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We never would have desegregated the party zipplewrath Jul 2017 #1
Prove it Cary Jul 2017 #4
We knew the risk we were taking zipplewrath Jul 2017 #33
The GOP Southern Strategy was a GOP concept Gothmog Jul 2017 #9
What does one have to do with the other? George II Jul 2017 #13
We occasionally have to risk losing zipplewrath Jul 2017 #32
If the second leads to winning elections at the cost of standing for something, JCanete Jul 2017 #2
boring Cary Jul 2017 #3
what a fucking embarrassing response. Why pose a question if you don't want to engage in it? JCanete Jul 2017 #5
It was direct, to the point, and succinct Cary Jul 2017 #8
what I got out of it was that you didn't have an intelligent counterargument, so settled on petty. JCanete Jul 2017 #10
I see. My error. Cary Jul 2017 #12
boring and incredibly self-defeating and unrealistic. R B Garr Jul 2017 #6
And presumptuous Cary Jul 2017 #7
good job...put up a straw man you have no evidence for in anything I've said, and then have a circle JCanete Jul 2017 #11
This was an actual quote from an actual post.... R B Garr Jul 2017 #15
since you're quoting me, what does that quote mean to you that you object to? nt JCanete Jul 2017 #23
Purity and or Perfection sheshe2 Jul 2017 #19
Thanks She! Cary Jul 2017 #21
We will persist! sheshe2 Jul 2017 #25
Yes we will. brer cat Jul 2017 #29
:) sheshe2 Jul 2017 #31
+1 leftstreet Jul 2017 #20
In spite of some discord and discontent here, it appears we want to win elections. Cary Jul 2017 #14
Duh. Absent that, now and then, gilbert sullivan Jul 2017 #17
Are you suggesting the two choices are irrevocably gilbert sullivan Jul 2017 #16
I find Chuck Schumer today to be demoralizing Cary Jul 2017 #18
He's a politician, not a counselor leftstreet Jul 2017 #27
You're an anonymous poster on an internet board Cary Jul 2017 #28
LOL 'unfettered and undisciplined' n/t leftstreet Jul 2017 #22
Cry Cary Jul 2017 #24
Win first, evolve second. Eliot Rosewater Jul 2017 #26
*This* nt brer cat Jul 2017 #30
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