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14. I can't get behind some holding up.a likeness off a severed head.
Fri Jun 2, 2017, 05:37 PM
Jun 2017

Even though i dislike tRump and his politics what she did IMO was over the top and innappropriate. CNN rightfully gave her the boot.

She has the right to do whatever she wants but what she did imo is not socially acceptable. The fact that there are offensive aholes on the right doesn't justify her actions.

Support Thread for Kathy Griffin [View all] lindysalsagal Jun 2017 OP
Count me in UTUSN Jun 2017 #1
+1 n/t jaysunb Jun 2017 #3
+1 too! TheBlackAdder Jun 2017 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author gfwzig Jun 2017 #98
Joan Walsh, Captain Renault, & Ricky Gervais - said this about Kathy & the DRUMPF family: UTUSN Jun 2017 #120
I completely agree cilla4progress Jun 2017 #2
I'm sick of this shit! Malia was younger than Barron and Sasha even younger. Snowflake Trumps. TheBlackAdder Jun 2017 #73
Jesus christ , every word of this +++++++++++++++ JHan Jun 2017 #103
I admit I've never been a fan, until I watched that press conference Siwsan Jun 2017 #4
I was on her side right up until that thing yesterday with Lisa Bloom NightWatcher Jun 2017 #5
Yep. I really wish she hadn't done that press conference with Bloom. It looked bizarre after her anneboleyn Jun 2017 #63
But her apology was essentially not accepted, and the hits kept coming. LisaM Jun 2017 #69
She has lost many future jobs, her life has been threatened many times. She has the right to The Wielding Truth Jun 2017 #134
It was stupid. cwydro Jun 2017 #88
I have some empathy for her but she gave her enemies a cudgel DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2017 #6
hey, dont give them a cudgel, and they will just make one up. mopinko Jun 2017 #16
I have one test. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2017 #24
I'm with you on this. An unnecessary distraction. nocalflea Jun 2017 #72
Good test. cwydro Jun 2017 #89
I agree TomSlick Jun 2017 #109
I feel bad if she ruined her career in a moment of insanity. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2017 #153
I agree. cwydro Jun 2017 #159
yep, everything else is bullshit. grantcart Jun 2017 #171
We are full of righteous anger here but it will take more than righteous anger to bring down ... DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2017 #176
trumps grab them by the pussy and blood coming out JI7 Jun 2017 #7
Or his exhortation to his wannabe brownshirts benfranklin1776 Jun 2017 #56
Trump and his minions have legitimized racism and hatred. zanana1 Jun 2017 #161
K+Rnt m-lekktor Jun 2017 #8
I'm in. XRubicon Jun 2017 #9
Not me. We had the high ground. She gave most of it away. CanonRay Jun 2017 #10
We still have the high ground. Kathy, all by herself, took the low road. Kaleva Jun 2017 #54
The bigger problem I have with her is she's distracting from RussiaGate flibbitygiblets Jun 2017 #97
I don't think she is. Not where it really counts. Kaleva Jun 2017 #105
Wait...Kathy Griffin was the sole Bettie Jun 2017 #75
It was on a par with the Obama death "jokes" that were all the rage previously Gore1FL Jun 2017 #90
garbage. we don't have the high ground because of griffin and we certainot Jun 2017 #156
I love her! NurseJackie Jun 2017 #11
+1 LiberalLoner Jun 2017 #12
I support her. That half wit asshole in Alaska put a bullseye on a senator who ended up shot onecaliberal Jun 2017 #13
I can't get behind some holding up.a likeness off a severed head. CentralMass Jun 2017 #14
Concur TomSlick Jun 2017 #110
I support her right to make the image and her right to be free of death/violence threats. aikoaiko Jun 2017 #15
Cheers. I have no issues with her, AT ALL The Polack MSgt Jun 2017 #17
count me in as well samnsara Jun 2017 #18
remember when she went to alaska and knocked on sarah palins door? samnsara Jun 2017 #19
I'm reminding every Kathy Basher proud patriot Jun 2017 #20
I hope the next occupant of the WH... NCTraveler Jun 2017 #21
Yeah, that'd be classy. cwydro Jun 2017 #86
Wouldn't it? Nt. NCTraveler Jun 2017 #87
I hope the next occupant... Pacifist Patriot Jun 2017 #154
No, actually it should be elegant and a lot more tasteful. calimary Jun 2017 #179
I support her orangecrush Jun 2017 #22
This makes sense to me. ProudLib72 Jun 2017 #23
