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16. Lyrics
Sat Jul 22, 2017, 09:44 PM
Jul 2017

Come listen to a story bout a man named Don
He acted real back-woodsy, but that was jus' a con
Swindlin' and misogyny is what propelled this dude
cause right down to his core - this guy was really crude

A-livin' like a king with his kinfolk close at hand
He thought the title, President would suit him really grand
He colluded with the Kremlin for the nomination score
An' found himself a-walkin' thru the oval office door

The Manhattan Hillbillies [View all] n2doc Jul 2017 OP
+1000 smirkymonkey Jul 2017 #1
Just spotted this... Worth checking out magicarpet Jul 2017 #28
Something Sessions would certainly say... magicarpet Jul 2017 #29
Wow, lark Jul 2017 #41
LOL! Separated at birth! smirkymonkey Jul 2017 #37
LOL!! Duppers Jul 2017 #49
No bout adoubt it! democratisphere Jul 2017 #51
And I never noticed that Trump resembles the late Buddy Ebsen. maddiemom Jul 2017 #42
Jeez.... Well done especially Sessions/Granny magicarpet Jul 2017 #2
Right! Too Funny! bitterross Jul 2017 #39
A missed opportunity, though cyclonefence Jul 2017 #3
!!! Alice11111 Jul 2017 #32
Rec'd however KentuckyWoman Jul 2017 #4
Manhattan Hillbillies radical noodle Jul 2017 #9
Point well made. Alice11111 Jul 2017 #33
Calling that gang "hillbillies" is an insult to every last inhabitant of the Appalachian Mountains! Mountain Mule Jul 2017 #36
Kentucky: Clinton 32.7%, Trump 62.5% Total Pct. Trump +29.8% padfun Jul 2017 #38
Well, since the Clampett's are from the Missouri Ozarks, Appalachians can come off the ledge Hestia Jul 2017 #44
ROFL mdbl Jul 2017 #5
How about the Capital Hillbillies? louis c Jul 2017 #6
run for it bora13 Jul 2017 #52
Jed never sexually fondled his daughter like Donald did. keithbvadu2 Jul 2017 #7
Perfect. zentrum Jul 2017 #8
You're messing with me ProudLib72 Jul 2017 #10
The real Jethro was way better looking than Don Jr. too FakeNoose Jul 2017 #20
I just remember how Elly May had three things going for her ProudLib72 Jul 2017 #21
Yummy...and his eyes reflect intelligence Alice11111 Jul 2017 #34
He drained the swamp, and poured it into the cee-ment pond. sandensea Jul 2017 #11
LOL maddiemom Jul 2017 #43
That poor dog. OldRedneck Jul 2017 #12
Spilled my fucking coffee laughing so hard!! BigBearJohn Jul 2017 #13
You gave me a good laugh! Ohioboy Jul 2017 #14
That's perfect. Granny and Jed are the best. George II Jul 2017 #15
Lyrics Plucketeer Jul 2017 #16
Excellent lyrics! Lars39 Jul 2017 #17
Love it! montana_hazeleyes Jul 2017 #30
Bravo! Well done Plucketeer hedda_foil Jul 2017 #31
Wow. Lyrics are good. Alice11111 Jul 2017 #35
Calling Rocky Mountain Mike... not fooled Jul 2017 #56
...change worms Alice11111 Jul 2017 #57
ROFLLLLLLLLL!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2017 #40
I wish I could rec this! lunatica Jul 2017 #48
That's hilarious!!! calimary Jul 2017 #18
perfecto MiddleClass Jul 2017 #19
Steve Bannon as Mr. Drysdale? progressoid Jul 2017 #22
Don't forget "Miss Jane" Hathaway (Nancy Culp). maddiemom Jul 2017 #45
Priceless! Very clever! nt Honeycombe8 Jul 2017 #23
Outstanding! I guess Max Baer Jr is the only one still living from the original cast. Elwood P Dowd Jul 2017 #24
aka Fifth Avenue Trash dalton99a Jul 2017 #25
Priceless!!! oasis Jul 2017 #26
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Jul 2017 #27
Please! Soxfan58 Jul 2017 #46
One huge error relayerbob Jul 2017 #47
FANTASTIC! Duppers Jul 2017 #50
Made me laugh out loud n/t lordsummerisle Jul 2017 #53
Hilarious! peacebuzzard Jul 2017 #54
Cracked me up! peacebuzzard Jul 2017 #55
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