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Silver Gaia

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42. I remember Fitzmas, but I don't think it affected me like it did others.
Mon May 15, 2017, 02:52 AM
May 2017

For me, there is no let-down so great as what unfolded the night of November 8, 2016, and not just because Hillary was not going to become the first woman president, but because that meant that this horror show we are witnessing was about to be unleashed upon us. I had assumed that America would not allow that to happen. Boy, was I wrong. That was the greatest let-down I have ever experienced. Nothing else compares, not Fitzmas, nothing.

Great advice. Squinch May 2017 #1
k&k nt moriah May 2017 #2
That's what most DUers do. brush May 2017 #3
Yeah take me for example retrowire May 2017 #5
I don't find that to be all that true mythology May 2017 #6
I don't agree. brush May 2017 #8
I think I'm pretty sophisticated about language BadgerMom May 2017 #26
Thank you. I share your position. WheelWalker May 2017 #34
Yes! Thank you for your post, BadgerMom. Silver Gaia May 2017 #40
+1 uponit7771 May 2017 #22
Sometimes Charlotte Little May 2017 #39
There's this, too, Charlotte. Silver Gaia May 2017 #41
If something is too bad or good to be true it likely is. DemocratSinceBirth May 2017 #4
And rumors that are later confirmed serve as validation of the source. Jim__ May 2017 #7
And that's one reason I'm not immediately discarding Mensch Tommy_Carcetti May 2017 #16
Agreed. I've been watching Louise Mensch, calimary May 2017 #24
I remember Fitzmas, but I don't think it affected me like it did others. Silver Gaia May 2017 #42
Are we all children here? Have we never read reports or heard rumors before? How delicate ARE we?! WinkyDink May 2017 #9
But what role does credibility play? HopeAgain May 2017 #14
hopefully most people will use the unconfirmed 'news'.. samnsara May 2017 #10
Thank you wryter2000 May 2017 #11
I've been amazed at the gullibility of many DUers. cwydro May 2017 #13
It's probably all crap. SansACause May 2017 #12
If Trump had released his taxes and was not hiding his collusions we would not need speculation. Madam45for2923 May 2017 #15
the same advice applies to rumors you DON'T want to believe or feel are not viable options uncle ray May 2017 #17
Even more important to remember now that fake news has metastasized. wildeyed May 2017 #18
Sorta disagree Jim Dandy May 2017 #19
agree. Almost seems like this was planned for a 'got you' next week (so Comey looks like a leaker) Sunlei May 2017 #20
Wise advice, indeed. nt cry baby May 2017 #21
Whats this new Cryptoad May 2017 #23
You don't have to read every thread if it upsets you. Simple as that. PubliusEnigma May 2017 #25
Seems as if you didn't read he O/P? Dem2 May 2017 #28
Welcome to du. I recommend you re-read the OP uppityperson May 2017 #31
Yes Dem2 May 2017 #27
Good advice. Keep your eyes open, check source track records and verify reports. RelativelyJones May 2017 #29
Claude Taylor has issued a clarification: Qutzupalotl May 2017 #30
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2017 #32
I agree. That's what I did. Unverified, but not proven false OR true, not reported across news orgs. Honeycombe8 May 2017 #33
K&R. nt defacto7 May 2017 #35
Sound advice bucolic_frolic May 2017 #36
Indeed. PatrickforO May 2017 #37
Sage advice Mr. Ected May 2017 #38
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