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Fri Oct 27, 2017, 08:39 PM Oct 2017



BREAKING: CNN Reports First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation
by Josh Feldman | 8:34 pm, October 27th, 2017

CNN is reporting tonight that the first charges have been filed in Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

It’s unclear who has been charged or what the charges themselves are. Per CNN: The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

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Here's the link: CNN lindysalsagal Oct 2017 #1
TY. It's Christmas. LOL DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2017 #4
I know, I'm thrilled dewsgirl Oct 2017 #31
For it to be Christmas for me, it would have to be Trump. politicaljunkie41910 Oct 2017 #50
Hopefully it will be a Medieval Christmas NotASurfer Oct 2017 #66
Amen to that! Pacifist Patriot Oct 2017 #83
I'm holding off until we know who and what charges Amishman Oct 2017 #71
I wonder if this is connected to Woolsey's statement today. lapucelle Oct 2017 #2
Call me mean spirited but I hope its Iliyah Oct 2017 #3
Even if it's not Jr let him stew all weekend. Let the whole crowd worry all weekend. badhair77 Oct 2017 #13
THIS THIS THIS lindysalsagal Oct 2017 #19
Ivanka and Jared observe the Sabbath. lapucelle Oct 2017 #43
Ha. As if they really observe it Roland99 Oct 2017 #139
I think they are devout at their convenience. badhair77 Oct 2017 #140
Well, THEY know, don't they? It's only a sealed from the public. Not fr those of interest.nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #154
Junior sheshe2 Oct 2017 #57
i hope it's Donald Rump SENIOR !!!!!! trueblue2007 Oct 2017 #69
Junior & Jared Me. Oct 2017 #103
I'm betting on Flynn and/or Manafort dflprincess Oct 2017 #115
I Think You're Right Me. Oct 2017 #116
Or .. cannabis_flower Oct 2017 #128
I almost forgot about him dflprincess Oct 2017 #130
Roger Stone is melting down tonight. Qutzupalotl Oct 2017 #161
+1...think you're right ewagner Oct 2017 #176
Agreed. You don't serve a no-knock warrant on an innocent man. Manafort going to prison. sarcasmo Oct 2017 #182
Hell, innocent people get served no-knocks all the time. 7962 Oct 2017 #192
Not mean spirited, sounds patriotic uponit7771 Oct 2017 #121
Fredo ditched his SS protection. Hope they're watching him. nt DesertRat Oct 2017 #136
My money's on Manafort. Because they surprise searched his house. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #153
I hope it's Miller or Gorka. Dulcinea Oct 2017 #171
Explains the crazy obfuscation malaise Oct 2017 #5
Here we go. chia Oct 2017 #6
Lol! That's good! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2017 #196
Nothing to see here folks. It's all fake. The Dossier has been completely refuted. underpants Oct 2017 #7
Serious question Dotarded Oct 2017 #21
The Dossier lead directly to Manafort. underpants Oct 2017 #27
from just some random readings Dotarded Oct 2017 #36
No they'll pressure him to flip on the higher ups emulatorloo Oct 2017 #47
This is exactly what should happen. 4 or 5 of these assholes should have been Nay Oct 2017 #102
I doubt any of these people are willing to go to prison for Donald Trump. emulatorloo Oct 2017 #104
I doubt it as well, since good ol' Trump is such a loyal, stand-up guy . . . . . Nay Oct 2017 #111
That's what I'm guessing. They'll Ilsa Oct 2017 #133
Jingle bells. Jingle bells. MFM008 Oct 2017 #8
All I have is Coors.....you think that would still be okay? MLAA Oct 2017 #14
Still good MFM008 Oct 2017 #51
I just got in MuseRider Oct 2017 #60
Yum! MLAA Oct 2017 #90
I'm jealous. All I have is a White Zinfandel. Cheers. nt Delmette2.0 Oct 2017 #92
Don't be MuseRider Oct 2017 #120
LOL, I have the cheap box wine, too. Delmette2.0 Oct 2017 #122
Good Morning! MuseRider Oct 2017 #180
Good Morning Delmette2.0 Oct 2017 #183
::: PUMPS FIST IN AIR ::: 50 Shades Of Blue Oct 2017 #9
Nothing on MSNBC yet. badhair77 Oct 2017 #10
Just reported by Chris Hayes. mnhtnbb Oct 2017 #33
Just reported by Rachel Maddow as well emulatorloo Oct 2017 #48
Holy Mackerel Me. Oct 2017 #11
It would explain why Dotard took a dotard today. sheshe2 Oct 2017 #74
Isn't It Beautiful Me. Oct 2017 #105
A ray of hope, me. sheshe2 Oct 2017 #108
Here's A Ray For you Me. Oct 2017 #124
I always loved that one, me. sheshe2 Oct 2017 #129
I commented earlier that Mueller must have been close because Ilsa Oct 2017 #135
I'm not going to get excited until I see them all in orange jumpsuits. smirkymonkey Oct 2017 #12
