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Stinky The Clown

(67,852 posts)
Fri Jul 6, 2012, 01:36 PM Jul 2012

Do you support the legal practice of charging children who comit horrible crimes as adults? [View all]

I do NOT defend the crimes. I do NOT make excuses for them. I do NOT wish to coddle criminals.

I AM concerned about two issues:

~ Children

~The blood vengeance that seems to permeate our culture and cause us to be so harsh, even with children. Who recalls the Florida 8 year old charged as an adult with murder a few years back?

I posted about this yesterday: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002906394

I have posted about this in the past, similar to my thread, above, whenever I hear about such incidents.

Today I'd like to see where others on DU are with respect to this issue. Obviously, if you'd care to comment or discuss, that would be great. But please at least share your view with a poll click.

23 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
4 (17%)
16 (70%)
3 (13%)
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No. I don't. lunatica Jul 2012 #1
No. Years of therapy at the most. nt Comrade_McKenzie Jul 2012 #2
Children should be treated as individuals and circumstances not according to strict penalties. lumpy Jul 2012 #3
I had postulated that in the thread I linked in the OP. Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #13
An ethical society does not do this. Warren Stupidity Jul 2012 #4
I voted other. SoutherDem Jul 2012 #5
No, just because... Xyzse Jul 2012 #6
Your final sentence/paragraph says a LOT about what's going on. Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #14
That's why I am against it. Xyzse Jul 2012 #17
It depends on the age of the kid. HappyMe Jul 2012 #7
Charging is one thing. Sentencing is a different issue. slackmaster Jul 2012 #8
Can you expand on that? Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #15
It varies by state. There are thresholds that determine who can and cannot... slackmaster Jul 2012 #41
There is a reason why there are age of consent laws. There is a reason why a 12-year-old can't buy Douglas Carpenter Jul 2012 #9
I agree with you Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #16
If a child can be charged as an adult, then children of that age should have the right to vote. backtoblue Jul 2012 #43
Other GarroHorus Jul 2012 #10
Not trying to be snarky or agumentative, but does the number of dead matter? Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #19
On a case by case basis, yes. GarroHorus Jul 2012 #32
I'm not sure that's an "adult decision" Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #35
I am 100% certain premeditated murder is an adult decision GarroHorus Jul 2012 #37
One can premeditate and STILL be incapable of understanding the crime. Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #49
For most children, correct. GarroHorus Jul 2012 #56
"No" is easily winning. Yet, in every thread about such a crime ... ieoeja Jul 2012 #11
Yes, that's quite a phenomenon, isn't it? Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #12
Showing usernames in poll results skews results far more than anonymous results BoWanZi Jul 2012 #24
I don't believe that is true. Democrats tend to be independent thinkers notadmblnd Jul 2012 #34
But they aren't anonymous when they are posting to string up the 8 year olds, are they? n/t Iris Jul 2012 #50
I voted yes. There are some crimes that warrant that. Cairycat Jul 2012 #18
Please go to the thread I linked in my OP and read the second half of it . . . . . Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #21
I 100% think you are wrong. You want revenge, not justice. n-t Logical Jul 2012 #25
That is a possibility, I admit. But the lack Cairycat Jul 2012 #46
There are sociopaths in the population Mojorabbit Jul 2012 #58
Depends on the crime and the age of the offender. Bake Jul 2012 #20
My answer to that is a qualified "no" Spider Jerusalem Jul 2012 #22
BoWanZi Jul 2012 #23
It all depends on the circumstances RZM Jul 2012 #26
So long as we agree a child is someone under the age of 13 or so and not 17. CBGLuthier Jul 2012 #27
These are case-by-case determinations jberryhill Jul 2012 #28
In the thread linked in the OP, I wrote this: Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #31
Too many variables for me to give a blanket ... 99Forever Jul 2012 #29
It should be on a case by case basis sarisataka Jul 2012 #30
I could go along with a limited version of your final paragraph. Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #33
Agreed sarisataka Jul 2012 #40
I voted other because. DrewFlorida Jul 2012 #36
Depends on both their age and the crime committed LadyHawkAZ Jul 2012 #38
no, no, and no backtoblue Jul 2012 #39
There are legal circumstances in which a juvenile may be emancipated and thus, for many purposes... LanternWaste Jul 2012 #42
Any person under the age of 18 should not face life imprisonment or the death penalty. AJTheMan Jul 2012 #44
most criminal justice is socially sanctioned revenge.... mike_c Jul 2012 #45
Absolutely not! Shankapotomus Jul 2012 #47
My faith in DU restored...No is winning NightWatcher Jul 2012 #48
I voted other littlewolf Jul 2012 #51
Not in my case..I agree with you Upton Jul 2012 #52
They're not old enough to understand all consequences Stinky The Clown Jul 2012 #53
Absolutely not. Live and Learn Jul 2012 #54
Other: In general, I do not support charging people under the age of 18 as adults. stevenleser Jul 2012 #55
An unwavering no. FedUpWithIt All Jul 2012 #57
13 and above may be charged as an adult unless there is some mental incapacity FarCenter Jul 2012 #59
do you believe the age of consent should be 13? Douglas Carpenter Jul 2012 #60
No, the age of consent should be 18 FarCenter Jul 2012 #61
well the basis for why there are age of consent laws in the same basis as why someone at that age Douglas Carpenter Jul 2012 #62
Consenting to sex, forming contracts with other adults, voting, etc. are more complex FarCenter Jul 2012 #63
kick Liberal_in_LA Jul 2012 #64
Not unless you give 8 year olds the vote. rug Jul 2012 #65
Not on a "one size fits all" basis Spirochete Jul 2012 #66
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