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301. but
Sat Dec 31, 2011, 12:46 AM
Dec 2011

TYT says they are the largest online news show. I'm not sure how they come up with that factoid. My point being that their audience might not be so limited. The stuff cenk says does have potential to catch fire and cause trouble for obama. If he was just some random loony, I'm guessing this thread never would have been started. It's because Cenk does make some good points and have a pretty large audience that some folks feel the need to tear him down with insults and attempt to discredit him.

Let's not forget who Cenk's audience is. It's a significant bloc of progressives who care more about policy than party, many of whom are willing to consider casting a protest vote if they believe the Democrats do not represent their interests.

Instead of mocking and trying to discredit this one opinion slinger cenk, elected dems should pay more attention and give more power to the progressive bloc inside the democratic party, and give less attention and power to republicans and corporate donors.

The progressive left does feel neglected. It's not just this one guy. That's the real issue. The party "leaders" ought to pay attention.

I agree surfdog Dec 2011 #1
This guy is, though! pleiadian candidate Dec 2011 #131
i wonder who he's planning on voting for? spanone Dec 2011 #2
Who do you plan to vote for? pleiadian candidate Dec 2011 #130
fucking a spanone Dec 2011 #234
You betcha! Phx_Dem Jan 2012 #327
Obama, obviously. Capitalocracy Dec 2011 #147
I knew he was an asscarrot first time I heard him NNN0LHI Dec 2011 #3
.. Richardo Dec 2011 #19
Yup... SidDithers Dec 2011 #164
Thanks for the new term flamingdem Dec 2011 #173
Do all trolls think the Constitution is pocoloco Dec 2011 #275
Just to be sure here who are you calling a troll? NNN0LHI Dec 2011 #276
Cenk is wrong in this part: Enrique Dec 2011 #4
could you imagine what Obama might do, if people weren't telling others to STFU? boston bean Dec 2011 #10
SMH Mr Dixon Dec 2011 #25
no. boston bean Dec 2011 #28
Continue to make the assumption that other democrats agree with your positions. bluestate10 Dec 2011 #210
You mean like the people telling Greenwald critics to shut up all over GD? stevenleser Jan 2012 #324
Drone attacks on innocents!?? Phx_Dem Jan 2012 #328
Sometimes I think they DO want an R to win so they can go on the offensive FarLeftFist Dec 2011 #5
Sorry... ElboRuum Dec 2011 #129
Yeah, we should have never put on those UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2011 #264
Interesting. ElboRuum Jan 2012 #314
Yes, every thinking person should have known UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2012 #317
That's the point. ElboRuum Jan 2012 #321
Yep, I should have known he is a Republican UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2012 #322
Cenk is one of those idiots surfdog Dec 2011 #6
He asked Iowa caucus go'ers to use an Occupy strategy boston bean Dec 2011 #7
Exactly right. Javaman Dec 2011 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author frylock Dec 2011 #127
Too busy writting a reponse UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2011 #265
There are people on "our side" who want to "control the message" every bit as much as Karl Rove... PassingFair Dec 2011 #17
Actually, ProSense Dec 2011 #20
what's dishonest or clowning about that? hfojvt Dec 2011 #39
So ProSense Dec 2011 #89
I agree with him. PassingFair Dec 2011 #50
I know ProSense Dec 2011 #87
no, silly, Hillary is DLC hfojvt Dec 2011 #99
Funny, ProSense Dec 2011 #110
His cabinet was almost completely comprised of DLC bigwigs. PassingFair Dec 2011 #126
I knew exactly who Obama was Sherman A1 Dec 2011 #262
You don't understand at all. PassingFair Dec 2011 #106
No ProSense Dec 2011 #109
The "choice" between "Hillary" and "Obama" was NO choice. PassingFair Dec 2011 #112
Um ProSense Dec 2011 #115
Different names, faces, and gender TheKentuckian Dec 2011 #185
