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Wed Jun 21, 2017, 10:26 PM Jun 2017

Game Over, Man - GAME OVER!!! [View all]

Reading some of the posts here last night, it was all I could do to keep from slapping myself upside the head with a brick.

OMG! Game over! We’re DOOMED!!! We can’t win anything!

So we lost two special elections to Republicans in GOP strongholds – what a shocker! We lost seats vacated by Republicans who were chosen for presidential appointments BECAUSE their seats were considered beyond safe. But according to some here, the sky fell with a resounding thud and it was time for everyone on our side of the aisle to pack up and go home in shame, forever defeated.

The fact that in all special elections thus far, the Republicans have won by much smaller margins than they did the last time a GOPer ran for the same seat was dismissed as unimportant. “The only thing that counts is winning” – a sentiment that completely ignores the gains that Democrats are making, gains that can be turned into victories down the road.

To take the position that Democrats losing to Republicans in Republican strongholds is somehow a sign of overwhelming defeat is beyond ludicrous – in the same way a Democrat winning in a Democratic stronghold is never a sign that Democrats will win everywhere. Most people understand that – but apparently, this is late-breaking news to others.

Politics is a long game. Winning requires effort, hard work, patience, and a slow-but-steady whittling away of the GOP’s hold on voters they have achieved only by lying to them and promising changes they know will never come to be.

Victories are won by inches, not miles; they are won by persistence, not by throwing your hands in the air and walking away. They are also not won by blaming Democrats like Nancy Pelosi – and one has to wonder exactly WHO some of the perpetually disgruntled think could lead the party to win-after-win in Republican districts, which they seem to believe is possible.

Let’s remember that when we lose any election due to Republican voters, we are losing to people who think global warming doesn’t exist because it still snows in the wintertime, people who believe that Trump will bring the coal industry back to its former glory (and reinstating those FotoMart and Blockbuster Video jobs won’t be far behind), people who believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old and that the retirement age should be raised because Noah built the ark after celebrating his 600th birthday.

The fact that Republicans are joyously publicizing their great victory for winning elections they KNEW they would win speaks for itself – and yet the fact that they won those elections by smaller margins than they did a few months ago goes unacknowledged.

If you’re ready to take your ball and go home over last night’s Republican “victories”, perhaps politics is just not for you. Perhaps you’re more comfortable with checkers, because chess is simply beyond your ken. Or maybe you’d just rather discourage your fellow party members because – well, I’ll leave it to those who attempted to discourage their fellow Democrats to explain exactly how “helpful” they were trying to be.

I’m sure it’s a great story. And I, for one, would like to hear the tale.