Im with you SM. AllyCat Oct 2017 #148
Same. This premature excitement is not for me. Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2017 #162
Can you imagine the shredding going on in the resort and the tower????? lindysalsagal Oct 2017 #15
Think how he's gone off the rails in the past. badhair77 Oct 2017 #20
Good Time to invest in the manufacturers of Maalox and Depends DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2017 #23
Do they make Depends his size? badhair77 Oct 2017 #26
I believe so. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2017 #29
Baby Huey Model... dhill926 Oct 2017 #37
Yes............ sheshe2 Oct 2017 #79
And just introduced...Bigly absorbent! Docreed2003 Oct 2017 #82
Bwahahahahahahahhaha sheshe2 Oct 2017 #95
You owe me a nice sip of Sauv Blanc MontanaMama Oct 2017 #94
Sorry... sheshe2 Oct 2017 #98
You know it! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #147
This made me laugh out loud. badhair77 Oct 2017 #138
... sheshe2 Oct 2017 #141
Yeah, they're called.... SergeStorms Oct 2017 #157
Hells Bells are ringing. nt irisblue Oct 2017 #16
So it would seem. Berlin Expat Oct 2017 #167
I haven't heard that in ages# thanks👍 irisblue Oct 2017 #197
Just the talk of arrests is giving me hope. badhair77 Oct 2017 #17
Has to be Manafort Johnny2X2X Oct 2017 #18
Flynn and Sater (Or whatever that guy's name is.) lindysalsagal Oct 2017 #24
The name's "Sater" - Felix Sater. He worked with LOSER 45 for years, yet LOSER 45 Leghorn21 Oct 2017 #46
Wow! I got it right. Thanks! lindysalsagal Oct 2017 #53
Indeed! "Tick tock, Bayrock", as Louise Mensch starting singing months ago! Leghorn21 Oct 2017 #72
Manafort and Flynn...the noose around SHitler will tighten and in the end strangle his fraudulent Fred Sanders Oct 2017 #59
Kicking! Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #22
There's a party in my pants shenmue Oct 2017 #25
The White House has shit himself. sunonmars Oct 2017 #28
CNN saying definitely Manafort. sunonmars Oct 2017 #30
Moneys on either Manafort or money laundering. nolabear Oct 2017 #32
I'll join you . . . peggysue2 Oct 2017 #42
Lock them up! .99center Oct 2017 #34
My guess is its going to be someone minor and the charges are being brought to try and get them to cstanleytech Oct 2017 #35
Oh MY...SAY IT Aint so....Like your words...."flip on bigger fish" Stuart G Oct 2017 #49
Nope not Jr. probably someone like a secretary or someone really minor as cstanleytech Oct 2017 #100
It Begins! peggysue2 Oct 2017 #38
Regarding Gorka, Fox et al, now you know why I avoid them at all cost. Boomerproud Oct 2017 #67
IN THE BEGINNING............ northoftheborder Oct 2017 #39
Jared. I'll bet he went to Jared. milestogo Oct 2017 #40
No knock Corgigal Oct 2017 #41
Mueller Time? One can only hope so. nt madinmaryland Oct 2017 #44
I bet they are gonna charge Hillary for that email bengazi thingy that must be it mucifer Oct 2017 #45
Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law(1966) IronLionZion Oct 2017 #52
Monday is my birthday. badhair77 Oct 2017 #54
Low-hanging fruit first: Jared Kushner, for perjury related to his security clearance dalton99a Oct 2017 #55
just wondering bluestarone Oct 2017 #56
Omg ..thank you please, give this country some peace! Wwcd Oct 2017 #58
Is Manafort still out of the country? SunSeeker Oct 2017 #61
Makes me wonder get the red out Oct 2017 #166
Expect maximum bugginess from DFT. GreenEyedLefty Oct 2017 #62
Heres my guess. Hornedfrog1985 Oct 2017 #63
OH to be a fly on the wall!!!! Takket Oct 2017 #188
I just turned on my TV to see this BainsBane Oct 2017 #64
Sweet, isn't it. sheshe2 Oct 2017 #93
LOCK HIM UP!!!! edbermac Oct 2017 #65
Paul Manafort I hardly knew ye. Nt BootinUp Oct 2017 #68
Dana Boente resigned today. Deputy AG of Nat Sec Nevernose Oct 2017 #70
Duty done! Ready to be a witness! Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #73
ROUND 'EM UP! (N/T) B Stieg Oct 2017 #75
this is how i see this........ Takket Oct 2017 #76
Why I think Manafort get the red out Oct 2017 #169
No wonder Trump and his Goons have been trying to change the story to that Uranium bullshit Thrill Oct 2017 #77
Where's the link for a second Rec?!!! More tuba!!! eleny Oct 2017 #78
Whoever it is Trump will humbled_opinion Oct 2017 #80
Open the champagne LittleGirl Oct 2017 #81
Trump was right!!!!! Sam McGee Oct 2017 #84
Orrin is resigning so that he can be POTUS I imho Not Ruth Oct 2017 #85
Call me greedy. I want the entire family except for Barron, no_hypocrisy Oct 2017 #86
You greedy AHole rufus dog Oct 2017 #127
