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4. Rec'd however
Sat Jul 22, 2017, 07:59 PM
Jul 2017

being from generations of hillbillies, I can tell you we have a heart and so do most. We may not be the most educated or sophisticated, but we mostly try to work hard, live frugal, help everyone who we can and try not to hurt anyone.

This bunch of miscreants does not exactly fit those qualities.

The Manhattan Hillbillies [View all] n2doc Jul 2017 OP
+1000 smirkymonkey Jul 2017 #1
Just spotted this... Worth checking out magicarpet Jul 2017 #28
Something Sessions would certainly say... magicarpet Jul 2017 #29
Wow, lark Jul 2017 #41
LOL! Separated at birth! smirkymonkey Jul 2017 #37
LOL!! Duppers Jul 2017 #49
No bout adoubt it! democratisphere Jul 2017 #51
And I never noticed that Trump resembles the late Buddy Ebsen. maddiemom Jul 2017 #42
Jeez.... Well done especially Sessions/Granny magicarpet Jul 2017 #2
Right! Too Funny! bitterross Jul 2017 #39
A missed opportunity, though cyclonefence Jul 2017 #3
!!! Alice11111 Jul 2017 #32
Rec'd however KentuckyWoman Jul 2017 #4
Manhattan Hillbillies radical noodle Jul 2017 #9
Point well made. Alice11111 Jul 2017 #33
Calling that gang "hillbillies" is an insult to every last inhabitant of the Appalachian Mountains! Mountain Mule Jul 2017 #36
Kentucky: Clinton 32.7%, Trump 62.5% Total Pct. Trump +29.8% padfun Jul 2017 #38
Well, since the Clampett's are from the Missouri Ozarks, Appalachians can come off the ledge Hestia Jul 2017 #44
ROFL mdbl Jul 2017 #5
How about the Capital Hillbillies? louis c Jul 2017 #6
run for it bora13 Jul 2017 #52
Jed never sexually fondled his daughter like Donald did. keithbvadu2 Jul 2017 #7
Perfect. zentrum Jul 2017 #8
You're messing with me ProudLib72 Jul 2017 #10
The real Jethro was way better looking than Don Jr. too FakeNoose Jul 2017 #20
I just remember how Elly May had three things going for her ProudLib72 Jul 2017 #21
Yummy...and his eyes reflect intelligence Alice11111 Jul 2017 #34
He drained the swamp, and poured it into the cee-ment pond. sandensea Jul 2017 #11
LOL maddiemom Jul 2017 #43
That poor dog. OldRedneck Jul 2017 #12
Spilled my fucking coffee laughing so hard!! BigBearJohn Jul 2017 #13
You gave me a good laugh! Ohioboy Jul 2017 #14
That's perfect. Granny and Jed are the best. George II Jul 2017 #15
Lyrics Plucketeer Jul 2017 #16
Excellent lyrics! Lars39 Jul 2017 #17
Love it! montana_hazeleyes Jul 2017 #30
Bravo! Well done Plucketeer hedda_foil Jul 2017 #31
Wow. Lyrics are good. Alice11111 Jul 2017 #35
Calling Rocky Mountain Mike... not fooled Jul 2017 #56
...change worms Alice11111 Jul 2017 #57
ROFLLLLLLLLL!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2017 #40
I wish I could rec this! lunatica Jul 2017 #48
That's hilarious!!! calimary Jul 2017 #18
perfecto MiddleClass Jul 2017 #19
Steve Bannon as Mr. Drysdale? progressoid Jul 2017 #22
Don't forget "Miss Jane" Hathaway (Nancy Culp). maddiemom Jul 2017 #45
Priceless! Very clever! nt Honeycombe8 Jul 2017 #23
Outstanding! I guess Max Baer Jr is the only one still living from the original cast. Elwood P Dowd Jul 2017 #24
aka Fifth Avenue Trash dalton99a Jul 2017 #25
Priceless!!! oasis Jul 2017 #26
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Jul 2017 #27
Please! Soxfan58 Jul 2017 #46
One huge error relayerbob Jul 2017 #47
FANTASTIC! Duppers Jul 2017 #50
Made me laugh out loud n/t lordsummerisle Jul 2017 #53
Hilarious! peacebuzzard Jul 2017 #54
Cracked me up! peacebuzzard Jul 2017 #55
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