Well I caucused for Edwards, even though he had dropped out hfojvt Dec 2011 #119
Where is the dishonesty there? Did Obama NOT appoint all those Wall Street sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #137
no response to your question.... fascisthunter Jan 2012 #312
You think Cenk is a dishonest clown? A Simple Game Dec 2011 #166
Everything in those three paragraphs is 100% true. Maven Dec 2011 #197
Oh yes indeed... and it is CREEPY! fascisthunter Jan 2012 #311
Do you believe the media will see it as not against Obama? karynnj Dec 2011 #48
I love this post! "...anklebiting Republican Congressmen" YvonneCa Dec 2011 #190
Haven't they been screaming about what they want for three years? treestar Dec 2011 #58
That's my take on this as well fascisthunter Jan 2012 #308
Where exactly does it say that in the article? I just read it. Javaman Dec 2011 #8
Thanks for posting that. Union Scribe Dec 2011 #11
He's ProSense Dec 2011 #13
I think you are lost. Javaman Dec 2011 #41
Do you honestly believe that repeatedly calling someone a "moron" is an effective strategy? girl gone mad Dec 2011 #83
'Messaging'. Is that what politics is all about now? sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #139
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #199
are you calling someone "Republican" for not supporting the President's "messaging"? CreekDog Jan 2012 #332
The headline reads "Vote Against Obama in Iowa" NNN0LHI Dec 2011 #14
so you only read headlines? Javaman Dec 2011 #44
and who will persuade the boner and mr. turtling Whisp Dec 2011 #114
I think we spend a lot of bile on the repukes. Javaman Dec 2011 #163
Certainly not the Conciliator-in-Chief. Maven Dec 2011 #198
Cenk is calling for a protest vote in Iowa. dawg Dec 2011 #12
Here's ProSense Dec 2011 #16
uncommitted in Iowa won't make Obama not the Dem nominee boston bean Dec 2011 #21
You know ProSense Dec 2011 #24
People would do better to try and understand their opponents on the left. dawg Dec 2011 #29
You're arguing with Prosense. theaocp Dec 2011 #32
Moronic! n/t ProSense Dec 2011 #42
Very clever. theaocp Dec 2011 #47
Yeah, ProSense Dec 2011 #51
Stop shouting at the mirror. U4ikLefty Dec 2011 #205
Cenk? ProSense Dec 2011 #252
Amen to that!!! truebrit71 Dec 2011 #285
I ProSense Dec 2011 #38
He's a pundit, so naturally his words are over the top, but ... dawg Dec 2011 #55
Really? ProSense Dec 2011 #62
Political brinksmanship is a game the President must be prepared to play. dawg Dec 2011 #78
Yeah ProSense Dec 2011 #93
I'm sorry, I must be too much of a red to understand what you just said there. dawg Dec 2011 #100
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #104
Well, then that's our biggest disagreement. dawg Dec 2011 #108
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #113
I think if he was desperate for an audience, he would have stayed at MSNBC ... dawg Dec 2011 #121
The left never listens either treestar Dec 2011 #60
I can only speak for myself, and I think I do listen. dawg Dec 2011 #69
What Senate primary was there for Feingold? hfojvt Dec 2011 #52
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #72
Are you having fun in your fact-free world? ProSense Dec 2011 #76
+1 nt Javaman Dec 2011 #43
I never cared for him... Spazito Dec 2011 #15
Apparently, you know nothing about Cenk. theaocp Dec 2011 #35
Ummm, yeah, I do, I watched him do the rant one day.... Spazito Dec 2011 #65
I'd love to follow this up. theaocp Dec 2011 #68
LOL, thanks but no thanks, Spazito Dec 2011 #75
No worries. theaocp Dec 2011 #79
LOL, calling me dishonest... Spazito Dec 2011 #84
LOL, you're right, I am apparently rubber and you're glue. theaocp Dec 2011 #88
So? It's a primary and he's "working within the system" as the moderates advise us to do. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #18
Cenk is an Asshat. nt MineralMan Dec 2011 #22
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #37
I voted "against Obama" in the last primary. Iggo Dec 2011 #23
