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Sat Apr 15, 2017, 12:23 PM Apr 2017

Trump is starting to show his true colors on why he ran for president. [View all]

From the very beginning many of us saw right through this SOB. Trump made a big pivot last week. Trump is not extremely smart , but he is sly as a fox.

Trump pushed Bannon to the side. Why? He got what he wanted from him. Bannon can't help trump with his main goal. To enrich himself and people like him. He wants giant tax cuts for the rich and he wants to deregulate business. Deregulate the banks, the real estate market. Trump wants to build towers and resorts with his name on it around the world. I don't think trump will get rid of Bannon completely, because he made need him again to keep their dumbass base happy.

Goldman Sachs is now in the whitehouse helping trump. Trump made his move. He is now doing what he always wanted to do. They are going to rig the game. Legalized corruption. Trickle down. Screw the working man.

Trump never cared about the working man. He never cared about healthcare. Sometimes when trump lies the truth slips out. He told us why he wanted to pass a so called healthcare bill. He said it would make tax reform easier. He wants to save money by throwing millions of americans off of medicaid and by taking away their obamacare.

Trump has already started to deregulate everything he can by executive order. There is a lot more to come.

Trump is a very evil person. He uses people to get what he wants and then tosses them away. He turns on people if he feels they are not completely loyal. He is driven by greed. He ran for president to enrich himself. He is now putting in a system that will help him do just that.

There is a reason trump did not show his taxes. Trump must of took a big hit in 2008 when the real estate market crashed.He must of hated obama for putting in tough regulations that made it harder for corrupt people like trump to do business. There may be another reason trump ran for president. Revenge. Narcissists blame people for there failures.

So, while everyone is watching trump drop bombs, having fake meetings with labor, listening to his tweets. He and his goldman sachs buddies are rigging the game and they are going to bleed us dry.

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It was a scam of staggering proportions dalton99a Apr 2017 #1
Nobody really believed this "scam" -- except Rump himself Hortensis Apr 2017 #17
Trumpers DID believe him. Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #30
Well, I can believe that for some. Faith has become a way of life. Hortensis Apr 2017 #39
My Dad was a true believer. He idolized Trump, in a way. Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #48
How frustrating for you. But "true believers" Hortensis Apr 2017 #50
Dad tries to discuss politics w/me sometimes, but I resist. Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #52
Tree Hugger. Lol. You guys sound great, Hortensis Apr 2017 #53
I'm certain this is spot on. Mme. Defarge Apr 2017 #2
Trump must of took a big hit in 2008 CountAllVotes Apr 2017 #3
"must have taken" . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2017 #7
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #37
I corrected the grammar. You attacked me personally. What does that say about you? Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2017 #41
You know, it's obnoxious to threadjack, especially to give a grammar lesson. yardwork Apr 2017 #45
I posted the briefest of corrections to error that occurred twice. I didn't thread-jack. Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2017 #46
I think trumps big hits were from real estate failures and the vegas casino start-up failures. Sunlei Apr 2017 #34
Could the casino "losses" have been a cover for other deals? yardwork Apr 2017 #44
trumps probably still pissed off he couldn't get casino licenses for Vegas hotels (like he planned) Sunlei Apr 2017 #56
I think you nailed it down perfectly, shockey. sheshe2 Apr 2017 #4
You said everything I have been thinking... he is in this ONLY for the money... n/t secondwind Apr 2017 #5
Fantastic post! C Moon Apr 2017 #6
I agree..... MyOwnPeace Apr 2017 #8
Maybe the worst part of all this is that now he has been assured that whenever someone world wide wally Apr 2017 #9
I understand that his ratings have continued to decline, PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2017 #18
He reached 40% for the first time in months last week. world wide wally Apr 2017 #19
So he got what, 1% bump? PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2017 #21
I don't think he really cares mdbl Apr 2017 #36
He's rides on President Obamas "work" as much as possible & Republicans pander to him. Sunlei Apr 2017 #57
I'm from New York shockey80 Apr 2017 #10
Trump MyOwnPeace Apr 2017 #20
Oh for the love of Blue_Roses Apr 2017 #22
No, not really....... MyOwnPeace Apr 2017 #23
I wasn't the OP. Blue_Roses Apr 2017 #24
I get it......... MyOwnPeace Apr 2017 #25
No one else cares,either.:) True Blue American Apr 2017 #38
Almost every single member of DU cares about the damage tRump is doing. Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2017 #40
You are fine and I love you just the way you are. madokie Apr 2017 #42
I'm fairly certain most will agree that "sly as a fox" refers lambchopp59 Apr 2017 #11
Everything you say is is true, except FakeNoose Apr 2017 #12
But a lot of that ISNT in tax returns. 7962 Apr 2017 #33
I Think It's Simpler ProfessorGAC Apr 2017 #49
Didn't you laugh during trumps campaign when he said he was going to drain the swamp. shockey80 Apr 2017 #13
Bannon is... zentrum Apr 2017 #14
Not to mention pushing off all his Mar-a-Lago travel expenses on the US taxpayer. calimary Apr 2017 #15
Yes, and for his sense of importance. It's up to all of us to define the impact on his brand, JudyM Apr 2017 #43
Zentrum shockey80 Apr 2017 #16
I think you nailed it! denvine Apr 2017 #26
Our country's true colors BigmanPigman Apr 2017 #27
Revenge. Plain & Simple... MedusaX Apr 2017 #28
Great post! llmart Apr 2017 #47
I think it's revenge, but I don't think it's as elaborate as that. Warren DeMontague Apr 2017 #55
the REALLY big con. pansypoo53219 Apr 2017 #29
You must mean trump exposes the Republican parties' "true colors". Sunlei Apr 2017 #31
K&R... spanone Apr 2017 #32
A Lesson in Correct English: He Must HAVE, not He Must Of! panfluteman Apr 2017 #35
There are still aa LOT of smart people who think he's doing great. I spoke to my son in napi21 Apr 2017 #51
exactly - he hates someone being richer than he is - his narcissism cannot deal with that DrDan Apr 2017 #54
kick for visibility L. Coyote Apr 2017 #58
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