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Thu Aug 10, 2017, 12:34 AM Aug 2017

The Story So Far [View all]

Since Trump’s inauguration, he has been proven to have lied over 600 times (and counting), insulted our allies, accused his predecessor of a felony, appointed incompetent cronies to cabinet and advisory positions, and has disclosed classified information to our enemies.

His poll numbers have consistently gone down (and continue to tank), elected GOP reps have to hide from angry constituents, and not a single campaign promise has been fulfilled.

He requires his daily briefings to be delivered in a single page of bullet points, while he spend his days watching TV, tweeting incoherent nonsense, and golfing. His lack of knowledge about literally everything – from history, to science, to world events – is beyond staggering. His stupidity has made him the butt of jokes the world over, and global leaders – as well as many US leaders – have taken to ignoring him completely.

Our nation is no longer seen as the “leader of the free world”, and the global respect we once enjoyed is now all but non-existent.

He consistently takes credit for things he didn’t accomplish, and gets his information from known “fake news” websites and TV networks, while dismissing respected journalists as liars when they report incontrovertible facts.

His ego is such that he demands daily reports of any positive news stories about him, and literally fabricates glowing comments allegedly delivered in phone calls proven to have never taken place.

He, along with his closest allies and family members, is under investigation, and several of his hand-picked cohorts have already had to resign their positions in disgrace.

Not only is he paranoid about Democrats attempting to undermine him, he is now equally paranoid about his own party, and has tossed his staunchest Republican supporters under the bus in order to excuse his own failings.

And now, on top of all of the aforementioned, his idiotic, ego-driven sabre-rattling bullshit is propelling us towards nuclear conflagration – probably in hopes that investigations into his proven Russian ties (which could, when all is said and done, lead to findings of unmistakable treason) will be derailed by a mushroom cloud.

So, GOP – tired of winning yet? Your Idiot-in-Chief said you would be – and yet, only six months in, it looks like you’re losing your supporters at the same rate your Messiah is losing his mind.

If you think things are going to “turn around”, that the petulant child you elected will suddenly become “presidential”, that the 74% of the country who doesn’t believe a word he says will start trusting him, that the entire world will somehow realize that a lying, know-nothing jerk-off is worth listening to, I would strongly suggest you think again.

I’ve heard it said that the Democrats can’t run in 2018 and 2020 on being anti-Trump alone. Well, guess what? The fact that you Republicans put Trump in the Oval Office in the first place just might be enough to bury you – and I predict it will.

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