Hey, don't muddy the water with Facts. bahrbearian Dec 2011 #27
Yeah, ProSense Dec 2011 #31
This appears to be a vote of no confidence. theaocp Dec 2011 #40
"how would it hurt him now?" MilesColtrane Dec 2011 #107
No calling out JustAnotherGen Dec 2011 #26
Or Republicans treestar Dec 2011 #64
this is when the opposition becomes a threat bigtree Dec 2011 #30
Poor Cenk ... "ReformedRepublican" ... now "Born Again Liberal" JoePhilly Dec 2011 #33
The spectrum of what defined a Republican has shifted. theaocp Dec 2011 #45
read #12. Javaman Dec 2011 #46
I read it. JoePhilly Dec 2011 #189
and Democrats used to be to the left fascisthunter Jan 2012 #315
I hope this doesn't get a lot of traction. LiberalAndProud Dec 2011 #34
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #71
And you posted it here. LiberalAndProud Dec 2011 #118
I like Cenk but think he and others are offbase abelenkpe Dec 2011 #36
Please reread what you wrote. A Simple Game Dec 2011 #184
You're right he would have pushed to keep abelenkpe Dec 2011 #186
Here's the Primary Calendar for 2012 Zorra Dec 2011 #49
Cenk is over at Daily Kos Bobbie Jo Dec 2011 #53
Cenk's a loser. I mean, he's on a network that reaches 10's of homes, nationwide. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #54
As long as we're speculating, theaocp Dec 2011 #56
I'll stop beating them when Cenk gives back his Koch Bros. check. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #66
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #70
Yours is a "personal attack", which will likely be hidden. Mine was an attack on a public figure. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #85
Alert away. n/t theaocp Dec 2011 #91
Nope, I won't do it because I like folks to see how thin skinned Cenk loyalists are. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #92
Right. theaocp Dec 2011 #94
"usual suspects". "You guys". You just can't stop, can you? Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #101
The high standard we place on ourselves... LanternWaste Dec 2011 #143
You mean like the "vulgarity" constantly aimed at the president? Is Cenk off limits? Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #149
He's a YouTube success story, though. girl gone mad Dec 2011 #116
! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #117
I take it you don't like YouTube? girl gone mad Dec 2011 #303
So why is anyone worried about him then? sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #145
And you're a hater it seems slay Dec 2011 #183
Help! I'm under attack! Cenk's ENTIRE viewing audience has swooped down upon me! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #230
If this is the way you wish to conduct yourself on this site I have genuine pity for you slay Dec 2011 #232
Your self appointed board monitor status notwithstanding, save your pity for Cenk! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #240
you know what - forget it slay Dec 2011 #244
Well don't go away mad. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #248
Hey. You know you wanted to say Number23 Dec 2011 #299
#23, I was trying to be nice. Now, you went & spoiled it. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #304
That's pretty damn funny, actually Number23 Dec 2011 #235
I had four very angry responses. Count 'em FOUR (4)! I was pretty scared there for a minute. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #242
Way to win fellow DU members over - by mocking them and acting like a jerk slay Dec 2011 #245
I have absolutely no interest in trying to "win you over". Quite honestly, like you said.... Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #249
He used to be a Repuke. Are you surprised? MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #57
That's my biggest problem with Cenk, Ed & Arianna. How does one go from hard right... Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #67
Oh, lordy, you think people become progressive for the money? Bucky Dec 2011 #153
