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Thu Apr 13, 2017, 03:11 PM Apr 2017


Hiroshima 90,000–146,000 people dead in Hiroshima

Nagasaki 39,000–80,000 dead in Nagasaki

Yes, they are there for assholes to use... I suppose.
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Its just a matter of time before he decides its time to use them again
9 (69%)
The Republicans live on death and carnage, to gain their goals expect it.
0 (0%)
I don't think He would be that stupid to use a Nuke.
0 (0%)
North Korea is daring him to go ahead, and make their day....
1 (8%)
Some place in the Middle east is a place that will turn the desert into sharp glass.
0 (0%)
That OIL that's under their country, is OURS FOR The Taking , Mr. President, Nuke em!
0 (0%)
No one can really know the horror of Nuclear weapons especially if someone retaliated.
2 (15%)
Stupid Americans would cheer on the use of a Nuclear weapon, Fox news having an sexual orgasm
1 (8%)
But this will signal Jesus to come back!!! Thank God we will be all saved!!! He will see the mushroom clouds from Heaven!
0 (0%)
What Nuclear winter? We have global warming right???
0 (0%)
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look at all the new places for Trump Towers Angry Dragon Apr 2017 #1
Well first they will have to clean up all that broken glass yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #2
it would be a tourist attraction Angry Dragon Apr 2017 #3
I am sure someone could make money on that... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #5
.............. Angry Dragon Apr 2017 #6
IkR? yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #8
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were sacrificed to prove that the weapons really worked. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #4
That's only..what? yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #7
Read up on unit 731/rape on nanking/etc Calculating Apr 2017 #9
AH...A HATER, THANKS, i WILL JUST REPORT YOU yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #11
Why is he a hater? Alea Apr 2017 #14
The Rape of Nanking warranted war crimes trials. Not nuclear holocaust. Aristus Apr 2017 #15
No really yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #16
Slow down, slow down. Aristus Apr 2017 #19
Lol...you just made me laugh yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #20
... Aristus Apr 2017 #21
funny yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #23
See below. Aristus Apr 2017 #27
Nanking was a small part of the totality Alea Apr 2017 #26
My Chinese girl's friends response... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #30
No one here has blamed you Alea Apr 2017 #35
You are relatively new to DU, but the OP has legitimate reasons to be sensitive. Coventina Apr 2017 #37
I agree Alea Apr 2017 #38
First of all I am Japanese American, secondly yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #39
Hey I have been called a whale Hater on this website yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #42
This site can be so hateful sometimes. Nevermind that you are a Japanese-American, but not even the Coventina Apr 2017 #45
It was at one time in the 1940s and 1950s children in yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #48
Not surprised to hear that. From what I understand, it's not very appealing. Coventina Apr 2017 #70
I asked my dad if he ever ate Whale yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #71
I don't know of any one in my family (or anyone I know personally) Coventina Apr 2017 #73
Some people HATE japanese...think we should be all exterminated... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #18
That's BS. Hoyt Apr 2017 #13
I'll speak slowly so maybe you will understand: Coventina Apr 2017 #28
Non-white, therefore not considered "worthy victims". guillaumeb Apr 2017 #47
Yeah, Right wingers hate us... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #49
So far, we are the only country wanton enough to use nukes to kill people. Hoyt Apr 2017 #10
Thank goodness for that yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #12
We should have bombed, burned and starved them instead hack89 Apr 2017 #29
Still want to do it? yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #33
Of course not. Just pointing out the military choices available in WWII besides nukes. hack89 Apr 2017 #36
Hack, they were beaten and certainly not a threat to us at that time. If we wanted to show off our Hoyt Apr 2017 #40
Don't forget as far as detonation goes.. we are not alone in testing... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #43
Testing is different. Israel, Pakistan, China and others have performed testing. But using it to Hoyt Apr 2017 #50
Yes as of this date...who knows what will happen yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #52
Many countries have killed tens of thousands in a single attack hack89 Apr 2017 #44
Like with guns, you guys always have a knack for justifying killing people. Hoyt Apr 2017 #54
Are you that ignorant of history? hack89 Apr 2017 #75
I actually think if he tried to order a pre-emptive nuclear strike there would be a military coup Kentonio Apr 2017 #17
Gosh I would hope so yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #22
I'm sure the Republicans would, but I think the IC and military would rise up. Kentonio Apr 2017 #24
I can't see how that is possible hack89 Apr 2017 #31
If the Joint Chiefs of Staff decided the CiC was unfit Kentonio Apr 2017 #74
Assad has nothing on Trump. Skidmore Apr 2017 #25
I am not certain that there will be another nuclear weapon used Billy Jingo Apr 2017 #32
Yeah, like the fact we are the only country to kill people with nukes proves that. Hoyt Apr 2017 #41
Because people don't want to stay at a hotel built on a radioactive wasteland? n/t PoliticAverse Apr 2017 #34
heh... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #46
Trump will rationalize it as "making an example" of NK. lpbk2713 Apr 2017 #51
I hope China has told Trump that yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #55
If I was a betting man madokie Apr 2017 #53
They allowed it... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #57
Thats pretty much it in a nutshell madokie Apr 2017 #68
I just hope Democrats can keep Republicans in check... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #69
You know he wants to. Demtexan Apr 2017 #56
Its probably on his yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #59
Yep. Demtexan Apr 2017 #62
I told friends to really enjoy the last holiday season with President Obama. Demtexan Apr 2017 #63
Too many people do not value life . jackssonjack Apr 2017 #58
Isn't that a part of the yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #60
It must be jackssonjack Apr 2017 #64
Pretty much yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #65
That's a true statement. lpbk2713 Apr 2017 #66
Nukes are used every single day in a balance of ultimate terror. gordianot Apr 2017 #61
yes... yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #67
Kubrick and his movie was a serious warning. gordianot Apr 2017 #72
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