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Jim Lane

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Tue Apr 25, 2017, 08:17 AM Apr 2017

The hypocrisy of the latest round of Bernie-bashing [View all]

In almost all American elections, only two candidates – the Democrat and the Republican – have any realistic chance of winning. A thoughtful citizen will usually have disagreements with each of them on one or more issues. Some people take the pragmatic course of supporting the candidate who’s better overall, even if not perfect. Others say “the lesser evil is still evil”; refusing to vote for a candidate with whom they disagree, they stay home or vote for a no-hoper minor-party candidate.

Bernie Sanders faced this situation. He came down on the side of the pragmatists. He voiced his support for the Democratic nominee because he looked at the Republican and said, “We’ve got to keep that guy out.”

Did he do the right thing?

Well, here’s where the hypocrisy comes in. Some of the loudest pro-Hillary people on this board are now spewing vitriol at Bernie because he’s supporting a Democratic nominee with whom he’s not in complete agreement, while ignoring that he did exactly the same thing by supporting Hillary last fall.

The hypocrisy is compounded with intellectual dishonesty, as they pretend that support for the Democratic nominee means deprecating the issue of reproductive rights. My view, and I think Bernie’s view, is that reproductive rights are important. So are issues of war and peace, international trade, economic inequality, etc. That all these issues are important doesn’t change the problem I described in the first paragraph: Sometimes, the choice is between two candidates, neither of whom is perfect on all important issues, but one of whom is better than the other overall.

People like Bernie and me voted for Hillary despite our major disagreements with her. That doesn’t mean that we suddenly decided those issues were unimportant. It means only that the Democrat was better than the Republican.

