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23. Sean Spicer's Top 10 Reasons that Donald Trump is Not Throwing Out the First Pitch
Wed Mar 29, 2017, 09:51 AM
Mar 2017

10. “The president is such a good pitcher, he doesn’t want to embarrass Max Scherzer, who, I’m told, is also a pitcher.”

9. “He IS going to throw out the first pitch. Nobody ever said he wasn’t. #FakeNews.”

8. “I… uh… the thing is…. April… April… April… Stop shaking your head.”

7. “He already did it… and it was witnessed by more people in person and on the internet that any other pitch in the history of mankind. Okay? Everybody clear now?”

6. “Baseball is not that big in Russia.”

5. “He just doesn’t want to do it for the ‘Nationals.’ He’s waiting for an invitation from the ‘Universals,’ as befits his status.”

4. “I already called dibs on throwing out the first pitch in my Easter Bunny suit.”

3. “n9y25ah7.”

2. “The Washington Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos. Throwing out the first pitch would go against everything the president believes about border security.”

1. “He thought he was asked to ‘throw out the RICH,’ which, of course, he would never do.”

Number 1 reason is him being booed, 2-10 are all because he's too fat Norbert9 Mar 2017 #1
Heh. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2017 #4
Because he'll look like this: MgtPA Mar 2017 #2
Oh geez.... Heartstrings Mar 2017 #5
Baby's got back... LakeArenal Mar 2017 #17
+1 dalton99a Mar 2017 #19
Ha...I was just coming in here to post that pic mindfulNJ Mar 2017 #25
"Do I look fat in these pants?" montana_hazeleyes Mar 2017 #34
Merciless booing. C_U_L8R Mar 2017 #3
Hahaa.. he doesn't get to throw a baseball 'cause he's Cha Mar 2017 #11
First time viewing this image! Thanks, made my day! peacebuzzard Mar 2017 #15
You're welcome, peacebuzzard! Cha Mar 2017 #35
+1 dalton99a Mar 2017 #20
That dude looks sinister. FailureToCommunicate Mar 2017 #29
lol Cha Mar 2017 #36
Didn't he brag about being the 'best' college baseball player, in the entire country?? Siwsan Mar 2017 #6
What a fall.. now he's the worst Cha Mar 2017 #9
Re. Item number 8...'Unclear as to where the ball should be grabbed...' SticksnStones Mar 2017 #7
I didn't know he was.. what decided the MF to show Cha Mar 2017 #8
Doesn't want to be there when ice raids both dugouts dembotoz Mar 2017 #10
He thinks Christie is playing Donkees Mar 2017 #12
Here's the link to your OP.. Cha Mar 2017 #13
Because mzteaze Mar 2017 #14
Because he's so out of shape he'll throw like this? Initech Mar 2017 #16
Teams wouldn't meet his pay demands. lpbk2713 Mar 2017 #18
Because he might try to deport the Latino players IronLionZion Mar 2017 #21
11 - because they don't do baseball at the kremlin certainot Mar 2017 #22
Sean Spicer's Top 10 Reasons that Donald Trump is Not Throwing Out the First Pitch Chiyo-chichi Mar 2017 #23
Wonderful, Heartstrings Auggie Mar 2017 #24
Ever see a baseball ricochet around a prison cell? N/T sellitman Mar 2017 #26
They would boo him off the field Takket Mar 2017 #27
1. Ragarm, 2. Boos Blue_Tires Mar 2017 #28
No, it's because when he throws a baseball he looks like this: SunSeeker Mar 2017 #30
Yeah, 1 and 2 are the biggies here. mountain grammy Mar 2017 #31
He's already thrown out his First Bit--oh, PITCH! lastlib Mar 2017 #32
Because he can't throw the ball the 60 feet to get it from the mound to home plate! MiniMe Mar 2017 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #37
Because they won't bring back the orange baseball Metsie Casey Mar 2017 #38
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