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Game Over, Man - GAME OVER!!! [View all] NanceGreggs Jun 2017 OP
DU was Bill Paxton last night Motownman78 Jun 2017 #1
lol Cha Jun 2017 #67
Some of the posts last night were hilariously melodramatic Gravitycollapse Jun 2017 #2
lol. JHan Jun 2017 #33
Nance we keep repeating all of the above but got feeling them not listening! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #3
I can't take it shenmue Jun 2017 #7
Tomorrow another day! WE DEMS ARE ENERGIZED! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #8
Thank you shenmue Jun 2017 #9
I thought it meant dems were doing really well onit2day Jun 2017 #25
It does...this all goes back to the 16 election ... a certain group wants the Dems to fail Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #37
They are overplaying their hands! Yes! Yes this! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #61
remember that some of the doomsters (the most reflexive ones) are annabanana Jun 2017 #50
Yes! I totally suspect that! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #56
Grit. Resilience. Igel Jun 2017 #4
This one paragraph...says it all, and you are totally correct... Stuart G Jun 2017 #5
Our Democratic Party will be there when we need it. Wellstone ruled Jun 2017 #6
Thank you! We Dems are energized! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #10
At my age,this might be one of the last Wellstone ruled Jun 2017 #14
Couldn't read much yesterday...it really was rediculous. Xolodno Jun 2017 #11
Nancy Pelosi is a fucking rock world wide wally Jun 2017 #20
I don't understand how GOP attacks on the minority leader are repeated on DU Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #38
Thanks, Nance. brer cat Jun 2017 #12
Really getting tired of hearing that the GOP didn't win by that much... worstexever Jun 2017 #13
And Republicans lose time and again ... NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #17
So I should resign myself Plucketeer Jun 2017 #22
Really getting tired of hearing that if Dems don't win a seat not held by any Dem for more than Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #39
context is everything. niyad Jun 2017 #54
There was no sensible expectation of Democrats winning those two seats that have been... George II Jun 2017 #69
In actuality, nothing was truly lost...it was a KGOP held seat that simply remains a KGOP held seat. MedusaX Jun 2017 #15
K&R bdamomma Jun 2017 #16
Just a couple months ago I used the term long game and Mello in a post Omaha Steve Jun 2017 #18
Mello was running for mayor... it was a local election. And supporting someone with his Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #40
This kind of concern is a virus. Do your best to avoid infection. PubliusEnigma Jun 2017 #19
Sanity. NYResister Jun 2017 #21
There is nothing wrong with... lame54 Jun 2017 #23
You assume they were on our side to begin with...it seems to me more of an opportunity to vent Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #41
I just counted 25 seats that Republicans won by under 15% in 2016. Seeing the type of ground we've Grown2Hate Jun 2017 #24
I agree. I think we have a shot at the house in 18...the gerrymander hurts us but not as much Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #42
Flipping a district is like when your candy bar gets stuck in the vending machine. Initech Jun 2017 #26
ain't that the truth Nance still_one Jun 2017 #27
Politics are somewhat like marathons, you train, you work, you eat healthy, all the things to win Thinkingabout Jun 2017 #28
Well said. NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #29
You are absolutely correct and spot on!! blue-wave Jun 2017 #30
I didn't see any "game over" posts. There were posts noting that there's a concern... Honeycombe8 Jun 2017 #31
I used to live in Georgia 6 and sent money to Ossoff, but honestly I never expected to win. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #43
Romney GOP types like those found in Georgia 6 always vote for the Republican. Trump is not one of Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #45
Kickin' this Hekate Jun 2017 #32
Exactly. Mike Niendorff Jun 2017 #34
"Anyone who calls this a "defeat" ... NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #35
Thank you for posting....and I agree! bresue Jun 2017 #36
Politics is a long game mcar Jun 2017 #44
Great post as usual Nance...thanks! Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #46
Great post Nance Gothmog Jun 2017 #47
I hear echos of the following words Bettie Jun 2017 #48
Newt Gingrich took that seat after losing twice. Maybe Ossoff will take it after only one loss. .nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2017 #49
exactly, I was wondering why everyone was freaking out n/t. okieinpain Jun 2017 #51
Howard Dean, whom the extreme left loves, stated the same thing. pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #52
Extreme left??? FiveGoodMen Jun 2017 #57
What??? maddiemom Jun 2017 #59
I am not dissing Dean or the Democratic Party. pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #60
The furthest left (that we've actually got) are not extreme FiveGoodMen Jun 2017 #63
A lot of people supporting Dean, supported Sanders. pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #64
Ossoff Moved The Bar 19.6% Toward The Blue, Here Are The Republican Seats Within That Range. Gothmog Jun 2017 #53
I am certain that the pukes would LOVE for us all to be so discouraged that we pack it niyad Jun 2017 #55
Thank you RoBear Jun 2017 #58
I'm an old timer, and I remember way back in 1964 when the Democrats swept the House.... George II Jun 2017 #62
That happened because of the Kennedy assasination... Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #68
The Election Religious Bill D Jun 2017 #65
From 2006 to 2010 Democrats controlled both houses of Congress Progressive dog Jun 2017 #66
Who sez that "crime does not pay"? Ernest Partridge Jun 2017 #70
Right on point, as usual, Nance NastyRiffraff Jun 2017 #71
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