The present Democratic SoS was a Goldwater Girl TheKentuckian Dec 2011 #193
No surprise from a guy who voted for Bush. JTFrog Dec 2011 #59
At least be honest about which one. theaocp Dec 2011 #63
What difference does it make? JTFrog Dec 2011 #74
Clarification is a good thing. theaocp Dec 2011 #77
Technically, you don't vote in a caucus toddaa Dec 2011 #61
He sarcastically uses the phrase "the big, bad Republicans" as if they're not so bad. Let's see how jenmito Dec 2011 #73
Cenk ProSense Dec 2011 #82
I bet you're right... jenmito Dec 2011 #90
Cenk worked on Sphincter's campaign in Pennsylvania. Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #86
The anti-Obama camp: ProSense Dec 2011 #95
I don't know how he can do these things and still have the full support jenmito Dec 2011 #98
As it turns out, The Young Turks are just The Young Jerks. Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #80
The Professional "Left" - GOP (ex) shills in disguise. CakeGrrl Dec 2011 #81
Actually, I think that is true of you conservative dems fascisthunter Dec 2011 #124
This is Cenk having a little fit because Dem voters have ultimately ignored anti-Obama drama magnets phleshdef Dec 2011 #96
"Dem voters have ultimately ignored anti-Obama drama magnets like himself" Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #103
he can call for it all he wants but it won't happen. Obama is going to win the caucus book_worm Dec 2011 #97
Cenk never met a hyperbole he didn't like. MilesColtrane Dec 2011 #102
Most of these ex-Republicans have the same problem with ideology frazzled Dec 2011 #105
another Clown Car filling up Whisp Dec 2011 #111
just as Rimjob thinks Romney is a liberal Motown_Johnny Dec 2011 #120
maybe if you all keep posting stupid accusations, new readers will believe you fascisthunter Dec 2011 #123
Why is it any different? Motown_Johnny Dec 2011 #134
Yes, it is treestar Dec 2011 #141
Vee Must Cleanse Zee left oaf all critics oaf Obama fascisthunter Dec 2011 #122
Hahahahaha!!!! Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #128
how old are you conservos, 12? fascisthunter Dec 2011 #160
I'm a 56-year old liberal. Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #176
Vee ProSense Dec 2011 #133
Kick to make a point. MineralMan Dec 2011 #125
Cenk = Moran flamingdem Dec 2011 #132
Cenk = standing up for real progressive positions. Obama, not so much. DesMoinesDem Dec 2011 #135
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #136
No I didn't support them, DesMoinesDem Dec 2011 #138
Here's ProSense Dec 2011 #140
"Good luck, you republican hack" Tarheel_Dem Dec 2011 #151
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #154
This poster gets special treatment around here fascisthunter Dec 2011 #161
Yeah, ProSense Dec 2011 #175
Watchout Prosense. Some here want a Michael Corleone kiss for you. :-))) nt. bluestate10 Dec 2011 #203
speshu-lllll fascisthunter Jan 2012 #307
Which ProSense Dec 2011 #174
Cenk = 'Former' Republican = Fifth Columnist Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #150
Someday you should learn to look past the person DesMoinesDem Dec 2011 #155
Someday you'll realize a really effective political strategy is to Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #157
+1!!! CherylK Dec 2011 #156
Indeed slay Dec 2011 #182
I guess it's easier and much more convenient LanternWaste Dec 2011 #142
Why ProSense Dec 2011 #144
His editorial seems much better thought out LanternWaste Dec 2011 #146
Yeah, ProSense Dec 2011 #148
Almost as much brain power as went into... LanternWaste Dec 2011 #152
So ProSense Dec 2011 #158
He's a great example of the dynamics of minor league professional leftism. gulliver Dec 2011 #159
oh please don't lump Greenwald in with Cenk tishaLA Dec 2011 #267
I think of Greenwald as a slightly more talented Cenk gulliver Dec 2011 #295
Who cares? Rex Dec 2011 #162
David Allen sucking up to said "moron". yodermon Dec 2011 #165
I ProSense Dec 2011 #167
