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He's a fool so he'll probably take it. Vinca May 2017 #1
Wasn't Lieberman the guy who wanted to move out of the USA and live in Israel when he retired? TheBlackAdder May 2017 #54
Yay DEmented! Why not! Madam45for2923 May 2017 #2
Oh please. gademocrat7 May 2017 #3
I thought we heard the last of that loser. lpbk2713 May 2017 #4
Blechhh.... He's probably being suggested as a "noncontroversial" The Velveteen Ocelot May 2017 #5
We could do worse. MontanaMama May 2017 #6
Message deleted by DU the Administrators octoberlib May 2017 #7
Lindsay Graham loves Lieberman. I am sure he will change his mind. (eom) StevieM May 2017 #14
We'll see. He was all over the networks Sunday saying it needs to be someone with experience in octoberlib May 2017 #16
So does McCain. n/t demmiblue May 2017 #21
Hate to agree zipplewrath May 2017 #15
I don't think FBI agents will have any respect for somebody who didn't come up through ranks. octoberlib May 2017 #18
A few other backgrounds zipplewrath May 2017 #19
I think Sen. Graham is right. A former agent, perhaps, Ilsa May 2017 #22
Not law enforcement but he was CT Attorney General from 1983 to 1989 Justice May 2017 #43
Zell Miller might be available too Freethinker65 May 2017 #8
Wow, are they ever getting desperate now. L. Coyote May 2017 #9
Please, no more flakey, flip flopping, jellyfish. nt oasis May 2017 #10
Just heard it on MSNBC. My reaction? Oy gevalt, not that Schmeikeler shtick drek. hedda_foil May 2017 #11
Absolutely not. kstewart33 May 2017 #12
I think Repubs are desperate for some stooge who might help DT or can be bought Alice11111 May 2017 #52
Trump will gain some serious Joementum if it happens!! Blue_Adept May 2017 #13
"Hillary has the experience to deal w/ foreign policy issues that Donald Trump doesn't." - JL brooklynite May 2017 #17
That is one of the more perplexing aspects of this. n/t demmiblue May 2017 #24
all we have to do is get that tweet under little trumps fingers janterry May 2017 #31
I think he's Cheese to catch Dems saying they'd take a partisan pol as FBI head. Just NO. bettyellen May 2017 #40
Well, at least he's not a Partisan hack TDale313 May 2017 #20
Well smack my ass and call me Isadore nt Xipe Totec May 2017 #23
Hi Isadore! demmiblue May 2017 #25
Not so hard. You crashed the server. nt Xipe Totec May 2017 #45
Where is Is? Oh, there you are! (Inside family joke.) sprinkleeninow May 2017 #37
No politicians!!!! Lebam in LA May 2017 #26
Message deleted by DU the Administrators oldmanandthesea May 2017 #27
Message deleted by DU the Administrators JaneQPublic May 2017 #28
Oh booowwee underpants May 2017 #29
Message deleted by DU the Administrators Afromania May 2017 #30
He's the best they could fucking do?? titaniumsalute May 2017 #32
I just vomited in my mouth. davsand May 2017 #33
Message deleted by DU the Administrators asiliveandbreathe May 2017 #34
What qualifications does he have for that job? MineralMan May 2017 #35
lieberfruckenputz can't work on Saturday. pansypoo53219 May 2017 #36
Lieberman always makes me think of this guy rurallib May 2017 #38
Message deleted by DU the Administrators flotsam May 2017 #39
Yes it is beyond imagining that any Democrat would vote for him. OnDoutside May 2017 #42
Joe LIEberman the worst thing to happen to CT. Nanjeanne May 2017 #41
Message deleted by DU the Administrators jeanmarc May 2017 #44
Is there any position he won't take? nolabear May 2017 #46
What? Sarah Palin's not on the list? pnwmom May 2017 #47
Wait. Is he even smart enough? He never struck me as being... AgadorSparticus May 2017 #48
He's proven that he can get indignant over presidential misbehavior Warren DeMontague May 2017 #50
Was Dan Quayle not available? Warren DeMontague May 2017 #49
I've always maintained ... NanceGreggs May 2017 #51
A little reward Soxfan58 May 2017 #53
Can we trust him not to go scurrying back to Trump The Velveteen Ocelot May 2017 #55
Don't forget the real story here: Blue_Tires May 2017 #56
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