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Mon Apr 3, 2017, 04:13 AM Apr 2017

94% of Black women didn't fall for his shit [View all]

Well played, sisters! I wish everyone had your vision and good judgment


.....Black women, exit polls show, were by far Clinton’s strongest supporters, at 94 percent. By contrast, 53 percent of white women supported President-elect Donald Trump. This was Clinton’s and the Democrats’ most reliable voting bloc, and now they are trying to digest their defeat and move beyond it.
"Having lost the White House and the House and Senate and now being at risk with the Supreme Court, I think what our need will be is an energetic and aggressive defense by Democrats remaining the House and Senate,” said Jessica Byrd, founder of the D.C. consulting firm Three Point Strategies. “They’d better fight like hell to be a firewall to legislation that could hurt us.”

In 2012, black women voted at a higher rate than any racial or gender group, and 96 percent of them voted to reelect President Obama. Black women made up a similar share of the electorate for this presidential contest, but they didn’t have
as much help from other segments of the Obama coalition, including black men, Hispanics and Asian Americans, all of whom voted at higher rates for Trump than they did four years ago for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.
Feminist scholar Brittney Cooper described black female voters as both pragmatists and visionaries. “We have a vision for the kind of future we want to build, but also an acute sense of taking care of the least of these, such as protecting funding for schools for our kids and benefits like Medicare and Social Security for the elderly. We always vote with those things in mind,” she said.".....

