock Mar 2017 #73
Just saying Egnever Mar 2017 #88
i rather suspect they failed here in their duty to shareholders unblock Mar 2017 #91
Well after hearing United's policy I side with the airline on this one. Initech Mar 2017 #23
I agree with you. nt DesertRat Mar 2017 #90
Voted 'I don't care" becuase HAB911 Mar 2017 #24
Sounds like you do care Egnever Mar 2017 #89
I did care, now I don't care HAB911 Mar 2017 #93
There may be health safety reasons for not wearing leggings, or other tight clothes, on southerncrone Mar 2017 #25
What's the date of the American memo? 1932???? LAS14 Mar 2017 #51
Other: "Get off my lawn!" ExciteBike66 Mar 2017 #26
Leggings are underwear. They're not marybourg Mar 2017 #28
Here in Minnesota, I see a lot of leggings on the way MineralMan Mar 2017 #30
Under skirts is fine. That's where they belong. That's what they are designed marybourg Mar 2017 #37
That's what I was thinking. MineralMan Mar 2017 #43
Really? Are you sure? ret5hd Mar 2017 #58
Looking elsewhere is fine, if you're marybourg Mar 2017 #68
Gotta Agree RobinA Mar 2017 #100
And that 's a gym! marybourg Mar 2017 #107
All the kids seem to be wearing leggings as pants womanofthehills Mar 2017 #45
I guess if they're thick enough and really marybourg Mar 2017 #69
before supporting any dress code i ask myself a few questions... 0rganism Mar 2017 #29
I believe the "built-in skirty thing" is called a peplum petronius Mar 2017 #33
I'm afraid I'm not 100% current on fashion jargon. MineralMan Mar 2017 #35
the peplum is the part added. It doesn't have to be a skirt... Phentex Mar 2017 #55
Decades ago I worked with an airline malaise Mar 2017 #34
I think now they just say business casual, whatever that might mean. MineralMan Mar 2017 #36
Well business casual for me these days malaise Mar 2017 #40
In Jamaica? Aren't you too warm? MineralMan Mar 2017 #44
Not between November and March malaise Mar 2017 #46
I'll remember to pack lightly, then. MineralMan Mar 2017 #47
Check that out before you use an airline malaise Mar 2017 #62
Where's the "don't believe everything you read on the Internet" choice? jmowreader Mar 2017 #38
Patricia Arquette's tweet is perfect. LAS14 Mar 2017 #49
I really don't care even if the airline does... Sancho Mar 2017 #53
These were dependents of the airline who were flying free grantcart Mar 2017 #63
I have to say Other- NSFL image warning 😈 Kimchijeon Mar 2017 #65
This is truly a first world problem LeftInTX Mar 2017 #66
I'm a dirty old man and I like to look. n/t Vogon_Glory Mar 2017 #71
As a spouse of a United employee who has flown standby for 27 years kimbutgar Mar 2017 #75
GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!! Warren DeMontague Mar 2017 #77
If they were flying as nonrevs greymattermom Mar 2017 #79
I don't have a problem with people wearing legging as long as they size them to fit. Blue_true Mar 2017 #81
Now I see what the problem is. Buns_of_Fire Mar 2017 #85
When I Met My Wife. . . ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #94
If you can wear it on the street and not get ticketed/arrested... Orsino Mar 2017 #95
Actually, not such a great standard. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #112
Our cattle-cars in the sky aren't great, either. n/t Orsino Mar 2017 #113
Heh. I haven't flown this century. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #114
I used to use those passes given to me by a relative who'd worked for an airline since betsuni Mar 2017 #96
"I know it when I see it" - Jacobellis v. Ohio Sen. Walter Sobchak Mar 2017 #101
Friend pass recipients need to follow the airlines rules for passes if they want free airfare. mahina Mar 2017 #106
Personally, I do not care, but... Adrahil Mar 2017 #108
No Leggings with a Kilt? yuiyoshida Mar 2017 #110
I think the look is...not cool. Sue me. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #111
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