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76. They all need names and towns posted for the whole world to see
Sat Aug 12, 2017, 07:34 PM
Aug 2017

they're chicken shits that's why they march after dark thinking they can hide so their parents won't see them

Every one of those assholes has a name. We need to know those names. MineralMan Aug 2017 #1
Hope they get a pink slip monday morning. Yes. I. do hope they are identified. riversedge Aug 2017 #5
Hello syringis Aug 2017 #21
If you get a pink slip blaze Aug 2017 #28
Thank you syringis Aug 2017 #30
Thanks for post. Correcto! riversedge Aug 2017 #32
Boxers? Do you mean doxxing? Ilsa Aug 2017 #39
I meant... syringis Aug 2017 #43
For what? They are swine but you can't fire them just for being there. Nt lostnfound Aug 2017 #72
You can pretty much fire anyone for anything in most states Big_K Aug 2017 #81
Absolutely. Every single one of those faces and names needs to be blasted across DK504 Aug 2017 #38
I really hate to harp on people's physical appearances... vi5 Aug 2017 #2
Here ya go leftstreet Aug 2017 #8
+1000 smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #14
I noticed a lot of these assholes DK504 Aug 2017 #41
I follow him on Twitter..he is a pretty straight shooter. n/t dixiegrrrrl Aug 2017 #75
I resemble that remark hfojvt Aug 2017 #20
Yes, but the issue with these guys is.... vi5 Aug 2017 #24
I remember the first time someone told me that Ilsa Aug 2017 #44
If this is the best the white race can offer up, it's no wonder we're going to be a minority soon NickB79 Aug 2017 #22
Heinrich Himmler was head of Hitler's SS. He could've been the model oasis Aug 2017 #77
He probably has a Tinder profile crazycatlady Aug 2017 #25
They dress to match Trump out golfing! It's the cool new alt-right look. L. Coyote Aug 2017 #56
Well, hell, now I have to throw out all my polo shirts Big_K Aug 2017 #82
YUP--here you go......... riversedge Aug 2017 #85
this actor agrees Skittles Aug 2017 #58
That is my new favorite video of all time. Iggo Aug 2017 #69
They're all the same. They've never done anything of value in their entire lives so they must catbyte Aug 2017 #62
The "Fighting Beer Guts" Botany Aug 2017 #3
And many are all decked out in Trumps gulf clothes. Tacky pants and white shirt. riversedge Aug 2017 #4
Ah leftstreet Aug 2017 #6
It's probably that one groups uniform underpants Aug 2017 #11
Instead of brown shirts they wear brown (khaki) pants. brush Aug 2017 #12
With brown stains?? madinmaryland Aug 2017 #46
damn! RoBear Aug 2017 #50
Several seemed to be wearing the same outfit. Just saying. riversedge Aug 2017 #37
Was just thinking Egnever Aug 2017 #18
Here you go..... riversedge Aug 2017 #40
Their hero! eom japple Aug 2017 #59
...and the guy on the right completing the stereotype with... Lucky Luciano Aug 2017 #47
Might be a small flip phone from 1999. Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2017 #73
No...below the phone is a perfect circle bulge! Lucky Luciano Aug 2017 #83
Good point. I hadn't noticed that. Tatiana Aug 2017 #23
Will do ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #7
I bet the reason why marched on UVA campus was a veiled threat at Robert Mueller maryellen99 Aug 2017 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Duppers Aug 2017 #35
That guy looks like he's 17. Initech Aug 2017 #10
Only in America would you find an asshole wearing a MAGA hat that was made in China or some politicaljunkie41910 Aug 2017 #13
If anyone ever wondered how average germans turned into Nazis this picture explains it clearly. bullimiami Aug 2017 #15
You are absolutely correct. FarPoint Aug 2017 #17
They have guns too FarPoint Aug 2017 #16
When I look at these crowds I ask myself this question every time. MuseRider Aug 2017 #19
Video on CNN right now--Guy wearing a TRUMP shirt at 56--57 seconds...... Bengus81 Aug 2017 #26
Thumps election brought these cockroaches out into the open kimbutgar Aug 2017 #27
Chinos and tiki torches. Skidmore Aug 2017 #29
KICK........... Bengus81 Aug 2017 #31
can you post a non-tweet link to picture? thanks ollie10 Aug 2017 #33
I'd say boycott their businessess... TheOther95Percent Aug 2017 #34
What? Bear Creek Aug 2017 #36
I see the fat while male MFM008 Aug 2017 #42
Can we cut the fat stuff? Adrahil Aug 2017 #52
I'm a fat white MFM008 Aug 2017 #64
I dont mind being called fat... Adrahil Aug 2017 #66
OK your right MFM008 Aug 2017 #68
Thanks! Nt Adrahil Aug 2017 #70
posted to facebook and twitter trueblue2007 Aug 2017 #45
MAGA caps are the new klan hood. irisblue Aug 2017 #48
More like the new armband rockfordfile Aug 2017 #61
Still covers the point on their head. irisblue Aug 2017 #63
Looks like tan/khaki pants were the order, if they had 'em. To distinguish from jeans liberals. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #49
Guy in the front proudly wearing his Make America Great Again hat. SummerSnow Aug 2017 #51
Terrorists for Trump!!! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2017 #53
So this is the dreaded "Wall of Meat" NBachers Aug 2017 #54
What's with the tiki torches? Harry Also Aug 2017 #55
Racists & Nazis buy tiki torches @ Pier 1, Home Decore & Home Depot. irisblue Aug 2017 #65
all they are missing is the white sheets Skittles Aug 2017 #57
From Brownshirts and Jackboots to Dockers C_U_L8R Aug 2017 #60
Pics DeminPennswoods Aug 2017 #67
Thanks for posting that montage. MineralMan Aug 2017 #74
So is FOX saying the rioter is really a Democrat? WinkyDink Aug 2017 #71
They all need names and towns posted for the whole world to see blueinredohio Aug 2017 #76
Lots of them are wearing the Trump golf uniform. n/t Raven Aug 2017 #78
That's exactly right JDC Aug 2017 #80
Antifa knows who these bastards are. The_Casual_Observer Aug 2017 #79
Don't forget the Trump golf attire......... riversedge Aug 2017 #84
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