I agree with Cenk ... Fantastic Anarchist Dec 2011 #168
I'm ProSense Dec 2011 #170
How fantastic that you're glad. Fantastic Anarchist Dec 2011 #256
but limpyhobbler Dec 2011 #301
"155 troll ratings" girl gone mad Jan 2012 #320
How did we get to know this guy's name again? DeathToTheOil Dec 2011 #169
For years he has given commentaries Hissyspit Dec 2011 #222
Cenk is being dishonest as well as trying to stir up some controversy in hopes of getting some Pisces Dec 2011 #171
The President whose first action was to IMMEDIATELY end the Global Gag rule BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2011 #172
I get that know is the time that all good men get behind their leader and all that, tavalon Dec 2011 #177
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #178
I fucking hate the IPads helpful word changes tavalon Dec 2011 #180
I agree with Cenk slay Dec 2011 #179
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #181
Primary Obama!! Roland99 Dec 2011 #187
Asshat, Asscarrot, Asssweetpotato ... lillypaddle Dec 2011 #188
The President reaps what he has sown. nt woo me with science Dec 2011 #191
LOL, looks like Cenk is #1 Spazito Dec 2011 #192
. ProSense Dec 2011 #194
He's #1 in my book slay Dec 2011 #201
You should post that at KOS.... Spazito Dec 2011 #202
I don't post at KOS - but I could post it at LeftUnderground slay Dec 2011 #207
Hey, go for it, post it there! Spazito Dec 2011 #211
No need - someone already did slay Dec 2011 #214
Well, each to their own, it is good we can all meet on a site that... Spazito Dec 2011 #217
Well, I'm against electing Republicans for sure slay Dec 2011 #218
There you go! More commonalities than differences when we take time to .... Spazito Dec 2011 #219
If that was why he wrote it, he just got what he wanted. sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #204
Cenk and The Young Turks was new tonight - he addresses the BS "Obama is liberal" poll - Matt Taibbi slay Dec 2011 #208
Oh, thanks. I could have missed Matt Taibbi, another of my favorites, had it not been for this OP. sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #213
No prob - it was a great show - I even called my parents and told them to watch slay Dec 2011 #216
I hope you enjoy his evening rant... Spazito Dec 2011 #209
I always enjoy Cenk and all the other progressive hosts on TV. There are so few of them. sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #212
Yes, I like progressive TV very much which is why I don't watch Cenk... Spazito Dec 2011 #215
Definitely agree. Cenk is very progressive also. I really do not think it is progressive at all to sabrina 1 Dec 2011 #220
Well, your interpretation of what Cenk was 'suggesting' and mine seem to differ... Spazito Dec 2011 #221
That might be a bit bigger than just the Thursday Worst Diary Number23 Dec 2011 #237
LOL! I wonder if they have a "Greatest Hits of 2011 -best and worst"... Spazito Dec 2011 #287
Isn't Dailykos the place that trashed Kucinich and penguin7 Dec 2011 #195
I Tend To Agree With Cenk... WillyT Dec 2011 #196
I have no respect for Cenk. bluestate10 Dec 2011 #200
Cenk is an idiot LoisB Dec 2011 #206
TYT Army Is STRONG WillyT Dec 2011 #223
smelling. Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #226
Damn... You're Still In The 5th Grade, Eh ??? WillyT Dec 2011 #229
Damn . . . I'm 10 times smarter than you. Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #277
hahaha... I asked about his age too fascisthunter Jan 2012 #310
Yes, these Cenk attack posts NorthCarolina Dec 2011 #269
If the left do as Cenk suggests BklnDem75 Jan 2012 #336
Cenk still showing his Republican tendencies! TheDirectPath Dec 2011 #224
Cenk makes good points. JDPriestly Dec 2011 #225
Of course you understand that voting uncommitted in the CAUCUS nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #227
No ProSense Dec 2011 #233
No dear, you are comparing nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #243
Um, ProSense Dec 2011 #247
