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Response to boston bean (Reply #1)

I know. Those women who are adamant their rights are protected sure are trollish. boston bean Aug 2017 #1
... LexVegas Aug 2017 #2
Right? And we've never had these exact same arguments here before ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #12
I recall women fearing this turn for about a year. And it was denied. But here it is out in the open boston bean Aug 2017 #15
Oh I am full of we told you so ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #35
++++++++ uppityperson Aug 2017 #17
Women's rights must be protected. kentuck Aug 2017 #27
It's not "purity" to only support those who support a woman's right to choose. uppityperson Aug 2017 #29
It seems that the argument being made here is that it's okay to accept someone Ninsianna Aug 2017 #66
+1 RGinNJ Aug 2017 #70
Boston Bean, BadgerMom Aug 2017 #34
Post removed Post removed Aug 2017 #42
Expecting rights over one's own body mercuryblues Aug 2017 #49
Exactly! Lunabell Aug 2017 #62
Alex for $500...going with Troll invasion.. HipChick Aug 2017 #3
Absolutely the purity test curfuffel snort Aug 2017 #68
Agree seeing the same everywhere lunasun Aug 2017 #103
Nope. Igel Aug 2017 #4
Exactly. I get slammed here often. Archae Aug 2017 #28
When women's right, pure isn't necessary. Populism, must be pure. I do not know if Du is changing. DoodAbides Aug 2017 #5
Who, on DU, is willing to give up women's rights?? kentuck Aug 2017 #11
Kentuck, I have had discussions with DUers DLevine Aug 2017 #98
Agree. kentuck Aug 2017 #105
+1 AgadorSparticus Aug 2017 #106
Yup I would support an anti abortion candidate in many districts Egnever Aug 2017 #110
I think this discussion is beneficial. kentuck Aug 2017 #111
What do you mean when you say 'Populism, must be pure'? Raine1967 Aug 2017 #47
Privileged Populism? nt DoodAbides Aug 2017 #48
Sure, how could you know if it's changing? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #57
Inquiring minds want to know!! Docreed2003 Aug 2017 #78
Yes they are. Democrats are noted for their diversity and that has always been a plus and a strength shraby Aug 2017 #6
Nothing more pragmatic than the support of equal rights and healthcare for all. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2017 #7
Recommended. H2O Man Aug 2017 #8
Total side note, but the weirdest thing I see watching the alt-right communities... Shandris Aug 2017 #13
Right. H2O Man Aug 2017 #79
This was a very nice post. MrsCoffee Aug 2017 #26
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2017 #81
I did the same, because unity at this point is the issue... countryjake Aug 2017 #107
Thanks, countryjake! H2O Man Aug 2017 #108
I haven't been here long Phoenix61 Aug 2017 #9
As a practical consideration, I would think 'pragmatic' would necessitate... Shandris Aug 2017 #10
Crazy isn't it? mercuryblues Aug 2017 #56
Excellent assessment. FarPoint Aug 2017 #14
Not sure what you are referring to. Fla Dem Aug 2017 #16
People like Howard Dean are no longer acceptable Democrats. kentuck Aug 2017 #19
Who says that on DU? Do you have an example? SharonClark Aug 2017 #86
Howard Dean went from calling for single-payer healthcare... Spider Jerusalem Aug 2017 #95
With the hack of DU, one has to wonder... Trial_By_Fire Aug 2017 #18
Yes. 6 months into liquid diamond Aug 2017 #20
It is NOT about purity tests. MoonRiver Aug 2017 #25
I doubt most of these posters liquid diamond Aug 2017 #31
wow mercuryblues Aug 2017 #64
Here's a very pragmatic take: Girard442 Aug 2017 #21
It's been this way since I first signed up in 2013 LostOne4Ever Aug 2017 #22
Yes DU is being infiltrated by scum trolls, MoonRiver Aug 2017 #23
I think that's just the nature of politics loyalsister Aug 2017 #24
I only think it's one issue that people non-pragmatic about. johhnydrama Aug 2017 #30
Greenland 20 feet - Antarctica 200 feet - Polar Ice cap when melted 0 feet. airplaneman Aug 2017 #51
Tough board to be new at. Quanta Aug 2017 #32
I joined back in 2008 and if you didn't have at least 1000 posts, you were suspect Kaleva Aug 2017 #37
not sure when i first joined. sometime after gwb was appointed tiredtoo Aug 2017 #41
Congrats! Quanta Aug 2017 #52
I didn't even know DU or other websites existed until after Feb when I came across them BigmanPigman Aug 2017 #45