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oh, this is just too much! boston bean Apr 2017 #1
I had to edit several times so as not to be refighting the primary Jim Lane Apr 2017 #3
You did it again. LMAO! this is just too rich! boston bean Apr 2017 #8
It really is too rich! R B Garr Apr 2017 #23
Just began reading this thread BrooklynTech Apr 2017 #235
I am appalled at the amount of people that are mocking you at all retrowire Apr 2017 #52
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #76
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Apr 2017 #80
But he endorsed Hillary. Nt retrowire Apr 2017 #94
So? That is the primary. Why are you refighting the primary? My comments are concerned KittyWampus Apr 2017 #95
Hillary didn't perfectly align with him retrowire Apr 2017 #98
He didn't endorse Ossoff till AFTER there was an uproar because he endorsed Mello but not Ossoff. pnwmom Apr 2017 #223
That was explained as him not knowing Ossoff. retrowire Apr 2017 #225
He didn't "know" Mello, either. That excuse was a joke. n/t pnwmom Apr 2017 #227
That was his unprepared bullshit response when cornered. NurseJackie Apr 2017 #230
Some have difficulty with facts...nt arthritisR_US Apr 2017 #238
No purity test. He can join the party. Adrahil Apr 2017 #241
Supporters didn't get it DownriverDem Apr 2017 #157
And I hoped they had thought better than that. :/ Nt retrowire Apr 2017 #158
and Hillary's trashing of Obama was A. O.K. ciaobaby Apr 2017 #204
People forget that due to Sanders, Hillary ran on - in his words - stopbush Apr 2017 #97
Hahahahaha Kentonio Apr 2017 #113
The point is that embracing Sanders' strategy is no guarantee for success. stopbush Apr 2017 #122
Gee, I'm sorry they hurt your feelings.. Kentonio Apr 2017 #123
You are far too nice to be engaging with the kind of person who made the response to this post stevenleser Apr 2017 #187
Sanders platform and the revised Sanders/Clinton platform was not what lost the election LiberalLovinLug Apr 2017 #186
The election was lost due to stopbush Apr 2017 #208
"nothing" is a big word LiberalLovinLug Apr 2017 #246
If Bernie Sanders hadn't run Hillary's platform would have been very different. YOHABLO Apr 2017 #191
the "progressive" platform Hillary was forced to run on is what got her the majoity of actual votes. ciaobaby Apr 2017 #206
wait, you think that is why we lost? Really? or did it just feel clever? nt JCanete Apr 2017 #216
Same. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2017 #104
Retrowire -- I sure agree with you on this issue. "My absolutely pure way or the highway!" Akamai Apr 2017 #142
If you had to edit so many times, I guess that says it all. JTFrog Apr 2017 #108
Please proceed, Governor emulatorloo Apr 2017 #148
Some dems just hate Bernie no matter what he does onit2day Apr 2017 #228
+1000 LiberalLovinLug Apr 2017 #247
I agree, and I voted for Hillary both times, and I would again. Bernie Bashers, let it go... Alice11111 Apr 2017 #234
I've held off on renewing my star. cwydro Apr 2017 #5
Agreed SCantiGOP Apr 2017 #75
I have done the same thing. Tired of all the trashing and going over and over the damn primary. Bohunk68 Apr 2017 #243
That is unmistakably the latest fake out -- R B Garr Apr 2017 #22
We do have to admit that there were some issues that they were always willing to compromise on. boston bean Apr 2017 #28
Exactly, and it always depends on what enhances R B Garr Apr 2017 #43
They, image grahampuba Apr 2017 #90
Oh, ffs, image as in you twist yourself into pretzels just R B Garr Apr 2017 #125
Don't let the door hit ya where evolution split ya... moriah Apr 2017 #165
Since 2008 grahampuba Apr 2017 #199
Sorry, there's a FB profile that comes up with your ID... moriah Apr 2017 #205
Robertson grahampuba Apr 2017 #209
You know, there IS a reason Bernie is the most popular politician in the country. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2017 #105
All because the media Chevy Apr 2017 #138
Right, because he is never challenged or held R B Garr Apr 2017 #139
+1000 stonecutter357 Apr 2017 #29
Jim is correct. masmdu Apr 2017 #37
Prime example of how to try and refight the primaries without appearing to do so. KittyWampus Apr 2017 #74
People need to face reality here: it's either a vote for Sculpin Beauregard Apr 2017 #2
That's a message Sanders really needs to take in because I am not sure he gets it stevenleser Apr 2017 #12
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2017 #27
+1000. Paladin Apr 2017 #31
Woow retrowire Apr 2017 #55
