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7. Didn't say it was false...
Wed Jun 14, 2017, 12:27 PM
Jun 2017

I said this feels like a "false flag" operation. The intentions that the media is being fed seems more than suspicious. If you believe the official line fine. I just don't this time. Seems Too convenient.

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Wouldn't be the only mass shooting claimed to be false... jmg257 Jun 2017 #1
Didn't say it was false... DaDeacon Jun 2017 #7
And sometimes shit just happens. whether we like it or not... jmg257 Jun 2017 #8
yep I agree DaDeacon Jun 2017 #15
Yep - like I said, conspiracy theories about shootings are a dime a dozen. jmg257 Jun 2017 #17
Yep. Remember Alex Jones and Sandy Hook. "Obama did it." TrishaJ Jun 2017 #25
I bet Obama did this one too! Dr. Strange Jun 2017 #31
Alex - welcome to DU nt hack89 Jun 2017 #2
I've been waiting thanks, lol. nt DaDeacon Jun 2017 #4
What you did there Alea Jun 2017 #32
Find out why he did it first. haele Jun 2017 #3
I'll trust what the FBI will say about it Wednesdays Jun 2017 #5
If you think the FBI would be willing to take part in a conspiracy if only hughee99 Jun 2017 #30
That's utter Alex Jones rubbish. longship Jun 2017 #6
No... DaDeacon Jun 2017 #10
How exactly did you come up with this ridiculous opinion? Bucky Jun 2017 #14
I used to be of the opinion that 2+2fish. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #20
I require hard proof before giving any Conspiracy theory the slightest consideration. Nt LostOne4Ever Jun 2017 #9
No. Just no. n/t musicblind Jun 2017 #11
This makes DU look kooky. n/t demmiblue Jun 2017 #12
Thank you for your speculative nonsense based on zero evidence. Bucky Jun 2017 #13
This is exactly what the GOP does. Initech Jun 2017 #18
I said 'maybe' only because it was reported by a couple repugs it was about reight/left angstlessk Jun 2017 #16
Many people need to create imaginative scenarios to better validate their own biases and narratives. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #19
That's what Pierre Sallinger said in Thousand Days about the assassination of John Kennedy. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2017 #21
I don't mind being the "crazy". DaDeacon Jun 2017 #22
let's not confuse crazy with irrational. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #28
So you're saying Hodgkinson was working double-super-secret-background for Sessions.... Brother Buzz Jun 2017 #23
OK I'll say it...TRASHING brooklynite Jun 2017 #24
+1 onenote Jun 2017 #26
Oh, FFS. Not everything is a conspiracy. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #27
I'll do better sarisataka Jun 2017 #29
I do not know about this shooting but Doreen Jun 2017 #33
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