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101. What good is believing in the truth of global warming while supporting more arctic oil drilling,
Sat Jul 14, 2012, 09:35 PM
Jul 2012

drilling in national parks, tar sands extraction, and natural gas for America for the next 100 years? All things which add to global warming.

I understand the Republican positions are even worse, because they might also try to kill investments in renewables.

And yet the positions of some Democrat are only slightly less horrible, and they are still letting the oil companies do what they want to make maximum profit. The environmental costs are being pushed off onto the people as usual. We all pay the price for their greed.

Science may be an objective truth. But power often decides which studies are done, and power decides what is accepted as true. The scientific people and studies can be corrupted by pressures just like any other people. If there are a stack of reports that say fracking causes groundwater contamination, and a stack of papers that says the opposite, then political power decides the winner. In our world that usually means the rich and powerful win.

K&R for telling of the Denialists AND the Woo-Woos! Odin2005 Jul 2012 #1
You know it! Tired of science getting trashed and the denialists. n/t Avalux Jul 2012 #2
Science doesn't yet provide all the answers to many deep questions ... spin Jul 2012 #3
Wrong ! RagAss Jul 2012 #4
That is basically true today ... spin Jul 2012 #8
Why should science have to deal with morality? vanlassie Jul 2012 #5
I totally agee. (n/t) spin Jul 2012 #9
Morality falls under the umbrella of psychology and sociology MattBaggins Jul 2012 #60
Philosophy has more to do with ethics & morality. DirkGently Jul 2012 #89
This message was self-deleted by its author Avalux Jul 2012 #10
Well I don't agree that I've tried to do anything except respond to the statement vanlassie Jul 2012 #14
I'm so sorry!! Avalux Jul 2012 #15
No problem-o! vanlassie Jul 2012 #16
Science doesn't deal with morality, period. MattBaggins Jul 2012 #61
What i've found... Scootaloo Jul 2012 #26
"many strains of Buddhism don't regard women as human" ? mmonk Jul 2012 #33
I was wondering that as well. white_wolf Jul 2012 #83
There are deep questions. Science doesn't know "the meaning of life." DirkGently Jul 2012 #56
Science doesn't know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch either MattBaggins Jul 2012 #63
Although I think there was a test regarding going Cuckoo for Coco-Puffs. DirkGently Jul 2012 #67
Life doesn't NEED a meaning. FrodosPet Jul 2012 #80
That's a philosophy. One of many possible. DirkGently Jul 2012 #93
No, we don't know everything. But we CAN. Scootaloo Jul 2012 #73
Uh, no. Philosophy is simply a different discipline. DirkGently Jul 2012 #74
Limiting if you think bullshit deserves a place next to fact, yes. Scootaloo Jul 2012 #82
That is a stunningly ludicrous definition of philosophy. DirkGently Jul 2012 #87
Ethics are actually instinctual Scootaloo Jul 2012 #90
Science doesn't observe "what's already there?" DirkGently Jul 2012 #92
+1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x Infinity! Odin2005 Jul 2012 #58
^^This^^ nt mr blur Jul 2012 #68
Science does a great job dealing with morality. Religion sucks at it Major Nikon Jul 2012 #28
Philosophy discusses ethics, and science explains ethics Scootaloo Jul 2012 #29
No, science explains (or is in the process of explaining) Quantess Jul 2012 #31
Yes quantum physics is a fascinating subject ... spin Jul 2012 #65
No, I cannot wrap my mind around some of it! But it is fun trying! Quantess Jul 2012 #71
It seems to show that once what was considered impossible is actually possible ... spin Jul 2012 #72
Well it does provide answers for a lot of those things 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #43
Science in fact can deal with questions of morality MattBaggins Jul 2012 #59
History shows that both science and religion have sometimes been misused ... spin Jul 2012 #66
Science has actually contributed a great deal to our understanding of morality. LeftyMom Jul 2012 #84
The misuse of both science and religion have led to unnecessary war ... spin Jul 2012 #86
Yes, it does. We're just not there yet. nt RedCappedBandit Jul 2012 #97
While I agree with you concerning global climate change and its cause, MadHound Jul 2012 #6
Science is about a different kind of truth pwhtckll Jul 2012 #17
Excellent. It's a process. NOT "objective truth." DirkGently Jul 2012 #91
I agree. Well said. Your post should not have been bypassed. Festivito Jul 2012 #21
