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82. Like most Limbeciles, you've got it backward
Wed Jul 18, 2012, 08:04 AM
Jul 2012

Your problem is not the poor taking some subsistence from the pittance you pay in taxes. Your problem is that your employer doesn't pay you enough for your hard work to feed your family.

Also, the taxes of others pay for the roads you use to get to your slave-like job, the clean water that comes from your tap, the schools you attended (though you seem to have gotten little from them), the FDA that makes sure the medicine you take for your paranoid delusions is safe, and so on. You get back way more than you pay

Finally, believing what you hear on Hate Radio and Fox "News" is a mental illness. If your job affords you health insurance, you should take advantage of it and try to re-initiate contact with reality.

Outstanding! nt aaaaaa5a Jul 2012 #1
Thank you. :) n/t Cerridwen Jul 2012 #2
Given that... mia Jul 2012 #3
"choose to do nothing but collect government benefits" Cerridwen Jul 2012 #4
Bring it on, Cerridwen. mia Jul 2012 #9
Nope. Cerridwen Jul 2012 #10
You're the one casting blame. mia Jul 2012 #12
Stating facts is "casting blame"? Cerridwen Jul 2012 #13
okay mia Jul 2012 #14
I'll excuse this. You're obviously drunk. kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #73
I'm going to say it straight up. lapislzi Jul 2012 #96
Your post is correct on all counts. 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #117
Fine, then. lapislzi Jul 2012 #147
I think you have that utterly, completely backwards. Chorophyll Jul 2012 #103
I always tell people to look inside, up and around. Media and RW talk tell us to admire the UP, freshwest Jul 2012 #31
Guess you're tired of getting water from the tap that won't poison you, kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #71
Like most Limbeciles, you've got it backward Doctor_J Jul 2012 #82
then you should hate DonCoquixote Jul 2012 #109
I guess it's way too late to say... nicky187 Jul 2012 #110
May I ask you a question? 2ndAmForComputers Jul 2012 #118
Grover, is that you? n/t Enrique Jul 2012 #124
then get the fuck out of our society frylock Jul 2012 #143
Well the profits you pay ... GeorgeGist Jul 2012 #152
And exactly what are we entitled to since none of us produced much of what we own directly? dkf Jul 2012 #5
What belongs to me is anything that I have done through working. mia Jul 2012 #15
So no inheritances? treestar Jul 2012 #53
You earn what those who are wealthier than you choose to pay you. JDPriestly Jul 2012 #62
Aren't you virtuous. lapislzi Jul 2012 #97
Huh? arcane1 Jul 2012 #6
I'm tired. mia Jul 2012 #16
Oh Bullshit treestar Jul 2012 #49
Yeah. Let the poor starve. kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #74
Yes, there are scammers. xmas74 Jul 2012 #92
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jul 2012 #94
YUP ... those hiding their money in off-shore accounts. JoePhilly Jul 2012 #102
Wow. The ultra-rich are the biggest scammers of all. Chorophyll Jul 2012 #105
I know 1 person scamming the system and whole lot more who aren't. You want to sacrifice all for uppityperson Jul 2012 #121
I'm a welfare case worker, and you couldn't be more wrong. arbusto_baboso Jul 2012 #123
Introduce me to this creature of hearsay. TalkingDog Jul 2012 #11
Could be unclear on the concept of work. mia Jul 2012 #17
It's not that they don't try treestar Jul 2012 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jul 2012 #112
What percentage do you think that "don't even try"? uppityperson Jul 2012 #122
"I got mine, yer on yer own"? Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #19
I prefer mia Jul 2012 #21
And apparently how to make his own pole, too. Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #22
Great idea. mia Jul 2012 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jul 2012 #113
Apparently poverty is cured by fish. Who knew? DevonRex Jul 2012 #135
What can I say, DevonRex. You have no pole and you have no fish, Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #141
Maybe If You Worked Less, That Would Create A Job for the Unemployed Yavin4 Jul 2012 #126
Got a modern equivalent of that? DevonRex Jul 2012 #134
Yes they should Hippo_Tron Jul 2012 #20
I believe that there are more than a few who game the system. mia Jul 2012 #24
I'll be sure and share your thoughts with my sister who is disabled proud2BlibKansan Jul 2012 #27
I don't know anyone with real disabilities who collect this money. mia Jul 2012 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author HangOnKids Jul 2012 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jul 2012 #111
"I pass them on the way to my second job as they walk their dogs." SunsetDreams Jul 2012 #30
I'm talking about people who live in my condominium complex mia Jul 2012 #34
Oh I see, SunsetDreams Jul 2012 #35
It's a small condo - 9 units. mia Jul 2012 #39
So when you say "They" SunsetDreams Jul 2012 #40
Of course PETRUS Jul 2012 #37
Scammers at the top win the prize. mia Jul 2012 #41
Biggest scammers by far are corporate/govt cronies like Blackwater, Haliburton and hundreds of other ErikJ Jul 2012 #46
"That's why we need govt make work and training programs." mia Jul 2012 #72
Why are you even here at DU? rhiannon55 Jul 2012 #99
If they're in foreclosure and not paying condo fees for years, why haven't they been evicted? Hippo_Tron Jul 2012 #42
Condos have expenses that must be paid mia Jul 2012 #48
If people are living in your condo and not paying the fees, you and others in the condo JDPriestly Jul 2012 #65
Bully for you for owning a condo. Too bad you didn't pay any attention at all kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #77