Actually dear, let's get this out of your chest nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #250
Actually ProSense Dec 2011 #251
Not a terrible idea because it helps frame Obama as a moderate maximusveritas Dec 2011 #228
And, it frames the current right-wing as extreme -- since they are extremists. Festivito Dec 2011 #236
reminds me of that south park episode... got root Dec 2011 #231
It's a fact! Agony Dec 2011 #238
In the middle on this thesquanderer Dec 2011 #239
He called for Iowa Democrats to vote "uncommitted" Now isn't that right? Better Believe It Dec 2011 #241
Stupid Fucking Jackass JI7 Dec 2011 #246
If my voting because I'm scared of the Big Bad Republicans is "fundamentally dishonest" - gateley Dec 2011 #253
I agree with Cenk. Progressives have a right to be disappointed and I'm sick of picking the least garybeck Dec 2011 #254
voting for uncommitted in the caucuses is the most rational alternative for progressives Douglas Carpenter Dec 2011 #255
He's supposedly a "former" Rethug JNelson6563 Dec 2011 #257
You really might want to examine highprincipleswork Dec 2011 #258
Oh good lord !!! Tx4obama Dec 2011 #259
ok, yeah, and the law, and the concerns of ordinary folks highprincipleswork Jan 2012 #329
I like her, but like I said she needs to speak up about where she stands on issues Tx4obama Jan 2012 #330
What's the harm? JVS Dec 2011 #260
I like Cenk but he's overly fixated on the president sometimes. limpyhobbler Dec 2011 #261
Where did this phuk-head... Vestigial_Sister Dec 2011 #263
He's still upset by MSNBC letting him go Sienna86 Dec 2011 #266
This OP proves to me that conservatives fear Cenk, glad to see it! nt NorthCarolina Dec 2011 #268
Cenk is not a favorite of conservative moderate centrists blue dog Democrats Better Believe It Dec 2011 #271
Tell ProSense Dec 2011 #273
You know ProSense Dec 2011 #272
I would hate for you to actually read the article but... deacon_sephiroth Dec 2011 #270
Maybe ProSense Dec 2011 #274
Why repeat it over here? WI_DEM Dec 2011 #278
He didn't repeal DADT, Congress did dsc Dec 2011 #279
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #281
No you don't get to have it both ways dsc Dec 2011 #291
So ProSense Dec 2011 #292
I stand with Cenk...Obama has been a disaster on many, many issues... truebrit71 Dec 2011 #280
Do ProSense Dec 2011 #282
The Environment, Civil Liberties, Health Care, The War(s), Taxes, MMJ, NDAA, LIHEAP... truebrit71 Dec 2011 #283
Hmmm? ProSense Dec 2011 #284
That highlighted paragraph is a joke... truebrit71 Dec 2011 #286
Well ProSense Dec 2011 #288
Oh trust me, your posts always make me laugh... truebrit71 Dec 2011 #289
Just ProSense Dec 2011 #290
..."nothing to back up my claims"....except reality and the google on the interwebs... truebrit71 Dec 2011 #296
You know... Betty Karlson Dec 2011 #293
Well, ProSense Dec 2011 #294
..And... truebrit71 Dec 2011 #297
Your subject line is totally misleading. Matariki Dec 2011 #298
Where ProSense Dec 2011 #300
Cenk is a rethug 1stlady Dec 2011 #302
Cenk interviews Democratic Underground Co-Founder David Allen Douglas Carpenter Dec 2011 #305
I like Cenk. I don't always agree with him PA Democrat Dec 2011 #306
Your campaign to smear all critics with dishonesty is alarming fascisthunter Jan 2012 #309
It's ProSense Jan 2012 #316
Post removed Post removed Jan 2012 #318
Wait ProSense Jan 2012 #319
look fascisthunter Jan 2012 #326
If I get the chance to register a primary protest vote, I will. mmonk Jan 2012 #313
Boy, talk about your flame bate, knee jerk reactor thread machines! MrMickeysMom Jan 2012 #323
With elected officials like Cenk and Greenwald, what hope do we have!? Bonobo Jan 2012 #325
I'm convinced 1stlady Jan 2012 #331
NDAA, the mandate, DOMA still on the books, GITMO and other sites still open, Bradley Manning Erose999 Jan 2012 #333
Depends on your view. mmonk Jan 2012 #334
Notice it's always the 'former conservatives' BklnDem75 Jan 2012 #335
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