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5. Did she vote for him? n/t
Sun Apr 23, 2017, 08:48 AM
Apr 2017
Message auto-removed [View all] Name removed Apr 2017 OP
If we can't get rid of this idiot, we're doomed. n/t TreasonousBastard Apr 2017 #1
It must be a brain defect that causes a person to become a Republican. Vinca Apr 2017 #2
Republicans don't care about the general public's health, safety and welfare. CottonBear Apr 2017 #3
They don't care at all Afromania Apr 2017 #4
Ain't that the sad truth. CottonBear Apr 2017 #13
Until and/or unless it hits home - and hits home HARD. calimary Apr 2017 #25
I use that on libertarian "christians" all the time... paleotn Apr 2017 #35
Yeah. I tried a little of that yesterday at the March for Science. Among friendlies. calimary Apr 2017 #41
It's just legalized campaign bribery sharedvalues Apr 2017 #44
Did she vote for him? n/t malaise Apr 2017 #5
That is The Question of the Year. calimary Apr 2017 #26
Member of the Freedom Caucus aka Republicans who seriously want to kill 24 million Americans dalton99a Apr 2017 #6
Do Congressfolk pay for their health insurance? - Think of the word 'subsidies' keithbvadu2 Apr 2017 #7
We do have the same insurance as congress critters do... usedtobedemgurl Apr 2017 #10
HOWEVER, they get a subsidy which covers 72% of the premiums. groundloop Apr 2017 #14
Then they would not need the exceptions keithbvadu2 Apr 2017 #16
Ouch -- Looks like OH8 is gonna be an easily flippable seat -- no problem. ATL Ebony Apr 2017 #8
I wouldn't bet on it. PdxSean Apr 2017 #11
You'd like to think that but I live in this district. It is gerrymandered in such a way to ensure airmid Apr 2017 #17
Gerrymandering takes place when the bad guys own most of it at the state level. calimary Apr 2017 #45
Ohio is a cesspool of Tea Party members, wingnuts, and White Nationalists. When Boehner left I just airmid Apr 2017 #46
Welcome to DU, airmid! calimary Apr 2017 #47
Obviously, her son should run for Congress, then. Buns_of_Fire Apr 2017 #9
Sadly, this is how most of them think. dawg Apr 2017 #12
How about the son taking THIS Scarsdale Apr 2017 #15
first off . can yoou give me a better job, what if i am disabled you moran AllaN01Bear Apr 2017 #18
the rest of his interview was as equally shameful samnsara Apr 2017 #19
So who is supposed to work in those jobs? greymattermom Apr 2017 #20
Every time this asshole sits down in a restaurant for a meal Mr. Ected Apr 2017 #21
Or sneeze and cough constantly while serving him csziggy Apr 2017 #22
Hey Asshole Warren Davidson .......................reread this again, what you said in quotes turbinetree Apr 2017 #23
How on earth do people of such exceptional cruelty and indifference get smirkymonkey Apr 2017 #24
Time for Warren to get a job in the private sector! bronxiteforever Apr 2017 #27
If they don't care if fellow Americans die, maybe they don't mind killing a few as well. Doodley Apr 2017 #28
This is a common response. MY response to that is that SOMEONE is going to work in that job. Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Mz Pip Apr 2017 #30
screw 'em! paleotn Apr 2017 #31
Mom should have countered DeminPennswoods Apr 2017 #32
They don't believe in minimum wages either... paleotn Apr 2017 #37
And that attitude is what will get the Republicans ousted leftyladyfrommo Apr 2017 #33
What a tightwad uncaring jerk! Left-over Apr 2017 #34
"..his skills are focused in an industry that doesn't have the kind of options..." A man who speaks WinkyDink Apr 2017 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author irisblue Apr 2017 #38
According to some here tazkcmo Apr 2017 #39
They would love to abolish unions and minimum wages BSdetect Apr 2017 #40
Another fine example of Republican Jesus. sarcasmo Apr 2017 #42
Anal Randian mentality from GOP Speaker Ryan on down. oasis Apr 2017 #43
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