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Thu Apr 6, 2017, 11:50 PM Apr 2017

Why do I hate Greens? Here's why [View all]

Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,000 votes; Stein received 50,000 votes

Trump won Michigan by 11,000 votes; Stein received 51,000 votes

Trump won Wisconsin by 24,000 votes; Stein received 31,000

The woman in the gray shawl here, at the table with Flynn and Putin, is Dr. Jill Stein.

Fuck the Green party.

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Why do I hate Greens? Here's why [View all] Recursion Apr 2017 OP
Third party voters were the final nail. Comey/FBI, media's false equivalency, and still_one Apr 2017 #1
DISTURBING NUMBERS!..Jill Stein, Ralph Nader.. F***them and the idiots who supported them. N/T Upthevibe Apr 2017 #8
This x 100000 we can do it Apr 2017 #52
Greens have been the enemy since 2000 Gman Apr 2017 #2
+1 brettdale Apr 2017 #3
Greens, write-ins and other ratfuckers BainsBane Apr 2017 #4
They must be very happy right now over at JPR. William769 Apr 2017 #24
Jill Stein is also an anti-vaxx asshole. Archae Apr 2017 #5
Oh, and she's the worst kind of anti-vax: she knows better Recursion Apr 2017 #7
They only seem to show up during Presidential elections SirBrockington Apr 2017 #6
Oh, I've seen them sway governor races and even state level congressional seats. herding cats Apr 2017 #16
As of last November they claim about 140 office holders in 17 states... JHB Apr 2017 #40
Or Russia MFM008 Apr 2017 #61
What's weirder (I just thought of this) Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2017 #73
But...but... SaschaHM Apr 2017 #9
Yep. The 2016 Democratic platform was literally the most progressive in US history Recursion Apr 2017 #11
What pisses me off is they run against the Dems, constantly bash us but never the repugs brush Apr 2017 #53
I hate the two party system. milestogo Apr 2017 #10
I hate the fact that I don't captain a tall ship Recursion Apr 2017 #15
Have you tried applying for a job as a tall ship captain? milestogo Apr 2017 #17
I'm certified as a deckhand and pilot for tall ships Recursion Apr 2017 #58
Too bad.. the 3rd party fucked it up and we got Cha Apr 2017 #18
Preach!! Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #78
I hate any party systems MyNameGoesHere Apr 2017 #35
Sounds great to me. n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Apr 2017 #77
I hate vanity voters and the shit they have brought us. we can do it Apr 2017 #54
So what? Bradical79 Apr 2017 #71
the Greens purpose is mostly to defeat Democrats and help Republicans JI7 Apr 2017 #12
Getting Republicans Elected Every November Recursion Apr 2017 #13
+100,000... PoiBoy Apr 2017 #19
Sure radical noodle Apr 2017 #20
That's exactly it MFM008 Apr 2017 #62
I am Green because I didn't like Bill Clinton and the DLC noiretextatique Apr 2017 #69
Excellent post n/t leftstreet Apr 2017 #72
GOP supported Rev. Al Sharp back when he ran for the Democratic applegrove Apr 2017 #14
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2017 #21
Keep in mind Jill Stein was the first and only significant figure to challenge the results. tenorly Apr 2017 #22
Not true! She did NOT do it to help shift the vote to its rightful winner. She did it to make money. pnwmom Apr 2017 #29
She pocketed that money. joshcryer Apr 2017 #34
No, she did it to make money, and she did obamanut2012 Apr 2017 #37
And she did it with the stated goal of shifting the result to its rightful winner: Hillary. SickOfTheOnePct Apr 2017 #66
And Gary Johnson pulled far more votes than stein in all those states. So what? PaulaFarrell Apr 2017 #23
Greens are always demonizing democrats as if there are no republicans who are preventing JI7 Apr 2017 #25
BULL. You're not seeing what's right in front of you. The fucking LIAR, pawn Cha Apr 2017 #27
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #30
BULL.. deny it all you want. Reality will Not be Denied. Cha Apr 2017 #31
Hillary lost MI by .3%, Jill Stein received 1% of the vote. Similar results still_one Apr 2017 #55
the Gary Johnson voters I know crazycatlady Apr 2017 #65
Ditto! Tarheel_Dem Apr 2017 #26
It's wasted effort to hate them Warpy Apr 2017 #28