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they also get the least credit . but still will be reliable . JI7 Apr 2017 #1
Always JustAnotherGen Apr 2017 #6
i don't blame them. even worse is JI7 Apr 2017 #104
White people dont like to compete with minorities, never used to have to. Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #126
At least half of us are not racists. I deplore it with every Alice11111 Apr 2017 #131
K&R betsuni Apr 2017 #2
Mahalo for Shining the Light on this, Tanuki! Cha Apr 2017 #3
+1 dalton99a Apr 2017 #41
++++ iluvtennis Apr 2017 #91
On women voting for trump I just do not understand why they voted for trump TEB Apr 2017 #4
My theory... kevink077 Apr 2017 #7
So, has anyone grabbed em yet to see if they like it? mdbl Apr 2017 #8
Yuck. Dorian Gray Apr 2017 #11
have you seen this ? JI7 Apr 2017 #18
Ewww. progressoid Apr 2017 #42
Gee what does she think trump would say about her? These women are truly clueless lunasun Apr 2017 #53
Yep. Trump would call her fat to her face. He has done it before to women. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #68
Trump really despises most of the people who voted for him. Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #140
Thanks TEB Apr 2017 #63
She Major League misses the point. genxlib Apr 2017 #70
Dear Trump.... NCTraveler Apr 2017 #82
Yeah lady, GWC58 Apr 2017 #83
I'm sure it was more complicated than that. Dorian Gray Apr 2017 #12
Of course it is.. whathehell Apr 2017 #24
Why are white women separated by college educated and not? IronLionZion Apr 2017 #71
good call! JHan Apr 2017 #101
For the same reason white college educated men are.. whathehell Apr 2017 #108
Black Lives Matter and Transgender People erpowers Apr 2017 #75
Please explain the bathroom thing... oldcynic Apr 2017 #86
I Agree erpowers Apr 2017 #92
A lot of people have Dorian Gray Apr 2017 #105
I don't know who said White women whathehell Apr 2017 #116
Sorry, I'm a suburban white woman and the Trump voting women I talked to whathehell Apr 2017 #14
the fact is they still voted for him after the things he said so they were ok with it enough to vote JI7 Apr 2017 #16
I didn't say otherwise, although again, most college educated white women did NOT whathehell Apr 2017 #20
only people that voted for Trump. JI7 Apr 2017 #22
Well most of us with educations did NoT so why don't you whathehell Apr 2017 #28
They didn't consider it an insult. To them, he was insulting who they hated. ehrnst Apr 2017 #38
Um, do you have stats on that, or is that just your pet theory? whathehell Apr 2017 #115
Objective, peer-reviewed states such as... LanternWaste Apr 2017 #117
Try again, lol.. whathehell Apr 2017 #118
Ahhh...you said 51% of college educated white women didn't vote for trump... brush Apr 2017 #55
Ahh.. whathehell Apr 2017 #111
I'm not attacking you. Just thought you may have asked friends or family brush Apr 2017 #124
Yeah, as did 33% of Hispanics and whathehell Apr 2017 #141
Comey! He was the final straw for those undecideds, Alice11111 Apr 2017 #132
Absolutely... Hillary's numbers went down sharply after that 2nd email announcement whathehell Apr 2017 #142
In spite of everything, she probably would have bagged if it weren't for him Alice11111 Apr 2017 #160
Not sure what you mean.. whathehell Apr 2017 #162
Yes. Alice11111 Apr 2017 #166
at least that's what they said; more likely they are weak, co-dependent women who are scared of TheFrenchRazor Apr 2017 #159
That's not the impression I got. n/t. whathehell Apr 2017 #161
Yes. I've see this all my life. But these women are CONSERVATIVE, Hortensis Apr 2017 #37
i think a lot of straight women want to show men that they're "on the team," and being TheFrenchRazor Apr 2017 #158
Cambridge Analytica played a huge role in suppressing the vote NewJeffCT Apr 2017 #60
Please Explain erpowers Apr 2017 #73
Cambridge Analytica's goal was to "Suppress the vote" for Clinton.. one of their officials .. JHan Apr 2017 #76
Cambridge Analytica NewJeffCT Apr 2017 #79
Mellenial blacks had low turnout Alice11111 Apr 2017 #133
Jocelyn Elders, Hazel O'Leary, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Shirley Sherrod, Susan Rice nikibatts Apr 2017 #164
Some people benefit from white power and privilege IronLionZion Apr 2017 #72
Yes, and apparently some of those are Black and Hispanic, judging by their votes. whathehell Apr 2017 #119
I love white women IronLionZion Apr 2017 #122
Glad to hear someone on this thread does.. whathehell Apr 2017 #123
Kick and Rec JustAnotherGen Apr 2017 #5
Why would any woman, of any color or background, vote for Trump?? Rhiannon12866 Apr 2017 #9
+100 narnian60 Apr 2017 #26
Why would any man? whathehell Apr 2017 #30
That's what I meant by "conscious person." Rhiannon12866 Apr 2017 #32
Paul Krugman, and some others has some interesting iinsights into whathehell Apr 2017 #33
Well, for one thing, he lied. Rhiannon12866 Apr 2017 #35
He spoke their language. Alice11111 Apr 2017 #134
I'm not sure if he's much more obvious toward women when whathehell Apr 2017 #112
well I know a few black conservatives.. most of them abandoned Trump.. JHan Apr 2017 #49
Yes... whathehell Apr 2017 #109
Let's see - single issue voters...guns, abortion, jmg257 Apr 2017 #99
Just to point one thing out though, Amimnoch Apr 2017 #10
The pendulum usually swings away from a party after 2 terms in the WH ehrnst Apr 2017 #13
Exactly the point! Amimnoch Apr 2017 #29
We will remember that the majority of white college educated women voted AGAINST Trump, whathehell Apr 2017 #15
but not over 90 percent. the importance of black women to the party needs to be recognized JI7 Apr 2017 #17
Not over ninety percent voted for ANYONE whathehell Apr 2017 #21
over 90 percent of black women did and do vote democratic JI7 Apr 2017 #23