You are unintentionally correct. Your first sentence is a troublesome reality. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #84
The only way to not see this is ignoring Sanders' constant stream of belittling comments KittyWampus Apr 2017 #87
I just see everyone focusing on the negative perspective retrowire Apr 2017 #96
calling it "feeble" and "failing" isn't tearing it down? KittyWampus Apr 2017 #128
I don't think so. retrowire Apr 2017 #130
Calling Pelosi 'feeble' amidst a rant ripping into the Republicans on health care isn't destructive? KittyWampus Apr 2017 #152
Oh he said that to a PERSON retrowire Apr 2017 #156
So many people take the generic "you" and "your" so damn personally... moriah Apr 2017 #167
It would be less direct yes. retrowire Apr 2017 #168
Please list all belittling comments. snort Apr 2017 #171
I disagree -- you see only a self selected subset of articles on what Sanders is doing karynnj Apr 2017 #63
You proved my point. Sanders needs to understand what his position is. He wanted leadership stevenleser Apr 2017 #81
Oh bullshit Kentonio Apr 2017 #118
See my #134, if you are determined not to see what is obvious, that is your issue. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #135
Sanders isn't IN the party NastyRiffraff Apr 2017 #144
I completely disagree that he has undermined the Democratic party at all karynnj Apr 2017 #120
When you are a leader of an organization you don't publicly criticize that organization. stevenleser Apr 2017 #134
We are pointing out Sanders REPEATED continuance of negative rhetoric about Democrats KittyWampus Apr 2017 #93
Should Schumer have been forced out of leadership over his active role in fighting the Iran deal? karynnj Apr 2017 #131
This is about Sanders not Schumer and your example is apples and oranges otherwise. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #136
Abortion is not the only issue there is karynnj Apr 2017 #182
This is the problem, he continues to divide the party liberal N proud Apr 2017 #64
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Apr 2017 #82
A "neutral" observer of DU could easily conclude that many posters here... Tom Rinaldo Apr 2017 #126
I wouldnt care about that. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #129
I guess not, based on the amount of effort that went into your reply. n/t Tom Rinaldo Apr 2017 #137
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #192
This is certainly not what has been proposed by many up until this recent debacle with .... boston bean Apr 2017 #17
Can more men weigh in on reproductive rights? I am not sure what the male perspective is yet. nt LexVegas Apr 2017 #4
LOL. Demit Apr 2017 #25
Or equally important. thesquanderer Apr 2017 #161
I'd rather hear what you have to say that's relevant to this thread here. Demit Apr 2017 #163
Good one! betsuni Apr 2017 #34
xoxoxox Starry Messenger Apr 2017 #72
I'm a man and I'll give you my perspective: comradebillyboy Apr 2017 #110
If you want to stop the tug-of-war, drop the rope. Tanuki Apr 2017 #6
That was my reaction at one point. Jim Lane Apr 2017 #15
So, you're acknowledging you wrote the OP as flame bait. Got it. Tanuki Apr 2017 #18
Yeah, it's so obvious. nt R B Garr Apr 2017 #45
..... (nt) ehrnst Apr 2017 #83
All you have to do is have "Bernie Sanders" in the title and you get flamed on DU. tecelote Apr 2017 #221
A former DU member said about his posts: betsuni Apr 2017 #59
excellent post ProfessorPlum Apr 2017 #7
LOL Amimnoch Apr 2017 #239
LOL George II Apr 2017 #245
Agree with the OP. chwaliszewski Apr 2017 #9
+1!!! Dustlawyer Apr 2017 #14
Yep. Good articulation. JudyM Apr 2017 #62
Let's end this now. The unity tour is over. Hopefully we will return to resisting Trump and seaglass Apr 2017 #10
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #11
Nate Silver said it was Comey. Volstagg Apr 2017 #13
. demmiblue Apr 2017 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author grossproffit Apr 2017 #21
Interesting. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2017 #24
Welcome to ignore. TDale313 Apr 2017 #32
THAT IS NOT TRUE. Raster Apr 2017 #36
+1000 stonecutter357 Apr 2017 #42
On the contrary padfun Apr 2017 #44
Cuz he woulda won right? JHan Apr 2017 #46
Many people think he would have. It's impossible to know, but one thing is sure... thesquanderer Apr 2017 #141
those many people are part of the problem. JHan Apr 2017 #149
Sure he could've done worse. He could've lost the popular vote. Demit Apr 2017 #169
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #196