I don't think we have healed from the 2016 primary or the general. hrmjustin Aug 2017 #33
You missed the hatred directed towards Stupak in 2010 Kaleva Aug 2017 #36
An anti-choice Dem is still better than a Republican Calculating Aug 2017 #38
Kentuck, for the most part I avoid those threads simply because they won't still_one Aug 2017 #39
nah. dont you remember the woodchucks? and the pony wars? mopinko Aug 2017 #40
You and Will Pitt replied to my 1st post in 2001 Nevernose Aug 2017 #43
Your perceptions about professionsl trolls may be right infullview Aug 2017 #44
Welcome locks Aug 2017 #59
You Have to Stand for Something Muneraven Aug 2017 #46
"If you don't stand H2O Man Aug 2017 #50
I stand for voting for the Dem candidate. Kaleva Aug 2017 #55
The domino theory Kaleva Aug 2017 #54
Distorted, blown up fake issue brought here and spread by our enemies. Hortensis Aug 2017 #116
Last year's divisiveness has made a lasting imprint on this site liberal N proud Aug 2017 #53
purists miscalculate Roy Rolling Aug 2017 #58
I know that corporations have departments devoted to tracking employees on social media diva77 Aug 2017 #60
Sometimes when people run for office I don't neccessarily blueinredohio Aug 2017 #61
It has been this way since I first signed up back in 2003. nt Quixote1818 Aug 2017 #63
I don't think DU has changed much. MerryBlooms Aug 2017 #65
+1000 DLevine Aug 2017 #96
and yet a pragmatic President Egnever Aug 2017 #112
He was willing to bring us into the fold and give us hope, MerryBlooms Aug 2017 #113
And yet if you refused to vote for him because he did not endorse gay marriage Egnever Aug 2017 #114
The purity test is an erosion of confidence tactic Bladewire Aug 2017 #67
The change you speak of... Snackshack Aug 2017 #69
We can thank Lujan and the DCCC for this latest round of contention Mountain Mule Aug 2017 #71
What other part of the platform should we give away? Lordquinton Aug 2017 #72
I agree 100% Kentuck. It is the absolutely ONLY reason why if you express Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2017 #73
Hard to say Blecht Aug 2017 #74
Well, let's see if I can clear things up with a couple of questions and their correct answers rock Aug 2017 #75
Bingo. dalton99a Aug 2017 #90
OK, am I the only one that can see that its not DU that is changing - if there really is a change LiberalLovinLug Aug 2017 #76
Ok but why are people trashed when they just say "i am pro-choice but I would vote for a pro-life johhnydrama Aug 2017 #84
You might be trashed, as you should be, for using the term 'pro-life' when the correct term is SharonClark Aug 2017 #85
I agree Rhiannon12866 Aug 2017 #87
Pro-life is a term that they use to describe themselves. johhnydrama Aug 2017 #101
I Come to the DU To Prove My Superior Intelligence Ccarmona Aug 2017 #77
There have always been purity ball debutantes. X_Digger Aug 2017 #80
Pragmatic is realizing you don't control any vote but your own Warpy Aug 2017 #82
No, it's not changing GaryCnf Aug 2017 #83
DU used to be more progressive IMO mvd Aug 2017 #88
DU has always been split hfojvt Aug 2017 #89
Losing to Donald Trump will do that to you Awsi Dooger Aug 2017 #91
Yes, it has changed. meadowlander Aug 2017 #92
Nah. It was a crappy thing that guy said, completely unnecessary, and the pushback is national ucrdem Aug 2017 #93
Make no mistake. A woman's right to choose is not debatable. kentuck Aug 2017 #94
My understanding is DCCC chairman Lujan says anti-choice candidates DLevine Aug 2017 #97
No. kentuck Aug 2017 #104
As usual, it's the details that get gritty krispos42 Aug 2017 #100
botskies & trollskies abound.. annabanana Aug 2017 #99
It still looks a lot like it did when I joined in 2008. MineralMan Aug 2017 #102
Specifics aside, the bullshit and games have stayed remarkably consistent over the years. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #109
yep pretty much the same steve2470 Aug 2017 #117
My take on that specific question- I know, a tall order- is not to compromise on the core values Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #119
I agree with you steve2470 Aug 2017 #120
The core logic of the anti-choice movement, in a nutshell Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #121
What did I miss in the OP? DFW Aug 2017 #115
Kentuck. I have viewed you as one of the leftmost members on DU. Blue_true Aug 2017 #118
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