What? MainlyLurking Jul 2012 #84
The poster in question is in a hysterical snit over people kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #101
Promote the general welfare MainlyLurking Jul 2012 #106
i think the majority position here is that mia is full of bullshit frylock Jul 2012 #144
Then foreclose on the bank or whomever holds title. The assoc. lien will be superior. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2012 #129
Not all disabilities put one in a wheelchair. Flatulo Jul 2012 #63
Thank you for your post. mia Jul 2012 #70
I'm sure you sincerely believe that some of your neighbors are gaming the system, Flatulo Jul 2012 #80
And you know that because you Ms. Toad Jul 2012 #138
Powerful post SunsetDreams Jul 2012 #75
Thanks. I still consider myself lucky. I Look at these poor kids coming back Flatulo Jul 2012 #79
Thank you for wishing my elderly great-grandparents had starved, kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author LaurenG Jul 2012 #95
This post was alerted on. The jury voted 4/2 to let it stand. ohiosmith Jul 2012 #119
I'm glad it was left to stand. Cerridwen Jul 2012 #120
I am with you, largely. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #146
Everyone on social security, everyone getting vets benefits are "pathological liars", don't want to uppityperson Jul 2012 #125
can this same logic MrDiaz Jul 2012 #81
Well lets see here Hippo_Tron Jul 2012 #133
how you got that from this post is beyond me ibegurpard Jul 2012 #33
The infrastructure is provided for all. mia Jul 2012 #54
NO one chooses that treestar Jul 2012 #52
There aren't two types of people. mia Jul 2012 #58
BS you have stated in terms of people who pay in and people who take out treestar Jul 2012 #60
I don't agree with your interpretation. mia Jul 2012 #64
I agree with you LiberalAndProud Jul 2012 #128
well done!!! Bluerthanblue Jul 2012 #7
Thank you. :) Cerridwen Jul 2012 #8
Nice job! Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #18
Thanks, Ruby. n/t Cerridwen Jul 2012 #86
He conceived himself and gave birth to himself, too. Zalatix Jul 2012 #23
Yeah, who needs women anyway? They're just annoying and they always need something. calimary Jul 2012 #26
Awesome OP. Can we share it? freshwest Jul 2012 #28
Thank you and yes, please feel free to share. Cerridwen Jul 2012 #83
A fucking miracle. lonestarnot Jul 2012 #32
K&R awesome post! SunsetDreams Jul 2012 #36
You're very kind. Thank you. n/t Cerridwen Jul 2012 #87
brilliant Demonaut Jul 2012 #38
thanks Cerridwen Jul 2012 #88
I get it. Success is not possible without some degree of government involvement. cherokeeprogressive Jul 2012 #43
As Hillary said, It takes a village Yeah Its Spin Jul 2012 #45
Ya know - I'm not sure Hillary was talking about becoming successful in business. cherokeeprogressive Jul 2012 #47
bootstrapping schools ;) Yeah Its Spin Jul 2012 #51
Otay... cherokeeprogressive Jul 2012 #55
Ok, the bootstrapping schools part first... Yeah Its Spin Jul 2012 #59
The class one is born into treestar Jul 2012 #56
I think people are reacting to a couple of things. PETRUS Jul 2012 #61
How do you define successful? JDPriestly Jul 2012 #68
Actually, if you'll read my OP rather than sticking on Cerridwen Jul 2012 #85
here's one definition of successful hfojvt Jul 2012 #98
I checked your edit and the video came up for me. (edit) Cerridwen Jul 2012 #100
Opportunity is what seperates those who make it, and those who don't. I know. JoePhilly Jul 2012 #104
Because there is no common definition for success - haele Jul 2012 #115
It's a good question, but a head start doesn't hurt. LiberalAndProud Jul 2012 #145
People that ask that question are rarely happy with the answer. JoeyT Jul 2012 #153
My personal observation FlaGranny Jul 2012 #154
Great Post Yeah Its Spin Jul 2012 #44
LOL Cerridwen Jul 2012 #89
Delicious! patrice Jul 2012 #57
Why, thank you. Cerridwen Jul 2012 #90
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jul 2012 #66
I'm honored. Thank you. :) n/t Cerridwen Jul 2012 #91
Applause! Wonderful. n/t susanna Jul 2012 #67
Thank you, susanna. n/t Cerridwen Jul 2012 #93
Individualism fails because families/communities are the building blocks of society, not individuals reformist2 Jul 2012 #69
While I agree with the general idea of your post, as a kestrel91316 Jul 2012 #78
I didn't think anybody knew of my existence. K&R. Egalitarian Thug Jul 2012 #107
OK, so what has this guy contributed to society that he will be allowed to live Blue Meany Jul 2012 #114
A mythological existence that has been used to Cerridwen Jul 2012 #116
Is Obama a Self-Made Man? One_Life_To_Give Jul 2012 #127
"Self made doesn't require that every last detail was done solely by oneself." Cerridwen Jul 2012 #130
Just pointing out a broad brush One_Life_To_Give Jul 2012 #131
I think "self-made" is a delusional myth. Cerridwen Jul 2012 #132
makes you wonder how man kind ever survived without government. crazyjoe Jul 2012 #136
And parents and teachers and mentors and Cerridwen Jul 2012 #137
The larger the society FlaGranny Jul 2012 #156
Great post.. riverbendviewgal Jul 2012 #139
You have just paid me the highest compliment. Cerridwen Jul 2012 #140
You are very welcome riverbendviewgal Jul 2012 #142
Tell us more... Godot51 Jul 2012 #148
Loved this.No one is self made.Either daddy left a bundle, you ripped people off, or have hard worke judesedit Jul 2012 #149
Kick, rec, and my pathetic attempt at saying the same thing the other day rocktivity Jul 2012 #150
SUPERB!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2012 #151
An absolutely fabulous post malaise Jul 2012 #155
The Kinks - A Well Respected Man Lyrics Javaman Jul 2012 #157
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