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80. Ahh, well then. I suppose I'm out.
Thu Aug 24, 2017, 08:01 PM
Aug 2017

I have always made a habit of not staying places I'm not wanted, and apparently I'm not good enough to be here now since I didn't bother to go stand in line in a city with 1000:1 Trump sign advantages (and which he won by a monstrous percentage). I'm not quite certain how one leaps from not voting in a state that wasn't even remotely competitive to 'enabling Trump', but it is what it is.

I suppose that's that. Time for some goodbyes.

...damn, I literally have no friends here anyway. The last person who emailed me was 3 years ago. Okay, on to a few callouts of a good-natured spirit.

Malaise, your spirit is refreshing, but sometimes you make some really fantastical leaps. I think your posts would be better if you spent just a bit more time reflecting on emotion first (which is NOT the same as removing it, don't do that!).
DemocratSinceBirth, I don't know why but some of your posts really strike me as trollish, but entertainingly so. Keep up the good work.
TheFerret, everyone else has told you how good you are, I can only repeat it. Best of luck.
LaPucelle, love the name. Amazing show, wasn't it?
KPete, I like how you set the hook.
OmahaSteve, thanks for all the bird pics. I hope your treatments go well, sincerely.
Yui Yoshida, thank you for making the Asian forum so very interesting. さようなら。
And many, many others that I can't think of right now: thanks for all the memories. 2004-2017 and the Library of Congress isn't a bad record.

And finally to the feminist brigade, many of whom I believe have me on ignore, primarily (I think) from some comments and questions I had years ago: keep up the good fight. I've finally found someone who could help me get caught up on what ya'll were trying to talk about. I think we, as women, need to make sure we are actually giving people the resources to look up on what we talk about; far too often there seems to be an 'educate yourself' mindset, which only works when there's a list of materials (and no, Google isn't it! You'll pull up so much weirdness that way, holy Goddess...) to start with or someone to talk with personally. But for our disagreements in the past, I've come around on. The nature of ignore, of course, makes it impossible to see people evolve like that, but that's just how it goes. Good luck, sisters.

And now, someone kindly inform Skinner to shut down my account, please, since there's some desperation to be rid of us. OH...and to the gravedancers. No, I haven't learned any lessons. Purity spiralling is idiotic. The Nazi's are cresting 9% approval with a well-known 10% tipping point, and you idiots want to purity spiral? Well, have at it.