She's a brave one, MontanaMama Jun 2017 #25
Hear, hear! smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #107
I did not agree with what she did... liberalmuse Jun 2017 #26
This time the shoe is on the other foot and the Right doesn't like it bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #27
Her heart is in the right place. liberalmuse Jun 2017 #28
My thoughts exactly SnowCritter Jun 2017 #106
She is a comedienne. She exercised her right secondwind Jun 2017 #29
Yep ornotna Jun 2017 #30
Yea but Separation Jun 2017 #112
Not the entire world ornotna Jun 2017 #115
Love you Kathy Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2017 #31
Nope pintobean Jun 2017 #32
So who was punished for the the hanging of Obama from a tree? Auntie Bush Jun 2017 #33
Exactly ornotna Jun 2017 #36
I stand by Kathy. n/t Different Drummer Jun 2017 #34
Big Kathy Griffin fan here. Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #35
Got my support for sure. kairos12 Jun 2017 #37
what got me was brettdale Jun 2017 #38
I think it's disgusting that the Trumps are using Barron to attack her DesertRat Jun 2017 #53
Exactly. Disgusting too taxpayers' $ wasted on Secret Service to persecute her & feed T's paranoia stuffmatters Jun 2017 #108
In 100%, might want to throw some love her way Amimnoch Jun 2017 #39
here's one way to support her - all the talk radio blowhards are attacking her and certainot Jun 2017 #158
Gladly joining in. That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #40
Go Kathy! volstork Jun 2017 #41
Count me in. She should never have apologized. Squinch Jun 2017 #42
Kathy Came to the Small City We Lived In Ccarmona Jun 2017 #43
She's a survivor BallardWA Jun 2017 #44
A bloody Trump head would make a great piata. hunter Jun 2017 #45
Rec in support Stinky The Clown Jun 2017 #46
Kathy: keep moving forward. You are a treasure. NCjack Jun 2017 #47
K&R denbot Jun 2017 #48
I'm a fan DesertRat Jun 2017 #49
I'll support her, and accept her apology. She went too far, but her apol. sounded sincere. Honeycombe8 Jun 2017 #50
I couldn't get worked up over it eleny Jun 2017 #51
Love you Kathy. Been following you for years. He used you to take the heat off himself. Fla Dem Jun 2017 #52
every talk radio blowhard is attacking her certainot Jun 2017 #157
I'm in rock Jun 2017 #55
Hang in there, Kathy. diddlysquat Jun 2017 #57
Well Al Franken won't be joining this thread NobodyHere Jun 2017 #58
She certainly has the right, but also has to deal with the results. 7962 Jun 2017 #137
Another spineless Democrat in office. What a shock! Oneironaut Jun 2017 #149
K&R... spanone Jun 2017 #59
He didn't 'have it coming.' It was totally wrong and ghastly. Chemisse Jun 2017 #61
+1. I'm glad to see goupthink hasn't completely taken over DU. Old Crow Jun 2017 #67
K&R TeamPooka Jun 2017 #62
Sadly, I disagree Wiseman32218 Jun 2017 #64
I agree with you. Old Crow Jun 2017 #65
Thanks, We need to be aggressive but smart. Wiseman32218 Jun 2017 #71
What about celebrating legislation that will cause people to die? n/t rzemanfl Jun 2017 #82
I agree mainstreetonce Jun 2017 #152
I barley liked her before, now I respect here A LOT !!! Do it for real Kathy !!! vkkv Jun 2017 #66
I'm with Kathy G. forgotmylogin Jun 2017 #68
I support Kathy. She proved that she's both human and humble. Humans make mistakes... keopeli Jun 2017 #70
Forgiveness is a virtue. Nt retrowire Jun 2017 #74
I think it utterly failed as humor but death threats are horrific. nolabear Jun 2017 #76
While I despise everything about Donald Trump walkingman Jun 2017 #77
K&R SalviaBlue Jun 2017 #78
As a comedian, she's not my favorite and I never really appreciated her humor, but....... George II Jun 2017 #79
With Kathy to the moon & back BigBearJohn Jun 2017 #80
She was sincere in her apology and took the pic down. Now the right wing jerks are using this skylucy Jun 2017 #81
Donald never apologizes for his shit. Pauldg47 Jun 2017 #142
Fuck THAT! She made a really fucking stupid comment which has nothing madinmaryland Jun 2017 #83
You said it very well. cwydro Jun 2017 #91
And, this thread is sickening to see the support of beheadings. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT. madinmaryland Jun 2017 #92
Yep, and one poster thinking it would be great for Griffin to smear blood on Trump's portrait cwydro Jun 2017 #96
