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48. My dad was in Korea too.
Sat Oct 21, 2017, 11:38 PM
Oct 2017

That was unaccompanied of course. He was gone about two years. He never talked about what he did in Korea, or what he flew. But my mother says he came back different, changed. And he never referred to his time there.

Then during the VN war, we were stationed in the Far East, the whole family, and we were there for four years 1962-1966 and the men flew missions to VN from Far East bases. It was so strange to me as a child, I remember him wearing unusual flight suits to fly combat, no name or rank, and he carried a gun on a belt on his waist. I was taken aback, especially when he told me what the gun was for, and why there was no identifying information on his flight suit.

He flew in WWII as well, in a bucket of an airplane, doing the Burma Hump.

for one who never served under the last draft , has no idea , no idea whats iits like at the front o AllaN01Bear Oct 2017 #1
Our brave leader, president dotard. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #6
Any one who remembers the Viet Nam draft knows why it Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #2
I certainly hope not!!! Young people being sent off to die in old peoples/congress's war RKP5637 Oct 2017 #5
And it was done by lottery. Remember that? Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #10
Yep! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #13
I was drafted before the lottery started. Back then, it was up to the local draft board Glorfindel Oct 2017 #16
The lottery was nerve wracking. Sorry you had to go to VN. Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #20
Four years - yikes!!! LeftInTX Oct 2017 #34
My dad was in Korea too. Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #48
but DT doesn't. He was living it up as a Richie Rich bachelor Alice11111 Oct 2017 #7
Pathetic, he thinks he doing reality tv. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #11
I guess HE is. The rest of us are just pieces of his Alice11111 Oct 2017 #15
he would have to, especially if he is talking about conflict with NK, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, etc SummerSnow Oct 2017 #3
He's at war with everyone, even the US. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #8
he wants a civil war in the U.S. SummerSnow Oct 2017 #36
Depends on what kind of mess he gets us into... Would a strike on NK prompt a China response? Hard Purveyor Oct 2017 #4
Yep, that's what has me wondering, WTF he's up to, pulling former pilots out of retirement. RKP5637 Oct 2017 #9
If he gets 3 wars going, he may have to, and this time, Alice11111 Oct 2017 #12
Yeah, your last sentence is really scary, "We know, he can't let go of a fight, even when RKP5637 Oct 2017 #19
Well, I truly do mot think anyone would be worse than DT. Alice11111 Oct 2017 #27
That would require congressional approval BainsBane Oct 2017 #14
Thanks, I updated the question. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #22
Yes, sadly, that is usually what happens with a draft, it ends up being the poor, lower-middle RKP5637 Oct 2017 #23
The more accurate question would be: Do you think Trump would sign legislation GoCubsGo Oct 2017 #17
Thanks, I updated the question. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #21
I was getting drafted in 69 so I joined for a better deal. rickford66 Oct 2017 #18
Glad to hear it worked out well for you!!! I've known a number of guys and gals that serving in RKP5637 Oct 2017 #25
I went in firmly against the draft, but had my mind changed. rickford66 Oct 2017 #35
I've always felt it incorrect that only a few percentage of Americans serve in the military. RKP5637 Oct 2017 #37
Agree rickford66 Oct 2017 #38
donald Rump has already signed executive order to draft retired pilots back into military service trueblue2007 Oct 2017 #24
He's one scary character!!! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #26
Raging with you, but it is true. He wants the 1950s back. Alice11111 Oct 2017 #28
He's also almost got his hair in a DA. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #33
It takes an act of Congress to reinstate the draft DonViejo Oct 2017 #30
I also updated the question for the poll. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #32
He might call a draft but I think he will go further Runningdawg Oct 2017 #29
"Us vs. Them" in the US. These hero real-men types sound more like treasonists than anyone else. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #31
Since there will be no such legislation its an academic question (or poll). former9thward Oct 2017 #39
We should always have a draft. mobeau69 Oct 2017 #40
Would a draft dodging coward named Trump start a draft? workinclasszero Oct 2017 #41
Trump, is flushing the US right down the drain! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #43
But Jill Stein and others assured us that there was no difference between the republican party workinclasszero Oct 2017 #44
And, he's just begun! You know, I bet he secretly admires Kim, all those people RKP5637 Oct 2017 #45
The idiot seems to think America is some kind of military dictatorship workinclasszero Oct 2017 #46
More and More he's a WWII type wannabee dictator! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #47
Only if there was an "except anyone named Trump" clause. Vinca Oct 2017 #42
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