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22. Unreal
Sat May 27, 2017, 11:29 AM
May 2017

They did not care if they would get caught. That's the way for oligarchs, zero morals, better to try to cover it up than to lose.

They thought if they won it would be easier to cover up. They sold their country out to win.

And the business ties to Russia have to be all encompassing. Would not surprise me if their are $Billions going back and forth. Maybe tens of $Billions in Tillerson's case.

Politics is entertainment now. SticksnStones May 2017 #1
There's that, yes . . . MousePlayingDaffodil May 2017 #9
I have a little more faith in my neighbor's and my country than that. SticksnStones May 2017 #12
Please. I look around and see a country . . . MousePlayingDaffodil May 2017 #16
I said good day! SticksnStones May 2017 #24
I hear you paleotn May 2017 #42
Really? Are you suggesting we just give up and go with a dictatorship? Chemisse May 2017 #25
Yes it's like sports entertainment for the less politically enlightened . That's how much of lunasun May 2017 #14
I had the same reaction last night---there is no innocent explanation for this cally May 2017 #2
I completely forget about a trip outside the country..and forget to put it on my SF86 HipChick May 2017 #6
I worked for the government over a period of 31 years and filled out the SF86 many times. politicaljunkie41910 May 2017 #21
Well they are getting away with it, and they'll keep doing it FakeNoose May 2017 #32
I agree! UCmeNdc May 2017 #3
I shouted at the TV this morning, "Stop giving those crooks excuses!" Buckeye_Democrat May 2017 #4
I apologize for my earlier language; but I couldn't take it any longer. I too, have been shouting politicaljunkie41910 May 2017 #11
I screamed at the tv all through the buildup to the Iraq war. Cheney, rice etc bombarded notdarkyet May 2017 #37
It's a measured response. As much as I detest it, the media does not want to make false claims Mr. Ected May 2017 #5
I think they are making quadruple sure pnwest May 2017 #15
They are also considering all the right wingers and they come across a lot more credibly if Amaryllis May 2017 #45
He was a fucking conduit. Plain and simple. Baitball Blogger May 2017 #7
The only person who was straight was Malcolm Nance flamingdem May 2017 #8
Yep. dalton99a May 2017 #28
Yep not fooled May 2017 #36
+1 uponit7771 May 2017 #44
I love Malcolm Nance. Auntie Bush May 2017 #47
Who owns the so-called "liberal media"? Hint, it ain't the proletariat. - nt KingCharlemagne May 2017 #10
Bingo. dalton99a May 2017 #29
For sure, at MSNBC, we know they were told to dial it back Alice11111 May 2017 #35
Yeah I know what ya mean Kimchijeon May 2017 #40
Depends on who you ask newblewtoo May 2017 #43
I thought I was the only one screaming about this very same thing. Solomon May 2017 #13
Let's ASSUME that he had legit reasons for wanting a back channel Nevernose May 2017 #17
Don't watch the MSM. They are trying to normalize this. They HELPED this to happen. LaydeeBug May 2017 #18
Agreed c-rational May 2017 #33
Perhaps the media could bring themselves to simply REPORT the events .. & leave interpretation out MedusaX May 2017 #19
Yes,m it's driving me crazy as well. KPN May 2017 #20
Unreal Johnny2X2X May 2017 #22
They have a lot of air time to fill. nt Honeycombe8 May 2017 #23
Lets see if there are other undisclosed contacts, or if Russians are biggest part of undisclosed. nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2017 #26
Amen. maddiemom May 2017 #27
So if a cover up effort fails... Zambero May 2017 #30
Sorry, other than one or two right wing guests, I didn't hear ANYONE on news shows making excuses. George II May 2017 #31
Nor have I radical noodle May 2017 #34
K & R BadgerMom May 2017 #38
It will help if we realize it's not "the media," it's just corporate profit-propaganda Kimchijeon May 2017 #39
A more important question: When will the Greywing May 2017 #41
Preach! The orders from Corporate HQTRS must be clear and threatening. WinkyDink May 2017 #46
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