Well, there's your answer I guess, but ... dawg Aug 2017 #1
at a minimum, those who would have voted for hillary but couldn't due to age, non-citizenship, unblock Aug 2017 #4
I don't think Skinner meant to exclude them wryter2000 Aug 2017 #7
In his initial post he said those eligible to vote for her. seaglass Aug 2017 #82
I agree. We need to reach some of those non-Clinton voters. Jim Lane Aug 2017 #8
I agree we should welcome repentant trump/3rd party voters... Beartracks Aug 2017 #16
Why would they even be on a Democratic site? SharonClark Aug 2017 #17
Looking for redemption. Beartracks Aug 2017 #23
To disrupt probably nt Progressive dog Aug 2017 #118
Anyone repentant would have a thick enough skin radius777 Aug 2017 #100
There is nothing I would believe from them except, "Here's why I voted for Trump: Squinch Aug 2017 #47
I think you're oversimplifying. At least I hope you are. Jim Lane Aug 2017 #116
And I believe that is all bullshit. No one voted for Trump(R) for those reasons. They could not have Squinch Aug 2017 #117
I'm glad you're not running this site Progressive dog Aug 2017 #119
K/R Maven Aug 2017 #2
I terminated communication with five I have known for twenty years HAB911 Aug 2017 #3
Amen to that! demosincebirth Aug 2017 #6
Strategically not a great idea Reiyuki Aug 2017 #12
As far as this site is concerned it's moot HAB911 Aug 2017 #20
Focus on nonvoters and young voters? (nt) Reiyuki Aug 2017 #22
for me, yes HAB911 Aug 2017 #24
That seems to be the right step, IMO mcar Aug 2017 #44
Yes. If someone voted for Trump(R), we're never going to get them, and frankly we don't want them. Squinch Aug 2017 #48
Post removed Post removed Aug 2017 #40
After a few informed discussions is perfectly rational and strategic to "move on" - some are so bettyellen Aug 2017 #35
Skinner is correct. Neither the alt-left or alt-right want radius777 Aug 2017 #99
Me, too. hamsterjill Aug 2017 #38
Hmm. Iggo Aug 2017 #5
Thank you, Skinner. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2017 #9
Happy Dance! sheshe2 Aug 2017 #10
Let's hope they learned a lesson DownriverDem Aug 2017 #11
They don't learn, though. murielm99 Aug 2017 #13
The Nader experience shows that they DO learn. Jim Lane Aug 2017 #36
Exactly. And naive is a kind description. R B Garr Aug 2017 #55
Only some admitted Stein voters still post here BainsBane Aug 2017 #14
I think, perhaps, the statement might be modified to: Stonepounder Aug 2017 #15
Well said, Stonepounder. nt kstewart33 Aug 2017 #19
Why should I welcome someone who voted for Stein or wrote in? Blue_true Aug 2017 #84
Well, maybe because ... Stonepounder Aug 2017 #94
Look, people like that refuse to budge. Blue_true Aug 2017 #97
Like you? n/t Stonepounder Aug 2017 #98
No. Blue_true Aug 2017 #110
Is that how Atticus became a racist? Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2017 #101
I have no interest in speaking to greens Tavarious Jackson Aug 2017 #131
So, we are no longer the 'big tent'. Stonepounder Aug 2017 #103
Here are the Terms of Service concerning supporting Democrats in the GE. lapucelle Aug 2017 #108
IMHO, DU would not survive another period like the many months of hell that we experienced in 2016. kstewart33 Aug 2017 #18
Agreed oberliner Aug 2017 #25
The nastiness was driven by people that never bought into democratic core values. Blue_true Aug 2017 #86
Yup...Progressive Underground is not the name here...and the election rules are clear too... Moostache Aug 2017 #30
2016 was horrible, but I think the 2008 primary was worse. MoonRiver Aug 2017 #66
At least that stopped after the primary nini Aug 2017 #83
Yes, that is a very significant difference. MoonRiver Aug 2017 #85
Of course not gratuitous Aug 2017 #21
The OP is a direct quote of a question to and a reponse from Skinner. lapucelle Aug 2017 #105
The unofficial rules are a lot more byzantine than that. Bonx Aug 2017 #26
The real answer is NO.... Joe Nation Aug 2017 #27
As it should be! lunamagica Aug 2017 #28
Well, that's certainly a relief. Glad to hear it! NurseJackie Aug 2017 #29
Post removed Post removed Aug 2017 #31
Refighting the primaries is also not allowed here, so will not respond. bettyellen Aug 2017 #32
no refighting the primaries obamanut2012 Aug 2017 #33
Seems like the poster took the hidden thread and posted it again verbatim in another thread! Squinch Aug 2017 #52
K&R stonecutter357 Aug 2017 #34
People who could have voted, but who didn't vote for Clinton, marybourg Aug 2017 #37
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with that. flibbitygiblets Aug 2017 #42
My granddaughter wasn't old enough to vote. GeorgeGist Aug 2017 #39
Well, there's common sense interpretations of the rule Bradical79 Aug 2017 #57
I'm NOT one, but what about those annabanana Aug 2017 #41
