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Stinky The Clown

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Thu Jul 20, 2017, 03:20 PM Jul 2017

If you're really a liberal, you must applaud the Simpson parole. [View all]

Let me preface my comments with this preamble: I believe there to be absolutely no doubt he killed his wife and her friend. I also have no doubt the acquittal was a miscarriage of justice. BUT . . . that miscarriage of justice was NOT Simpson's doing. Lance Ito was a terrible judge. Gil Garcetti assigned a weak prosecutorial team. Ito, Clark, and Darden were starstruck. Last, the jury was tainted by unrelated facts, as admitted years later by members; the Rodney King trial influenced them to let this murderer walk. With that, my feelings about today's hearing and decision follow.

The fact is, for the crime for which he is serving time, he was sentenced overly harsh. We can discuss the "why" of that, but the fact is, he was. Given that, he has been a model prisoner. He met the standards in place by the State of Nevada for granting parole. Again, you may not like these standards, but they are the in place regulations.

His previous trial, his murder of two people, and the injustice of that acquittal have absolutely nothing to do with the decision rendered by the Nevada Parole Board.

The laws in place in all instances - the murder trial and all proceedings up to today - were followed.

If you want to rail against someone or something, rail against the State's team in the murder trial.

We can NOT ignore laws because with think a prior event went unpunished. We CAN NOT.

For me, the biggest problem was Ito. Clark and Darden were simply over their heads, there because of the poor judgement of Gil Garcetti. All were starstruck by the media. As but one tiny, inconsequential bit of evidence was Clark's make-over during the trial. Ito's preening was a day-in, day-out occurrence. And on and on. If you want to be pissed at anyone, be pissed at this band of clowns and incompetents.

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Understand? Yes. Applaud? No. nt B2G Jul 2017 #1
Exactly. Really stupid OP line. Hortensis Jul 2017 #19
yup. Right thing to do, but fuck that murdering asshole. NT Adrahil Jul 2017 #37
and DV w at least 3 women too...many counts w Wife Alice11111 Jul 2017 #43
I don't applaud murderers Watchfoxheadexplodes Jul 2017 #2
Post removed Post removed Jul 2017 #4
No one is "applauding the murder". The decision today was just. THAT is what the OP is about. Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #15
You're reaching Johnny2X2X Jul 2017 #3
Well, it was obvious he'd get parole. cwydro Jul 2017 #5
Good thing I firmly believe in Karma. B2G Jul 2017 #8
It was robbery, Burglary and Kidnapping. So, the sentence was not out of line. Lochloosa Jul 2017 #25
I will accept the results. sarisataka Jul 2017 #6
This is the Rule of Law at work. NightWatcher Jul 2017 #7
Exactly.... LovingA2andMI Jul 2017 #10
Pretty much Bradical79 Jul 2017 #13
Much as it was twenty years ago, everyone is an expert on Simpson again LanternWaste Jul 2017 #9
There are other options than applause. nt Dreamer Tatum Jul 2017 #11
Okay, let's talk semantics. Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #16
Garcetti's team never made the connection between spousal abuse and murder Yavin4 Jul 2017 #12
BINGO Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #14
They did have witnesses testify about the abuse but didn't present an expert to tie it all together Yavin4 Jul 2017 #50
Yes, he was a wife beater. cwydro Jul 2017 #17
Unrec. Crunchy Frog Jul 2017 #18
But you should. Following the actual laws is a good thing. Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #32
What law says someone HAS to be paroled before B2G Jul 2017 #34
Would you take that position consistently for anyone with a previous accusation onenote Jul 2017 #51
In some cases, absolutely. B2G Jul 2017 #53
Thank you.. whathehell Jul 2017 #61
It has nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with fealty to the law. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2017 #20
Except it does have to do with ideology onenote Jul 2017 #52
I'm totally indifferent to Simpson's parole Brother Buzz Jul 2017 #21
Nope. Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #28
I am as well. nycbos Jul 2017 #64
Interesting that you forgot to mention the jury tavernier Jul 2017 #22
Yep. This. Funny how we don't get these lectures B2G Jul 2017 #24
I have raged over those murders as well tavernier Jul 2017 #58
From the OP: Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #26
Certainly. n/t miyazaki Jul 2017 #36
Jo-Ellan Dimitrius was largely responsible for the acquittal in 1995 Awsi Dooger Jul 2017 #42
Not necessarily. H2O Man Jul 2017 #23
One can. Most won't Stinky The Clown Jul 2017 #27
True. H2O Man Jul 2017 #35
I don't have to applaud any particular outcome jberryhill Jul 2017 #29
I'll applaud the judicial process leftstreet Jul 2017 #33
Hard to separate the process and the outcome resulting from that process in this case onenote Jul 2017 #55
I dislike the outcome, but I understand the decision Calculating Jul 2017 #30
I don't think anyone who believes in justice Progressive dog Jul 2017 #31
So by that reasoning we need to accept the tRump election too... Joe941 Jul 2017 #38
I just don't care. GeorgeGist Jul 2017 #39
I'm with others. Never gonna see me applaud a murderer walking away. nt MrsCoffee Jul 2017 #40
Uhhhh.... no. Squinch Jul 2017 #41
Me neither. DinahMoeHum Jul 2017 #62
Uh no Lotusflower70 Jul 2017 #44
You're correct jehop61 Jul 2017 #45
I really hate it when some tells the rest of us what a liberal has to think. wasupaloopa Jul 2017 #46
+1 flibbitygiblets Jul 2017 #48
I believe the determination by the parole board was correct, that doesn't mean I applaud it. Nailzberg Jul 2017 #47
which part of the parole process was deeply flawed and how would you change it? onenote Jul 2017 #57
I believe overall the justice system is still flawed. Not the parole process in this case. Nailzberg Jul 2017 #59
fuck that shit Skittles Jul 2017 #49
Exactly. TrishaJ Jul 2017 #54
Meh BannonsLiver Jul 2017 #56
I don't have to applaud a damn thing. linuxman Jul 2017 #60
Is this one of those "no true liberal would..." things? I don't buy it. Binkie The Clown Jul 2017 #63
OJ walked since the prosecution picked a bad jury AngryAmish Jul 2017 #65
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