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Miles Archer

(18,837 posts)
Wed Aug 16, 2017, 12:25 PM Aug 2017

Vermont white nationalist loses job at pizza chain after being spotted in Charlottesville [View all]

Vermont white nationalist loses job at pizza chain after being spotted in Charlottesville


The Burlington Free Press reports that Ryan Roy, who had worked as a cook at a South Burlington Pizzeria Uno, was fired from his job after activists identified him as an attendee at last week’s white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Ryan Roy has been terminated,” Skip Weldon, chief marketing officer for Pizzeria Uno, told the publication. “We are committed to the fair treatment of all people and the safety of our guests and employees at our restaurants.”

In an interview with the Free Press, Roy decried the liberal activists who got him fired from his job and alleged they weren’t tolerant of his belief that white Americans should have their own country that is separate from all racial minorities.

“I think it kind of just proves my point, proves a lot of what I think, not that I needed further proof,” Roy said. “I think it’s group think.”
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Loser! They're All Losers! MineralMan Aug 2017 #1
Yes, we as Americans are kind of intolerant of DICTATORSHITS and GENOCIDE. HughBeaumont Aug 2017 #2
That stupid Kim Jong-un haircut makes them easier to spot dalton99a Aug 2017 #3
Drive them to bankruptcy. Dawson Leery Aug 2017 #4
And they will still blame the Jews... toddwv Aug 2017 #73
Who is financing these fuckers? nt LexVegas Aug 2017 #5
I suspect there is a slush fund from Putin dalton99a Aug 2017 #7
You're right. That's the method used in his European operations too. PSPS Aug 2017 #16
Well, the Donald gets one, so why not Nazis? raven mad Aug 2017 #21
Yup. Couldn't agree more, 99. Well, puketin can support the whole effin lot of 'em once they Leghorn21 Aug 2017 #33
The hard right sites think Soros is paying them to act under a "false flag". . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2017 #24
There are plenty of affluent white supremacists. David__77 Aug 2017 #46
Tell this fucker to get back in the kitchen and make me a pizza... mreilly Aug 2017 #6
Now go home and get your shinebox. ret5hd Aug 2017 #28
He's got a future at Crackerbarrell, right? muntrv Aug 2017 #32
Or Hobby Lobby, or Chick-fil-A, or Koch Industries, or spooky3 Aug 2017 #52
Trump steaks? crazycatlady Aug 2017 #67
Didn't the Trumps need help picking grapes or something in their winery? phylny Aug 2017 #70
OMG, from the comments section of the article: phylny Aug 2017 #71
Irony is clearly deceased Cirque du So-What Aug 2017 #8
This is a great response to that ridiculous statement Salviati Aug 2017 #37
Spelling seems to be at death's door too. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2017 #54
Mr. Tiki Torch is accusing others of "group think?" HopeAgain Aug 2017 #9
Anyone noticed a trend? Lee-Lee Aug 2017 #10
I noticed, and was going to say something... Kleveland Aug 2017 #13
Chicago same . Food services and coworkers don't want this type lunasun Aug 2017 #60
Working class whites leftynyc Aug 2017 #15
Of course not Egnever Aug 2017 #18
Can we not lump everyone in who works, say, in a restaurant, as a "failure"? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #49
+1 spooky3 Aug 2017 #51
+2 hibbing Aug 2017 #53
No disrespect intended to restaurant workers Egnever Aug 2017 #59
Yeah, I suspect you're onto something there. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #66
thank you; and some of us who work in restaurants have multiple college degrees... there is nothing TheFrenchRazor Aug 2017 #74
Yes, very interesting. They all seem to be under-employed, young white men smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #20
I agree. IrishEyes Aug 2017 #35
Oh, absolutely spot on. raven mad Aug 2017 #22
+1 uponit7771 Aug 2017 #44
If we could really delve into these 'men' I would bet most have trouble with the opposite sex. rurallib Aug 2017 #55
I would bet prior arrest records lunasun Aug 2017 #61
The doctors and teachers and lawyers Nevernose Aug 2017 #58
You ignorant bastards want your own lily white country? Kleveland Aug 2017 #11
Antarctica is very white this time of year IronLionZion Aug 2017 #29
Great idea! Kleveland Aug 2017 #50
How About That Colony On Mars? ProfessorGAC Aug 2017 #63
They can grow potatoes IronLionZion Aug 2017 #69
This message was self-deleted by its author TrishaJ Aug 2017 #12
Restaurant workers? Johnny2X2X Aug 2017 #14
I think its group think. Solly Mack Aug 2017 #17
Fuck off, Nazi loser. NT Adrahil Aug 2017 #19
He can have his own country without minorities. Right in the Nuremburg prison. shraby Aug 2017 #23
Yes it's group think. muntrv Aug 2017 #25
Ryan did nazi that coming underpants Aug 2017 #26
What do you bet that his co workers are happy he's gone? kimbutgar Aug 2017 #27
I will bet his coworkers are happy IrishEyes Aug 2017 #30
He's a Nazi,with a face like a horses ass. Ahhh the old Limbaugh Nazi song!! Bengus81 Aug 2017 #31
It's funny because almost all the people outed so far Blue_Tires Aug 2017 #34
These folks really seem to have solid careers... brooklynite Aug 2017 #36
Well they would have if all those minorities and women hadn't snapped up all the smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #47
They seem to be very young crazycatlady Aug 2017 #68
ALL HANDS --- We need to identify this man TODAY. L. Coyote Aug 2017 #38
It's Donald F'ing Trump!!!! Weekend Warrior Aug 2017 #42
"turning the United States back into a white country," Tanuki Aug 2017 #39
You gotta like his African tribe inspired ear stretch piercings... tenderfoot Aug 2017 #40
"they werent tolerant of his belief" Weekend Warrior Aug 2017 #41
Time to go work in the fields or chicken factory... Phentex Aug 2017 #43
Yeah Gothmog Aug 2017 #45
I have a brilliant idea, since you guys are facing backlash at every turn . . . ATL Ebony Aug 2017 #48
There are many non bigot whites and minorities who work these type of jobs JI7 Aug 2017 #56
i wouldn't want him near my food source.....yuck spanone Aug 2017 #57
how does someone like that think they're better than other people Skittles Aug 2017 #62
Great now who's going to employ the superior race. Corvo Bianco Aug 2017 #64
Maybe he shouldn't have been a nazi Bettie Aug 2017 #65
We fought a war to keep Nazi scumfucks off our soils, remember? Initech Aug 2017 #72
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