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Tue Oct 17, 2017, 02:00 AM Oct 2017

Who should run against Trump in 2020? [View all]

Assuming Trump is still president then, who would you like to see run against him?

39 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Hillary Clinton
4 (10%)
Bernie Sanders
4 (10%)
Elizabeth Warren
4 (10%)
Joe Biden
3 (8%)
Gavin Newsome
1 (3%)
Kamala Harris
6 (15%)
Terry McCauliffe
1 (3%)
Cory Booker
0 (0%)
Al Franken
15 (38%)
Other (please specify in post)
1 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Democratic party members only thanks... stonecutter357 Oct 2017 #1
+ a million! BlueMTexpat Oct 2017 #4
People who don't take Michigan and Wisconsin for granted only thanks... DRoseDARs Oct 2017 #7
Nobody did that. Please stop repeating anti-Hillary myths. NurseJackie Oct 2017 #11
Post removed Post removed Oct 2017 #13
You are right Jackie. But this is Hillary we're talking about. THose who want to attack her have lunamagica Oct 2017 #45
She was in Michigan on Nov 7 BainsBane Oct 2017 #19
"I value truth and my own intellectual integrity." NurseJackie Oct 2017 #65
Thank goodness Democrats don't do that. LanternWaste Oct 2017 #37
What in the HELL are you talking about? Eliot Rosewater Oct 2017 #66
Exactly. Thank you! It's important to have high standards. NurseJackie Oct 2017 #12
.... shanny Oct 2017 #31
Actually, this poll is not restricted to Democrats Rollo Oct 2017 #63
Adam Schiff pdxflyboy Oct 2017 #2
He seems a good choice to me. Al Franken also great. King_Klonopin Oct 2017 #3
My choice as well flygal Oct 2017 #10
He's the first that came to mind, yes. n/t phylny Oct 2017 #17
My list - the first list? JustAnotherGen Oct 2017 #5
With the exception of Gov. Cuomo,... MarianJack Oct 2017 #6
General Wesley Clark. Amimnoch Oct 2017 #8
I literally love him JustAnotherGen Oct 2017 #16
I know :( Here's to hoping though. Amimnoch Oct 2017 #42
It is too early to do this. murielm99 Oct 2017 #9
Why is it too early? former9thward Oct 2017 #18
What leads you to believe someone thinks DU picks the nominee? LanternWaste Oct 2017 #38
Thank you! treestar Oct 2017 #22
This is a waste of time and effort...until 2018 is finished. brooklynite Oct 2017 #14
Little time and much less effort than you appear to think in simply throwing names around. LanternWaste Oct 2017 #39
Can't say I agree TexasBushwhacker Oct 2017 #68
ABS. nt LexVegas Oct 2017 #15
Hopefully they won't have Trump to run against? imanamerican63 Oct 2017 #20
Seriously... I think our sole focus should be on the 2018 mid-terms and recapturing... InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2017 #76
if it's a democrat barbtries Oct 2017 #21
Yes! Voting for no one but Democrats n/t radical noodle Oct 2017 #48
Eric Swallwell, Adam Schiff lillypaddle Oct 2017 #23
Let's get through 2017 and 2018 first crazycatlady Oct 2017 #24
I assume the Rock or David Hasselhoff will be our choices... Johonny Oct 2017 #25
*Someone* who tells the American people to stop respecting the office of the President ck4829 Oct 2017 #26
That is one incredibly depressing list of choices. Atman Oct 2017 #27
I agree. I love Franken too and he is definitely my favorite on that list and more than qualified smirkymonkey Oct 2017 #49
Yes and I don't think Franken wants it FakeNoose Oct 2017 #50
He already said he isn't interested LeftInTX Oct 2017 #58
Bernie is a proven leader that would have beat tRump in the last election. Joe941 Oct 2017 #28
I disagree. He would have not. What makes you think he would have won? lunamagica Oct 2017 #54
Nope. GulfCoast66 Oct 2017 #59
No way in hell would Bernie have won. Atman Oct 2017 #62
The polls had him up way more vs tRump than Hillary was. Joe941 Oct 2017 #67
No, they didn't, because he was never the Democratic nominee. stevenleser Oct 2017 #69
I would love for a woman of color to crush him during the 2020 election, if he makes it that long. LonePirate Oct 2017 #29
Any of those who want to... Mike Nelson Oct 2017 #30
Jeff Merkley Jim Lane Oct 2017 #32
Heck, there are still people on DU who spell Obama's name as Barrack. MineralMan Oct 2017 #36
I assume Turd will have been deposed by then. lagomorph777 Oct 2017 #33
Better to worry about 2018 just now. MineralMan Oct 2017 #34
I picked Bernie, but things can change by primary season mvd Oct 2017 #35
Statistically, a southern Democrat. Smickey Oct 2017 #40
Are there any southern Democrats? madinmaryland Oct 2017 #47
Just an observation and Smickey Oct 2017 #64
How fun it is that Al Franken has the lead in this poll... Rollo Oct 2017 #41
The winner of the Democratic Party's primary. n/t retread Oct 2017 #43
My vote is for Kamala Harris just to see Trump's head explode at being beat by a black woman. politicaljunkie41910 Oct 2017 #44
I still want a woman POTUS, so Kamala Harris. Vinca Oct 2017 #46
Amy Klobuchar would do better in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania Cicada Oct 2017 #60
Good point. I like her, too. Vinca Oct 2017 #61
So would Kirsten Gillibrand Trumpocalypse Oct 2017 #73
Amy is from a state near to Michigan,Wisconsin Cicada Oct 2017 #74
Gillibrand won in a Trumpocalypse Oct 2017 #75
Thats a strong argument Cicada Oct 2017 #79
If we put up a woman, she will lose adigal Oct 2017 #78
Adam Schiff A Brand New World Oct 2017 #51
I like Governor Jay Inslee of Washington. (eom) StevieM Oct 2017 #52
IMO, I don't think Al Franken has the force of personality to make an impact. Doodley Oct 2017 #53
It does't matters. As long as the lunamagica Oct 2017 #55
Pete Buttigieg. Video added... stevenleser Oct 2017 #56
I like Kamala for now. liquid diamond Oct 2017 #57
The guy in the cell next to his. A HERETIC I AM Oct 2017 #70
Elizabeth Warren / Sherrod Brown ticket in 2020 means the end of the Trump Presidency. NJProgressive Oct 2017 #71
Kirsten Gillibrand Trumpocalypse Oct 2017 #72
Can we win back the House in 2018 please???!!!!!????!!!??!?! adigal Oct 2017 #77
Would you like to start a poll on 2018 House races? Rollo Oct 2017 #80
Missing the point. adigal Oct 2017 #81
Uh-huh Rollo Oct 2017 #82
I'm all for Al running for President, but not against Trump. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #83
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