You're right. Its a shame to see how easily so many can sink to such a level. 7962 Jun 2017 #138
Also +1000. Anxiety is no excuse for sinking to this level. Hortensis Jun 2017 #166
Agree doodsaq Jun 2017 #126
+1000. Hortensis Jun 2017 #165
Exactly Shaddox Jun 2017 #93
+1 Old Crow Jun 2017 #95
Yep. Dr. Strange Jun 2017 #119
I'm with you. I already thought she was unfunny. But this stunt 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2017 #141
Agree, the response to this was predictable, dumb move that gave the right something to rally around MrPurple Jun 2017 #169
Holy crap! I took a nap, and 85 recs!!!!! lindysalsagal Jun 2017 #84
She apologized and that is enough KT2000 Jun 2017 #85
A Facebook friend who is a lawyer said today joet67 Jun 2017 #94
... SunSeeker Jun 2017 #117
She should be forced to date Ted Nugent as punishment Jersey Devil Jun 2017 #99
It was funny and she didn't need to apologize. rgbecker Jun 2017 #100
She actually never should have apologized Nwgirl503 Jun 2017 #101
I've never been a great KG fan. I find her mildly amusing once a year on Stonepounder Jun 2017 #102
Knr joeybee12 Jun 2017 #104
repugs are experts at faking outrage! gfwzig Jun 2017 #111
Have always liked her and I refuse to like someone's career going down because of effing Trump. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2017 #113
kick...n/t bluecollar2 Jun 2017 #114
In many countries, this would not have been a joke. jack69 Jun 2017 #116
I'm with Kathy on this! Equate it to the Dixie Chicks treatment by MojoWrkn Jun 2017 #118
The Dixie Chicks never used a severed head, they simply made comments. 7962 Jun 2017 #139
that was not a real head. unlike Duterte and the death he causes and which Trump supports JI7 Jun 2017 #145
Changing the subject. Doesnt mean anything 7962 Jun 2017 #151
who gives a shit what they say. one can still see a difference JI7 Jun 2017 #155
Maybe so, but the point is still the same; 7962 Jun 2017 #164
they are Bigots. the differrnce does matter JI7 Jun 2017 #170
To them, everyone here is. Perception is reality. 7962 Jun 2017 #182
Stay Strong, Kathy! DoctorJoJo Jun 2017 #121
She had a bad few hours - Generic Brad Jun 2017 #122
Sick of the Faux Outrage! Lifelong Protester Jun 2017 #123
Hang tough Kathy. Greybnk48 Jun 2017 #124
Uh, no. doodsaq Jun 2017 #125
I hope you have condemnation left over for Tyler Shields. blogslut Jun 2017 #129
do you ever say Ted Nugent hurts the conservative cause Skittles Jun 2017 #135
Thnking good thoughts for you. LakeArenal Jun 2017 #127
Isn't this just "locker room" humor?? Lifelong Protester Jun 2017 #128
+++ LOL Lib Jun 2017 #131
++++ trailmonkee Jun 2017 #132
exactly. she should use this line JI7 Jun 2017 #146
Whose idea was it? moondust Jun 2017 #130
I appreciate everything you have done Kathy. You've been treated unfairly but you are in good Maraya1969 Jun 2017 #133
Kathy is Salome Shoonra Jun 2017 #136
I will say it was blown way out of proportion mvd Jun 2017 #140
Have always liked Kathy Griffin. joshdawg Jun 2017 #143
I need the support of fellow liberals right now. I feel lousy. BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2017 #144
She only acted out what millions feel like doing (symbolically speaking) world wide wally Jun 2017 #147
I came across Jamaal510 Jun 2017 #148
k&r The Wizard Jun 2017 #150
K&R HAB911 Jun 2017 #160
Kathy told the truth bdamomma Jun 2017 #162
K&R. All you Kathy trashers, back the fuck off. (nt) Paladin Jun 2017 #163
Go Kathy! maveric Jun 2017 #167
Go Kathy! Show the world what a bully and jerk trump really is. mdbl Jun 2017 #168
I've always found her a bit annoying, but she screwed up by appologizing benpollard Jun 2017 #172
Not a wise decision by her but such a bloody double standard! LiberalLovinLug Jun 2017 #173
ka nd r niyad Jun 2017 #174
Worse? I think so... fleabiscuit Jun 2017 #175
Thanks for the thread- big fan TBA Jun 2017 #177
Not a fan, story over. northoftheborder Jun 2017 #178
If this were a little known performance artist making an artistic/political statement... AntiFascist Jun 2017 #180
I don't think liberals are hating on her, so much as agreeing that it was stupid & counterproductive MrPurple Jun 2017 #181
Within a year (maybe less) that Griffin photo will be selling tons of T-shirts ! Shoonra Jun 2017 #183
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