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Mon Jul 3, 2017, 11:42 PM Jul 2017

Just found out my relatives voted for Trump [View all]

What do I do? I had not really engaged them before on politics, so I had no idea. I never would have guessed that they voted for the bafoon. They were democrats before and were complaining about Hillary and her email server, blah blah blah...Were angry about the supposed 33k deleted emails.... Also said that their main focus was the economy and jobs and they think Trump was the person to fix that..... What do i do? I'm seriously considering cutting them off. They are my cousins but I seriously don't know if I can be around them anymore....

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Don't engage in politics..... physioex Jul 2017 #1
Thanks for the replies fallout87 Jul 2017 #12
Enjoy the 4th.... physioex Jul 2017 #18
"I won't engage them unless I can point them in the right direction without being confrontational." politicaljunkie41910 Jul 2017 #84
Hey fallout87. How's it going? Missn-Hitch May 2021 #89
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ still_one Jul 2017 #83
You don't have to dramatically cut them off Chasstev365 Jul 2017 #2
my brother and his wife, my younger daughter's husband and parents NRaleighLiberal Jul 2017 #3
Say and do nothing, ignore it. elleng Jul 2017 #4
Take them out of your will too. Throck Jul 2017 #5
I have family that I'm sure Hieronymus Jul 2017 #6
Correct... physioex Jul 2017 #7
Cut them off completely. Foamfollower Jul 2017 #8
That is not practical (and this is very poor advice)! physioex Jul 2017 #13
I cut off every family member who voted for Trump completely Foamfollower Jul 2017 #16
I'm with you AmandaRuth Jul 2017 #29
Anyone who voted for Trump - I let them know they made a big mistake. No getting off the hook, kerry-is-my-prez Jul 2017 #73
Bullshit! - nt KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #52
Be nice enid602 Jul 2017 #78
What is wrong with you? Baconator Jul 2017 #14
Giving them the same advice I took Foamfollower Jul 2017 #17
That's just petty... Baconator Jul 2017 #22
Life is too short to waste any of it on morons. Foamfollower Jul 2017 #23
It sounds incredibly tedious and homogenous... Baconator Jul 2017 #25
You live life how you want to and I'll live mine how I want to. Foamfollower Jul 2017 #30
I totally respect your response. LOL Lib Jul 2017 #38
I cut off close friends of over 3 decades over Trump Foamfollower Jul 2017 #39
+Infinity. I dumped a romantic interest of long stabding for exactly the same, bur nir before KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #67
Different? MLAA Jul 2017 #36
Different? NCTraveler Jul 2017 #60
I need more before I refuse to associate with someone... Baconator Jul 2017 #61
"I need more before I refuse to associate with someone..." NCTraveler Jul 2017 #63
Different is fine. Dangerous is not; and they are dangerous. n/t jrthin Jul 2017 #79
You are just fine consorting with racists and sexists, I take it? - nt KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #54
Absolutely... Baconator Jul 2017 #58
Why, I bet you would have been right at home in the antebellum South or KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #66
How's the whole circle jerk purity thing working so far? Baconator Jul 2017 #87
Sorry you're being attacked. Life isn't black and white. femmedem Jul 2017 #77
Really uncool response AmandaRuth Jul 2017 #34
I think it depends on whether they still defend him. Ilsa Jul 2017 #9
It's difficult. Laffy Kat Jul 2017 #10
If she doesn't agree with her BF... 3catwoman3 Jul 2017 #24
I keep thinking that but it's been a while now. Laffy Kat Jul 2017 #26
A close friend of mine changed drastically after she connected with her fundy bf, CrispyQ Jul 2017 #48
Thanks! Laffy Kat Jul 2017 #51
I lost a good friend like that because she got involved with this strange evangelical kimbutgar Jul 2017 #56
Yep. I think it's just something we have to accept and move through it. nt Laffy Kat Jul 2017 #75
Her BF would have no problem whatsoever seeing you forcibly interned or KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #69
I do realize that and her decision has shocked me. Laffy Kat Jul 2017 #74
Family is family BainsBane Jul 2017 #11
Just wait long enough and they'll change their minds lunatica Jul 2017 #15
So they got fooled. So did a lot of people. Warpy Jul 2017 #19
make fun of them for supporting Trump JI7 Jul 2017 #20
My entire family... Books_Tea_Alone Jul 2017 #21
Speaking to a grief coubsellor may help. I found my counsellir really helped me KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #71
Thank you for suggesting this. Kimchijeon Jul 2017 #82
I wrote a great post WhiteTara Jul 2017 #27
I am lucky. My family and I pretty much agree on politics. lovemydogs Jul 2017 #28
Here's how I'm dealing with it.... MLAA Jul 2017 #31
You should make this an OP - nt KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #72
The economy and jobs ? ok sure. n/t jaysunb Jul 2017 #32
Personally, I am sick of people telling me AmandaRuth Jul 2017 #33
Right on! n/t MLAA Jul 2017 #37
Cut them off. You don't owe them anything. Aristus Jul 2017 #35
Yup, time to expunge racists from their lives... yes, even if they're family. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2017 #40
You can't fix stupid... Jack-o-Lantern Jul 2017 #41
I have a cousin like that. DFW Jul 2017 #42
I usually don't debate politics with my Republican relatives. Willie Pep Jul 2017 #43
Ugh .yuck my sympathy. I can't imagine Trump fixing much . Maybe I'm wrong lunasun Jul 2017 #44
Since you didn't engage them about politics before Phoenix61 Jul 2017 #45
In the very beginning I was excited about facebook because I could get in contact with relatives. airplaneman Jul 2017 #46
"If you have a thousand friends on Facebook, how many friends do you really have?" CrispyQ Jul 2017 #59
I feel your pain. CrispyQ Jul 2017 #47
Understand that this is EXACTLY what the Russians were doing Nevernose Jul 2017 #49
I think you're suppose hit them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper NobodyHere Jul 2017 #50
Wow I feel for you mvd Jul 2017 #53
Something tells me they won't mind, then hold a grudge forever. ileus Jul 2017 #55
They are not human beings, they are malignancies. AngryAmish Jul 2017 #57
That.... Baconator Jul 2017 #62
Business as normal just do not talk politics GulfCoast66 Jul 2017 #64
Accept their opinion, pick your battles, and always respect their opinion MiddleClass Jul 2017 #65
I would see them as little as possible treestar Jul 2017 #68
If they start shit, hand them a printout of a Russian flag and call them a traitor to even Reagan. TheBlackAdder Jul 2017 #70
I don't speak to any Trumpster if I can avoid it The Polack MSgt Jul 2017 #76
Seriously? The answer is to avoid discussing politics at all with relatives. Lil Missy Jul 2017 #80
Don't talk politics. Tell them to stop Fox and Limbaugh sharedvalues Jul 2017 #81
So did mine I'm sure but Raine Jul 2017 #85
I don't respect anyone who voted for Trump and Duppers Jul 2017 #86
I say bullshit that their focus mercuryblues Jul 2017 #88
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