And what difference would that have made? thesquanderer Apr 2017 #218
Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! chervilant Apr 2017 #53
Hillary won tho nt retrowire Apr 2017 #57
No he didn't. karynnj Apr 2017 #92
agree w/ the above poster berksdem Apr 2017 #124
The people who railed against "purism" at those critical of Hillary now proclaim purism a virtue. m-lekktor Apr 2017 #16
That's some nice projection. JHan Apr 2017 #48
BS is the one who gives the Purity Tests.. Cha Apr 2017 #99
No, it's Sanders' who is willing to forgo his ideological purity when it comes to women's rights KittyWampus Apr 2017 #100
Nope. The people who insisted on purism are now proclaiming pragmatism is a virtue. emulatorloo Apr 2017 #109
This discussion is a waste of pixels PJMcK Apr 2017 #20
"Some of the loudest pro-Hillary people" betsuni Apr 2017 #26
That pricked an irony nerve in me for some reason. nt fleabiscuit Apr 2017 #143
2017 is The Year of Irony. betsuni Apr 2017 #240
Ain't it! fleabiscuit Apr 2017 #248
Women's reproductive rights are not a side issue that can be compromised. Kaye_NY Apr 2017 #30
I agree. brer cat Apr 2017 #54
If Republicans had their way yuiyoshida Apr 2017 #121
Neither is economic inequality. Neither is American imperialism and wars of choice. Jim Lane Apr 2017 #170
Umm, Bernie said he wasn't sure if he supported Ossoff because Ossoff wasn't progressive enough. DanTex Apr 2017 #33
Yes. Exactly. n/t tammywammy Apr 2017 #51
Do we really need more posts about Bernie Sanders? oberliner Apr 2017 #35
that is a totally dishonest reading of what the complaint about Sanders current behavior is dsc Apr 2017 #38
Thanks for saying this so articulately karynnj Apr 2017 #39
The truth is.. disillusioned73 Apr 2017 #40
Thank you, very eye-opening. Love how this gets ignored. scipan Apr 2017 #226
Beat it! Cryptoad Apr 2017 #41
You BEAT me to it. LOL Lib Apr 2017 #56
My Problem DownriverDem Apr 2017 #47
That's not my understanding of the facts Jim Lane Apr 2017 #175
Bernie officially identified himself as a Democrat when he filed papers with the FEC. Demit Apr 2017 #193
I'm still not clear on what Bernie allegedly did differently after the campaign. Jim Lane Apr 2017 #203
Right, there was no need to swear under penalty of perjury he was a Dem anymore. Demit Apr 2017 #212
i just cant get the images out of my head of.... samnsara Apr 2017 #49
+1 betsuni Apr 2017 #65
They didn't bother DownriverDem Apr 2017 #155
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #181
Thank you ananda Apr 2017 #50
We are human so hypocrisy will always be involved when we make political points. hrmjustin Apr 2017 #58
No one was kicking sand in Bernie's face until he started dissing the Democratic Party. Fla Dem Apr 2017 #60
That's exactly right. Perfect. Nailed-it! NurseJackie Apr 2017 #79
Yes, I totally agree. n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Apr 2017 #86
Excellent OP Jim tiredtoo Apr 2017 #61
You are calling DU members who support Democrats trolls. betsuni Apr 2017 #68
Does make you scratch you head and say, "Say Wut?" Fla Dem Apr 2017 #107
Yes, I am this dog. betsuni Apr 2017 #117
Are you suggesting there are no trolls here? EOM tiredtoo Apr 2017 #164
All you have are personal attacks.. that means you have Cha Apr 2017 #102
Yawn... Nitram Apr 2017 #66
CURRENT Bernie Bashing Roy Rolling Apr 2017 #67
Hypocrisy... like when a certain Independent used the Dem party to run for president Zing Zing Zingbah Apr 2017 #69
This is gas lighting. Sanders is an ideological purist who points fingers KittyWampus Apr 2017 #70
"Aggressively Anti-Choice" and BS wouldn't call Pro-Choice Cha Apr 2017 #88
I'm amazed at how many Dems are getting thrown under the bus for not bettyellen Apr 2017 #229
Amazing, sad and ... NurseJackie Apr 2017 #231
Like I need a man to splain to me that Biden has problems- bettyellen Apr 2017 #233
This message was self-deleted by its author betsuni Apr 2017 #71
Threads like this make me wish that the Trash-Word filter worked on DU's front page Orrex Apr 2017 #73
This is why I've made the Greatest Threads tab my home page. klook Apr 2017 #194
Here's what "pragmatism" on the issue of bodily autonomy gets us: Starry Messenger Apr 2017 #77
"while ignoring that he did exactly the same thing by supporting Hillary last fall." RedWedge Apr 2017 #78
There are like the threads during the primaries... Chicago1980 Apr 2017 #85
So start a thread, with your ideas on 2020 candidates. Demit Apr 2017 #173