A look at the increase number of votes for third party in the 2016 over 2008 and 2012 undermines boston bean Apr 2017 #33
It's not about votes belonging to anyone kcr Apr 2017 #83
It's exactly about that Warpy Apr 2017 #90
Nope, thats a copout argument. No one thinks someone elses vote belongs to them. stevenleser Apr 2017 #91
You seem to, else you wouldn't be expressing such fury at the Greens Warpy Apr 2017 #94
Nope. Its very simple. We all make choices like this in our lives all the time. This is nothing stevenleser Apr 2017 #95
You didn't think like that in your late teens Warpy Apr 2017 #96
K&R betsuni Apr 2017 #32
Greens were told they were irrelevant RandiFan1290 Apr 2017 #36
No, they weren't oberliner Apr 2017 #84
Nice try RandiFan1290 Apr 2017 #87
Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Voters Drifting Toward Third Party oberliner Apr 2017 #88
She did but ironically, they didn't actually give enough of a shot about the environment bettyellen Apr 2017 #108
I advise saving most of the hate for the hundred million people... Orsino Apr 2017 #38
It's possible to do both. DanTex Apr 2017 #42
I'm not sure I agree. Orsino Apr 2017 #43
This isn't a hard science, there isn't hard proof of anything. DanTex Apr 2017 #44
There would however, be evidence... LanternWaste Apr 2017 #46
There are plenty of quotes from Stein and Nader indicating their preference DanTex Apr 2017 #50
They did vote for Trump BainsBane Apr 2017 #49
It feels the same to those of us who are engaged... Orsino Apr 2017 #63
How about all the people who stayed home? FDRsGhost Apr 2017 #39
Voter disenfranchisement BainsBane Apr 2017 #51
low voter turnout hurt clinton noiretextatique Apr 2017 #68
Yup I agree FDRsGhost Apr 2017 #70
On another thread I explained my experience with the polls during a past election Jake Stern Apr 2017 #107
Did u ever have Dinner​ with someone u don't like?? dembotoz Apr 2017 #41
Who is "u?" MineralMan Apr 2017 #45
i do many posts from my phone or tablet dembotoz Apr 2017 #67
Just sayin' WillowTree Apr 2017 #97
U r bright figure it out dembotoz Apr 2017 #104
If we become less centrist we pick up the Green vote. jalan48 Apr 2017 #47
And we lose more centrists than we gain greens. That's the problem (nt) Recursion Apr 2017 #48
Actually, we've been doing the centrist thing for decades. jalan48 Apr 2017 #80
Huh? It is working. What are you talking about? Recursion Apr 2017 #82
Sorry-it's time to get away from the "Reagan Democrats" thing. jalan48 Apr 2017 #89
No, its time to stop imagining that 1968-1988 didnt happen and that things didnt change stevenleser Apr 2017 #93
And here we are today. Things are better now than years ago? jalan48 Apr 2017 #99
Most definitely. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #100
LOL-The best of all possible worlds Candide. jalan48 Apr 2017 #102
Oh God yes Recursion Apr 2017 #106
So centrists are a much more unreliable voting block, and yet you hate thre Greens more. redgreenandblue Apr 2017 #105
Reality is exactly the opposite of what you claim and its easy to prove it. Before Bill Clinton and stevenleser Apr 2017 #92
This message was self-deleted by its author ymetca Apr 2017 #56
I am a Green, and I voted for Clinton noiretextatique Apr 2017 #57
Stein and the greenies gave us Trump Gothmog Apr 2017 #59
I love collards. Mustard too :) Bonx Apr 2017 #60
She is personally responsible for the belief that our voting system is solid. NCTraveler Apr 2017 #64
It's a fraud political party Bradical79 Apr 2017 #74
I recently rejoined the Democratic Party now that we have a criminal in the White House causing... Portland_Anni Apr 2017 #75
"Jill, meet Mike; Mike this is Jill ..." PsychoBabble Apr 2017 #76
This needs to be an issue coming into 2020 TSIAS Apr 2017 #79
Nader in 2000, Stein in 2016. VOX Apr 2017 #81
Well, that what they reported, but I don't think it's so. ucrdem Apr 2017 #85
So? Spider Jerusalem Apr 2017 #86
clue: dems are not ENTITLED to all left-of-center votes, and if they expect their competition to TheFrenchRazor Apr 2017 #98
Slightly wouldn't begin to cut it. creeksneakers2 Apr 2017 #103
mmm sauteed swiss chard Kali Apr 2017 #101
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