Yes. It's incredibly arrogant to pretend science is even objective. DirkGently Jul 2012 #88
I think Indiana Jones would agree with me on this one derby378 Jul 2012 #7
Not exactly. immoderate Jul 2012 #11
Semantics; you and I obviously have differing perceptions about the meaning of the word. Avalux Jul 2012 #12
However as we learn more, scientific theories often change. ... spin Jul 2012 #18
I know what you're saying.... Avalux Jul 2012 #19
I believe we will understand far more about dark matter in 20 to 50 years ... spin Jul 2012 #25
I think so too. Avalux Jul 2012 #38
I'm extremely concerned about our educational system ... spin Jul 2012 #46
Science is open to change when new information becomes available. The people who don't believe libinnyandia Jul 2012 #76
That "truth" that may not exist? MattBaggins Jul 2012 #64
Therein lies the problem derby378 Jul 2012 #75
DU needs an Objectivism forum. bananas Jul 2012 #13
Science doesn't teach us to do something about it. tinrobot Jul 2012 #20
That is true. I agree with you completely. Avalux Jul 2012 #23
Can you say objectively why the Big Bang happened? (nt) Nye Bevan Jul 2012 #22
Nope, not why. Avalux Jul 2012 #24
You only BELIEVE that science explains true rules. Kablooie Jul 2012 #27
Sorry I don't agree. Belief has nothing to do with it. n/t Avalux Jul 2012 #37
Insider Report on Big Pharma’s Corrupt Marketing and Phony Science HiPointDem Jul 2012 #30
I somewhat agree with this insider report.... Avalux Jul 2012 #36
Is it an objective truth that this planet needs a caretaker? GeorgeGist Jul 2012 #32
No it isn't. However....human beings have the ability to think and reason. Avalux Jul 2012 #34
I would reframe this as "Science is the Only Pramatic Truth" aikoaiko Jul 2012 #35
Pragmatic works too. Avalux Jul 2012 #39
Is the concept of human equality pragmatic? DirkGently Jul 2012 #94
Yes, I would say the concept of human equality is pragmatic. aikoaiko Jul 2012 #98
so according to you 100 degree weather and tornadoes hfojvt Jul 2012 #40
You've taken the liberty of making assumptions about me in your post. Avalux Jul 2012 #42
+ 10 | You beat me to it. man4allcats Jul 2012 #44
Yep. If you look at data over the past 30 years, there is definitely a worldwide trend. Avalux Jul 2012 #49
you didn't mention a worldwide trend hfojvt Jul 2012 #45
Sorry, you are dead wrong. Avalux Jul 2012 #47
it is tiring isn't it hfojvt Jul 2012 #55
What are you talking about? Avalux Jul 2012 #57
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. Swede Jul 2012 #41
And I will say to that....science is beautiful. Avalux Jul 2012 #48
Given that some 70% of Americans believe that angels coalition_unwilling Jul 2012 #50
Um, no. Viking12 Jul 2012 #51
Now now, don't hit and run, If you're going to say that as a counter to my post, explain. Avalux Jul 2012 #52
Philosphy 201: Epsitemic Systems Viking12 Jul 2012 #53
I am familiar with epsitemic philosophy and you still didn't answer me... Avalux Jul 2012 #54
There is no such thing as "objective truth"... you know what that statement sounds like? Warren DeMontague Jul 2012 #77
No! Magic underwear is the only TRUTH! randome Jul 2012 #62
What about a mothers intuition? 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #69
The most significant thing about the scientific method is hifiguy Jul 2012 #70
Nature is the only truth. longship Jul 2012 #78
What about math? THAT seems like the only real truth to me. FrodosPet Jul 2012 #79
MEASUREMENT is objective truth. Speck Tater Jul 2012 #81
Doesn't quantum physics say otherwise? DirkGently Jul 2012 #96
Oh, you're right, of course! Speck Tater Jul 2012 #99
Only applies to quantum physics Confusious Jul 2012 #102
GW deniers the same as Tobacco causes cancer deniers 30 years ago. ErikJ Jul 2012 #85
Utter nonsense. All observations are ultimately from our SUBJECTIVE P.O.V. The very subjects we Romulox Jul 2012 #95
Having worked at NIH for a few years deutsey Jul 2012 #100
These people going on about "ONLY truth!!!!" can't even define the word "truth"! Romulox Jul 2012 #106
What good is believing in the truth of global warming while supporting more arctic oil drilling, limpyhobbler Jul 2012 #101
I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. grantcart Jul 2012 #103
Are you confusing objective with subjective? JNelson6563 Jul 2012 #107
I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. grantcart Jul 2012 #103
I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. grantcart Jul 2012 #105
Amen! Zyzafyx Jul 2012 #108
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