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20. agree. Almost seems like this was planned for a 'got you' next week (so Comey looks like a leaker)
Sun May 14, 2017, 10:20 AM
May 2017

I bet the old (R)udy is behind this

Great advice. Squinch May 2017 #1
k&k nt moriah May 2017 #2
That's what most DUers do. brush May 2017 #3
Yeah take me for example retrowire May 2017 #5
I don't find that to be all that true mythology May 2017 #6
I don't agree. brush May 2017 #8
I think I'm pretty sophisticated about language BadgerMom May 2017 #26
Thank you. I share your position. WheelWalker May 2017 #34
Yes! Thank you for your post, BadgerMom. Silver Gaia May 2017 #40
+1 uponit7771 May 2017 #22
Sometimes Charlotte Little May 2017 #39
There's this, too, Charlotte. Silver Gaia May 2017 #41
If something is too bad or good to be true it likely is. DemocratSinceBirth May 2017 #4
And rumors that are later confirmed serve as validation of the source. Jim__ May 2017 #7
And that's one reason I'm not immediately discarding Mensch Tommy_Carcetti May 2017 #16
Agreed. I've been watching Louise Mensch, calimary May 2017 #24
I remember Fitzmas, but I don't think it affected me like it did others. Silver Gaia May 2017 #42
Are we all children here? Have we never read reports or heard rumors before? How delicate ARE we?! WinkyDink May 2017 #9
But what role does credibility play? HopeAgain May 2017 #14
hopefully most people will use the unconfirmed 'news'.. samnsara May 2017 #10
Thank you wryter2000 May 2017 #11
I've been amazed at the gullibility of many DUers. cwydro May 2017 #13
It's probably all crap. SansACause May 2017 #12
If Trump had released his taxes and was not hiding his collusions we would not need speculation. Madam45for2923 May 2017 #15
the same advice applies to rumors you DON'T want to believe or feel are not viable options uncle ray May 2017 #17
Even more important to remember now that fake news has metastasized. wildeyed May 2017 #18
Sorta disagree Jim Dandy May 2017 #19
agree. Almost seems like this was planned for a 'got you' next week (so Comey looks like a leaker) Sunlei May 2017 #20
Wise advice, indeed. nt cry baby May 2017 #21
Whats this new Cryptoad May 2017 #23
You don't have to read every thread if it upsets you. Simple as that. PubliusEnigma May 2017 #25
Seems as if you didn't read he O/P? Dem2 May 2017 #28
Welcome to du. I recommend you re-read the OP uppityperson May 2017 #31
Yes Dem2 May 2017 #27
Good advice. Keep your eyes open, check source track records and verify reports. RelativelyJones May 2017 #29
Claude Taylor has issued a clarification: Qutzupalotl May 2017 #30
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2017 #32
I agree. That's what I did. Unverified, but not proven false OR true, not reported across news orgs. Honeycombe8 May 2017 #33
K&R. nt defacto7 May 2017 #35
Sound advice bucolic_frolic May 2017 #36
Indeed. PatrickforO May 2017 #37
Sage advice Mr. Ected May 2017 #38
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