Thanks Jim. The truth is hard for some to swallow. Hillary lost to Trump, not Bernie. JoeOtterbein Apr 2017 #89
All of this flailing to be apologists for Sanders attacking the Democratic Party. Here's a thought stevenleser Apr 2017 #91
Could it be that Bernie is trying to SAVE the Democratic Party?!...From itself!! InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2017 #112
No. Please let no one ever try to save any organization that matters to me this way. stevenleser Apr 2017 #116
Sorry Steven, you're so right about a lot of things, but not this time... InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2017 #119
I am right and it is easy to illustrate why. stevenleser Apr 2017 #127
You seem to assume that the voting population is static. thesquanderer Apr 2017 #145
Nothing that I wrote would suggest that. You are reaching for a reason to criticize my facts. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #147
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #179
Just the mention of Bernie gets lots of attention katmondoo Apr 2017 #101
As it should... Bernie is showing us the way out of the political wilderness. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2017 #115
Please, just stop. I don't care leftofcool Apr 2017 #103
Can you give some examples of "vitriol" that has been spewed at Sanders by.... George II Apr 2017 #106
I could. I won't. Jim Lane Apr 2017 #185
Unadulterated flamebait emulatorloo Apr 2017 #111
Exactly. alarimer Apr 2017 #114
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #132
At least you are honest. Better than other folks here saying he is trying to help the party. nt stevenleser Apr 2017 #140
i just made a whole pot of crappy coffee and i've been drinking it certainot Apr 2017 #133
I like your style. emulatorloo Apr 2017 #146
there is probably a fair bit of trolling still going on whenever these certainot Apr 2017 #177
I think you are onto something regarding trolling. emulatorloo Apr 2017 #178
i actually just looked at the john and yoko pics doing that, certainot Apr 2017 #183
Don't have the skills either but that would be a wonderful image emulatorloo Apr 2017 #184
There it is. Saviolo Apr 2017 #154
thanks, that is a good rant. i saw a bunch of those the first certainot Apr 2017 #176
This thread does nothing to give me hope for 2018. Mr. Evil Apr 2017 #150
Excellent post. I can't agree more. KPN Apr 2017 #151
O.M.G. peggysue2 Apr 2017 #153
Good morning Jim Omaha Steve Apr 2017 #159
The best post on all this bullshit retrowire Apr 2017 #160
I agree with you... tonedevil Apr 2017 #162
Holy crap, give it a rest Bobbie Jo Apr 2017 #166
Same here-- the hatred goes on. Maybe I'll try again in another six months. TonyPDX Apr 2017 #189
Right on point, even though i can see that the purists are still attacking... WoonTars Apr 2017 #172
Lets say we're on the field of play. snort Apr 2017 #174
Why are so many angry about Bernie supporting lovemydogs Apr 2017 #180
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #198
You are going to confuse some folks LiberalLovinLug Apr 2017 #188
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #190
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #195
Well done. Excellent points. zentrum Apr 2017 #197
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #200
Your exaggerated, inaccurate zentrum Apr 2017 #207
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #213
I am a Democrat... tonedevil Apr 2017 #214
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #201
K&R. dchill Apr 2017 #202
I've not had any part in a hateful Bernie v Hillary and lexington filly Apr 2017 #210
It is not hypocrisy, not even close Progressive dog Apr 2017 #211
What was he "not in complete agreement" with Hillary over that merits the same stature as control of hamsterjill Apr 2017 #215
I mentioned a few things. Jim Lane Apr 2017 #220
They disagreed on that. Sanders was in favor of no restrictions, Clinton was in favor of some Chathamization Apr 2017 #232
DURec! beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #217
This explains it very well: Amaryllis Apr 2017 #219
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage others to vote progressive pecosbob Apr 2017 #222
Amazing the tonedeafness. So predictable and petty. DRoseDARs Apr 2017 #224
Only Two This Time BrooklynTech Apr 2017 #236
To Each His/Her Own Ladygrey Apr 2017 #237
I usually don't post here and given the tone hear lately hjh3rd Apr 2017 #242
You argument might be compelling... Adrahil Apr 2017 #244
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