Ninety percent of Black women never vote Republican. whathehell Apr 2017 #27
Are you saying 90% of Black women refuse to vote Republican matter no who the Dem candidate is? ehrnst Apr 2017 #39
I am a black woman who.. coco22 Apr 2017 #40
"I voted for Hillary because there was no other choice". cyndensco Apr 2017 #51
all options are real, because of real consequences.. JHan Apr 2017 #54
Yes, Right! coco22 Apr 2017 #58
I'm not stating that as a "fault" or a "problem" -- I've never voted Republican either & never will. whathehell Apr 2017 #110
Shame, you took the focus off white people for a minute, you know better than that. Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #127
Yes Let's recognize the importance. delisen Apr 2017 #66
Also - The majority of all women voting voted for HRC (nt) ehrnst Apr 2017 #36
Yes, thank you.. whathehell Apr 2017 #107
51%? brush Apr 2017 #57
Those are the numbers I saw. whathehell Apr 2017 #106
What's with the desperate attempts at parsing? Why attempt to break it down by eduation? Number23 Apr 2017 #93
Because dammit WHITE people need to be recognized in this black predominant Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #128
It is too bad there aren't many more Black women in the US. aikoaiko Apr 2017 #19
perhaps other groups should join them JI7 Apr 2017 #25
Good job! caroldansen Apr 2017 #31
K&R BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #34
ain't that the truth JHan Apr 2017 #52
K&R mcar Apr 2017 #43
You're welcome qanda Apr 2017 #44
Bravo! UncleTomsEvilBrother Apr 2017 #45
It's so true qanda Apr 2017 #50
Yes we should! lunamagica Apr 2017 #78
"Y'all should listen to us more." NCTraveler Apr 2017 #84
Thanks Tanuki... ! :) K & R JHan Apr 2017 #46
I wish they're weren't the few uponit7771 Apr 2017 #47
Yeah, think "Maxine Waters." Black women have always been smarter than most. nikibatts Apr 2017 #48
All black women aren't Maxine and all white women aren't Sarah Palin whathehell Apr 2017 #148
K&R ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #56
The white women who jrthin Apr 2017 #59
This. Quayblue Apr 2017 #90
I hear you. nt jrthin Apr 2017 #102
Don't blame you, but did you say that to the whathehell Apr 2017 #145
Since none of the people of jrthin Apr 2017 #153
I get you, whathehell Apr 2017 #155
As rationalized by Fox News: Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #61
They are front and center in the resistance too. wildeyed Apr 2017 #62
we also had some of the best signs at the women's march.. JHan Apr 2017 #69
Right? wildeyed Apr 2017 #74
Oh my God... truer words have NEVER been written... Number23 Apr 2017 #94
great to see you again ... kwassa Apr 2017 #96
Thanks, kwassa. I've been reading all of the desperate attempts to mitigate the effects of racism Number23 Apr 2017 #98
The racism never stops, unfortunately. kwassa Apr 2017 #100
Outstanding sign. kwassa Apr 2017 #97
I love that sign. Solly Mack Apr 2017 #147
These numbers don't surprise me at all, not at all. Afromania Apr 2017 #64
K&R sheshe2 Apr 2017 #65
That's why voter suppression efforts zero in on them. SunSeeker Apr 2017 #67
K&R. Good job, ladies! lunamagica Apr 2017 #77
94% of black women who voted. 53% of white women who voted. Just under 58% of eligible voters voted. 58Sunliner Apr 2017 #80
Not surprised. grantcart Apr 2017 #81
As a white woman, this is something I actually know about. mountain grammy Apr 2017 #85
Speak for yourself, Gramny whathehell Apr 2017 #143
I am speaking for myself, thank you. mountain grammy Apr 2017 #151
Speak ABOUT yourself, is probably more whathehell Apr 2017 #152
I wasn't preaching. mountain grammy Apr 2017 #154
You must know a lot of stupid people. Bonx Apr 2017 #169
I know many women who voted for trump.. mountain grammy Apr 2017 #170
I think you said Bonx Apr 2017 #171
Ok. that was too sweeping.. mountain grammy Apr 2017 #172
a lot of people like bullshit. look at the movies now. pansypoo53219 Apr 2017 #87
Get Out is dominating the box office right now... bettyellen Apr 2017 #113
Is DU a segregated club? oldcynic Apr 2017 #88
I think you might be truly clueless. kwassa Apr 2017 #95
no outrage oldcynic Apr 2017 #120
and how is that segregation? kwassa Apr 2017 #121
Where do you see this? Quayblue Apr 2017 #125
But white people NEED love and attention, lord knows we have suffered at the hands of Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #129
for heaven's sake oldcynic Apr 2017 #137
Thank you..I am getting tired of this "let's blame white women for Trump" whathehell Apr 2017 #146
... Quayblue Apr 2017 #157
you are right about black people, in general, being quiet steve2470 Apr 2017 #136
1StrongBlackMan and bravenak are still flagged for review and I miss them terribly. betsuni Apr 2017 #156
Maybe it wasn't the one positive statement that caused it, but the many whathehell Apr 2017 #150
Girl bye. Quayblue Apr 2017 #163
Lol whathehell Apr 2017 #165
DU is overwhelmingly white and male majority- yet its women who are overwhelmingly the majority bettyellen Apr 2017 #114
NOW I'M PISSED OFF oldcynic Apr 2017 #138
I'm sorry? Not sure why you'd be pissed off to find out that white men gave us Trump- bettyellen Apr 2017 #139
It's starting to feel that way....The meme of this thread semms to be whathehell Apr 2017 #144
Seems last years popular accusation of Stockholm Syndrome was as idiotic LanternWaste Apr 2017 #89
+1 n/t tammywammy Apr 2017 #135
K&R Quayblue Apr 2017 #103
I'm appalled that so many married white women in the burbs did Warpy Apr 2017 #130
I hope you're equally "appalled" at the men, including whathehell Apr 2017 #149
Hence, I often dismiss or sometimes even trash a thread. LanternWaste Apr 2017 #167
That:s your choice.. whathehell Apr 2017 #168
Kick politicasista Apr 2017 #173
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