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sofa king

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11. Absolutely.
Sat Oct 28, 2017, 02:22 PM
Oct 2017

That's a very likely reason why the FBI director was fired: to buy time to obscure and destroy documentation.

But there is an international spin on things in this investigation and therefore the staff-level people are not in control of much of the information they produced, nor are investigators limited to domestic sources of information.

For example, any email or text could have easily been routed through an allied nation and captured and recorded. We or an ally could be deep inside Russian communications, and we may have recovered the other half of the communications. If the chatter was encrypted, we have people for that. We might have flipped someone caught in the middle of some other political hell, for example in the Ukraine. And so on.

There isn't a bottom in the espionage pool, and since this entire investigation clearly surrounds some form of collusion with a foreign nuclear power, the gloves have been off the whole time. It's only a question of what sources of information the prosecutor chooses to use.

My guess is that the real cases have been churning through FISA for most of the year.

Who is the indictment for? [View all] BainsBane Oct 2017 OP
Some Trump moron on MSNBC C_U_L8R Oct 2017 #1
LOL BainsBane Oct 2017 #2
Just call the RNC and they will give you a lying ass clown marylandblue Oct 2017 #3
Some tool on MSNBC MontanaMama Oct 2017 #4
Lol. No. bearsfootball516 Oct 2017 #5
I know it is crazy MontanaMama Oct 2017 #7
Wanted to choose two: cilla4progress Oct 2017 #6
Manafort was told that he would be indicted, his house has been raided, and is a long time big shot Not Ruth Oct 2017 #27
Vote for Page (easy to flip) but think there could be someone else erronis Oct 2017 #8
Someone's personal assistant. sofa king Oct 2017 #9
Interesting BainsBane Oct 2017 #10
Absolutely. sofa king Oct 2017 #11
You may be right. NT fleur-de-lisa Oct 2017 #20
Who says... GeorgeGist Oct 2017 #12
No one, precisely BainsBane Oct 2017 #14
Rebekah Mercer Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #13
We can dream. BainsBane Oct 2017 #15
Yes! Starting to think she had more of a hands on role than we thought before. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #16
If she is to be indicted BainsBane Oct 2017 #17
Yep but it has been done! Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #18
No one voted for Oswald BainsBane Oct 2017 #19
Probably a name we haven't heard of. n/t musicblind Oct 2017 #21
a distinct possibility. nt BainsBane Oct 2017 #22
Until they indict Meredith McIver... sagesnow Oct 2017 #23
Yep, I do believe this ghost of a woman is Mastermind Extraordinaire. 2gether w/her hubby John Baron Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #25
Col Mustard, w/ the Candlestick, in the Libeary Nevernose Oct 2017 #24
Seriously: Buzzfeeds Manafort money laundering report Nevernose Oct 2017 #26
Hope you posted this in LBN or sagesnow Oct 2017 #29
There is no question Manafort will be indicted BainsBane Oct 2017 #31
How about the Keebler Elf? Kleveland Oct 2017 #28
I did think of including him BainsBane Oct 2017 #30
It's for US! It's our Halloween treat. The bigger indictments will be our Xmas present-- tblue37 Oct 2017 #32
Manafort ClarendonDem Oct 2017 #33
He had a contract in the Ukraine BainsBane Oct 2017 #34
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