My theory get the red out Oct 2017 #168
the bell tolls........... Takket Oct 2017 #87
Low level low level prepare yourselves Watchfoxheadexplodes Oct 2017 #88
Happy Halloween. Then comes Thanksgiving. Christmas. Hallelujah. Sneederbunk Oct 2017 #89
PLEASE Trump JR.. nini Oct 2017 #91
*klink* Blue Owl Oct 2017 #96
Good news. I have a better video (sorry..................) George II Oct 2017 #97
Not getting too excited Catherine Vincent Oct 2017 #99
Here we go. joshcryer Oct 2017 #101
is it too early to do THIS ? AllaN01Bear Oct 2017 #106
Duuuuude, no f ing way.. denbot Oct 2017 #107
LOCK 'EM UP spanone Oct 2017 #109
Best I've felt since 11/8!!!! Nwgirl503 Oct 2017 #110
Woo Hoo! mcar Oct 2017 #112
Happy BDay HRC! Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #113
Dont get overly excited.... DetroitLegalBeagle Oct 2017 #114
I thought the same dpd3672 Oct 2017 #118
Time for the pardon pen superpatriotman Oct 2017 #117
Maybe it's because it's Halloween, but anyone else have the fear that this is all been a big ruse OliverQ Oct 2017 #119
I've heard there are new medications now. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #126
You've been reading RW sites. I do for entertainment but you may have been drinking there. Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2017 #184
If the CNN folks are right, then Trump already knows who is being charged and what the charges are. Garrett78 Oct 2017 #123
My understanding is, and I am not a lawyer, is that Rosenstein Enoki33 Oct 2017 #142
Rosenstein SHOULD have been told, but might not have been Nevernose Oct 2017 #146
The mills of Fitzmas grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. :-) WinkyDink Oct 2017 #125
If there really is a God... Nac Mac Feegle Oct 2017 #131
I've just heard. WOOHOO!!! lunamagica Oct 2017 #132
*Fist Pump in Air* Lifelong Protester Oct 2017 #134
Recommended. H2O Man Oct 2017 #137
As was sung in the musical "West Wing Story": WinkyDink Oct 2017 #143
Nobody likes my song..... :-( WinkyDink Oct 2017 #175
Bobby Fuller appears to have been murdered. . . Stargleamer Oct 2017 #144
The law won. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #150
I'm not getting my hopes up DSB Quayblue Oct 2017 #145
WOOHOO! Never did a cartwheel in my life but did a few tonight along with heel click ATL Ebony Oct 2017 #149
OMG! "I fought the law, and the law won." What a great Friday night surprise post! nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #151
It won't be "happy holidays".... SergeStorms Oct 2017 #152
Love it! Kath2 Oct 2017 #155
Party in the USA!!! workinclasszero Oct 2017 #156
Could be some low level stooge that worked for Trump/Pence workinclasszero Oct 2017 #158
If there is a god, please let it be Pence floppyboo Oct 2017 #159
David Gergen thinks it might be Flynn, since we know he lied to the FBI. nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #160
Nobody could see that coming huh? workinclasszero Oct 2017 #163
Whoever took that picture: Thank you! Good pic. nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #164
Name leaked whistler162 Oct 2017 #165
???? VermontKevin Oct 2017 #170
?????? DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2017 #173
Just going to say the guy is whistler162 Oct 2017 #198
Do not tease. This is serious business. Joking has it's place but teasing is malicious. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2017 #185
Once there is one the rest start to fall Lee-Lee Oct 2017 #172
Dominoes effect. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #187
Here's the latest buzz... orangecrush Oct 2017 #174
It giving a 3 day head start intentional in this instance or standard procedure? Not Ruth Oct 2017 #177
According to reports the indictee hasn't been notified yet. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2017 #178
Given how strong Muellers team is, it will not be a low level crime or someone unknown Not Ruth Oct 2017 #179
If Trump is led out of the White House in handcuffs Monday, I would cry tears of joy bearsfootball516 Oct 2017 #181
Is El Shaman Oct 2017 #186
Time stock up on popcorn Dopers_Greed Oct 2017 #189
I'm cautiously hopeful, but that's about all, at this point. Let's see how this plays out. NBachers Oct 2017 #190
It's about time! red dog 1 Oct 2017 #191
I have faith that Mueller's team has irrefutable evidence. Air tight. AgadorSparticus Oct 2017 #193
This will be Fitzmas all over again. vi5 Oct 2017 #194
But what if... ThatGuyJerome Oct 2017 #195
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