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Sat May 13, 2017, 02:49 AM May 2017

Hey, GOP, Do Us All A God-Damned Favour [View all]

The fact that the Idiot you put in the White House is a proven liar is not a debatable point. You’ve heard those lies yourself, just as we all have.

He is also beyond incompetent. He is totally ignorant of how our government operates, and his lack of knowledge about everything from American history to the role of organizations like NATO is nothing short of staggering.

In addition to the aforementioned, Donald Trump is the laziest lard-ass we’ve ever seen in any government position, no less the position of the presidency. He spends his days watching TV, signing executive orders he admittedly doesn’t read, and “tweeting” incoherent nonsense while planning his next golfing weekend.

Above all else, let’s keep in mind that your Idiot’s “trusted advisors” are being investigated for possible collusion with a foreign power in order to interfere with our election process – an investigation that very well could implicate Trump himself as having engaged in treasonous activity.

Not only is your Idiot clueless, he is classless. The manner in which he fired James Comey this week was nothing less than a childish, in-your-face insult to the Director and the FBI as a whole. (And by the way, firing the man leading the investigation into possible collusion with our enemies also makes your Idiot look as guilty as sin.)

The favour? We, the citizens who still believe in our country, want you to Shut.The.Fuck.Up. It is bad enough we have to listen to this Idiot lie his ass off on a daily basis, without you adding insult to injury by defending his bullshit. Having to witness you twist yourselves into pretzels trying to “explain” statements and actions that are increasingly indicative of your Boy’s mental instability is an insult to the intelligence of we Americans who were smart enough NOT to vote for him – (and that would be the majority of us).

Just stop. Stop pretending this immature maniac is normal, or that his so-called “presidency” is anything other than an ongoing national embarrassment, and a stain on the office of POTUS. You can peddle that shit to your dumbass “base” – because, let’s face facts here, they’ll believe anything. As we’ve just seen this past week, they even believe Trump’s “version of events” when he contradicts himself repeatedly, literally from one hour to the next.

It is apparent that you lack the integrity to rid us of this blemish on our democracy through the legal avenues open to your party. You have made it abundantly clear that you have chosen to defend Trump’s blatant lies, his incompetence, his ignorance, and his obvious stupidity rather than live up to your oath of office to uphold the Constitution and serve the best interests of those who elected you.

The very least you can do at this point is spare the citizenry having to listen to your utterly ludicrous attempts to cast this so-called “president” as anything more than an unethical, bullying liar who is completely devoid of any regard or respect for the esteemed office he holds.

So.Shut.The.Fuck.Up. Hearing you GOP bobbleheads in the media trying to spin your Boy’s incoherent babble into “serious thought”, “brilliant strategy”, “fine decision-making skills” and/or “his unique governing style” are beyond nauseating – it is mental torture for those of us who still have functioning brains.

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