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33. I do not know about this shooting but
Wed Jun 14, 2017, 01:25 PM
Jun 2017

it would not surprise me if it was set up. I say that because of the attack on Sweden that did not exist when trump announced it and a few days later happened. It was like he accidentally announced it before he was supposed to because he knew the plan to attack existed or had something to do with it.

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Wouldn't be the only mass shooting claimed to be false... jmg257 Jun 2017 #1
Didn't say it was false... DaDeacon Jun 2017 #7
And sometimes shit just happens. whether we like it or not... jmg257 Jun 2017 #8
yep I agree DaDeacon Jun 2017 #15
Yep - like I said, conspiracy theories about shootings are a dime a dozen. jmg257 Jun 2017 #17
Yep. Remember Alex Jones and Sandy Hook. "Obama did it." TrishaJ Jun 2017 #25
I bet Obama did this one too! Dr. Strange Jun 2017 #31
Alex - welcome to DU nt hack89 Jun 2017 #2
I've been waiting thanks, lol. nt DaDeacon Jun 2017 #4
What you did there Alea Jun 2017 #32
Find out why he did it first. haele Jun 2017 #3
I'll trust what the FBI will say about it Wednesdays Jun 2017 #5
If you think the FBI would be willing to take part in a conspiracy if only hughee99 Jun 2017 #30
That's utter Alex Jones rubbish. longship Jun 2017 #6
No... DaDeacon Jun 2017 #10
How exactly did you come up with this ridiculous opinion? Bucky Jun 2017 #14
I used to be of the opinion that 2+2fish. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #20
I require hard proof before giving any Conspiracy theory the slightest consideration. Nt LostOne4Ever Jun 2017 #9
No. Just no. n/t musicblind Jun 2017 #11
This makes DU look kooky. n/t demmiblue Jun 2017 #12
Thank you for your speculative nonsense based on zero evidence. Bucky Jun 2017 #13
This is exactly what the GOP does. Initech Jun 2017 #18
I said 'maybe' only because it was reported by a couple repugs it was about reight/left angstlessk Jun 2017 #16
Many people need to create imaginative scenarios to better validate their own biases and narratives. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #19
That's what Pierre Sallinger said in Thousand Days about the assassination of John Kennedy. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2017 #21
I don't mind being the "crazy". DaDeacon Jun 2017 #22
let's not confuse crazy with irrational. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #28
So you're saying Hodgkinson was working double-super-secret-background for Sessions.... Brother Buzz Jun 2017 #23
OK I'll say it...TRASHING brooklynite Jun 2017 #24
+1 onenote Jun 2017 #26
Oh, FFS. Not everything is a conspiracy. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #27
I'll do better sarisataka Jun 2017 #29
I do not know about this shooting but Doreen Jun 2017 #33
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