No one would know who people voted for unless they tell you BumRushDaShow Aug 2017 #45
(which is a good thing, I think). . . . n/t annabanana Aug 2017 #121
I suspect that the percentage of... pat_k Aug 2017 #64
Just like the TOS states mcar Aug 2017 #43
2 obvious exceptions karynnj Aug 2017 #46
wish that statement would have been made BEFORE I donated... wont make that mistake again! kcdoug1 Aug 2017 #49
Live and learn, eh? NurseJackie Aug 2017 #50
I just donated again Phentex Aug 2017 #111
+1 RelativelyJones Aug 2017 #51
I voted for HRC Plucketeer Aug 2017 #53
Grammar police alert: The order of the words should be "welcome only" John1956PA Aug 2017 #54
It's a direct quote from a different OP, but thanks. N/T lapucelle Aug 2017 #62
I wrote neither the question nor the response. lapucelle Aug 2017 #120
I did realize that Skinner wrote the sentence. I regret not specifying that you were not the author John1956PA Aug 2017 #128
"Only" functions as an adverb in your first example. lapucelle Aug 2017 #130
K&R! Thanks, lapucelle. R B Garr Aug 2017 #56
This concept doesn't deserve to be 3 of the top 5 trending threads MrPurple Aug 2017 #58
Why not? NurseJackie Aug 2017 #59
Nothing against those who posted, but 3 simultaneous threads reiterating the same basic concept MrPurple Aug 2017 #60
I doubt it was coordinated. But... NurseJackie Aug 2017 #61
It is NOT a "closed issue" unworthy of discussion. pat_k Aug 2017 #65
Who are you quoting? Who said anything about a "closed issue" ... NurseJackie Aug 2017 #67
"I'm sure it will die down" and "smattering of dissent, complaints, and whattabouts,"... pat_k Aug 2017 #68
Your argument is probably something best taken up with Skinner, not me. Although... NurseJackie Aug 2017 #70
Skinner's statement reflects a belief I find extremely problematic. pat_k Aug 2017 #71
Wrong if you vote Green, you do not belong on a Democratic website. Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #72
I'll wait for Skinner to tell me my vote for McKinney... pat_k Aug 2017 #74
Vote Democratic always. Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #106
Start here... NurseJackie Aug 2017 #73
I'm sending DU mail to Skinner. pat_k Aug 2017 #75
I think that's a good idea. NurseJackie Aug 2017 #76
... LexVegas Aug 2017 #63
Good. brer cat Aug 2017 #69
I know! Right? But there's a LOT of hair-splitting and "whatabouts"... NurseJackie Aug 2017 #79
I seem to think so Victor_c3 Aug 2017 #77
#ImWithSkinner TeamPooka Aug 2017 #78
Ahh, well then. I suppose I'm out. Shandris Aug 2017 #80
Gee my friend, if that was a death scene in a movie, would would have needed another shooting. 😳 Blue_true Aug 2017 #88
Goodbye! n/t kcr Aug 2017 #104
You either did, or you wish you did. No in-betweens Corvo Bianco Aug 2017 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author Raine1967 Aug 2017 #87
What about people who changed their minds????? This seems like a stupid policy. LAS14 Aug 2017 #89
Lapucelle is and has always been a Hillary supporter. sheshe2 Aug 2017 #91
What about people who changed their minds???? This seems like a stupid policy. LAS14 Aug 2017 #90
Changed their minds from voting Trump? mcar Aug 2017 #92
There's a super wide variety of people in the world. Of COURSE there are people who could... LAS14 Aug 2017 #93
No, we're not mcar Aug 2017 #95
It only matters if said Trump enablers bring it up ecstatic Aug 2017 #96
That's my thought. Anybody upset by this rule is a disruptor. yardwork Aug 2017 #132
Thanks for this, KTM. elleng Aug 2017 #102
Well, it certainly seems that way, thankfully! NurseJackie Aug 2017 #107
Well... it appears that Skinner has now clarified his original comments. NurseJackie Aug 2017 #109
That was his "double down" of his original statement. George II Aug 2017 #112
I believe you're correct. (I welcome BOTH statements... don't you?) NurseJackie Aug 2017 #115
Indeed I do. George II Aug 2017 #129
It is very clear. Anyone who voted in 2016, and refused to vote for the Democratic nominee in still_one Aug 2017 #114
Great question, why indeed. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #123
Give it a rest already. Cary Aug 2017 #125
So kids, if you're considering registering to vote... Orsino Aug 2017 #113
I caucused for Hillary when she and Obama were in the primary Horse with no Name Aug 2017 #122
Good point still_one Aug 2017 #124
I agree that we need to look forward, but disrupters are already at work. yardwork Aug 2017 #126
I agree Horse with no Name Aug 2017 #127
Bookmarking this OP and the ATA OP! Madam45for2923 Aug 2017 #133
omg! THANK YOU skinner orleans Aug 2017 #134
This is not a site for BOB or stein voters Gothmog Aug 2017 #135
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