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No winners. MrScorpio Nov 2017 #1
There is definitely something odd happening with Baldwin Not Ruth Nov 2017 #2
I've always expected him to end up going right-wing in the end. Ken Burch Nov 2017 #4
What are you talking about? rockfordfile Nov 2017 #5
His temperment...the sense of combativeness that comes out at times. Ken Burch Nov 2017 #11
Yeah, Ive never seen combativeness in Dems. cwydro Nov 2017 #33
Not generally to the point of gaybashing random strangers in the streets, though. Ken Burch Nov 2017 #35
Theres a thread on the first page of GD just this evening, cwydro Nov 2017 #36
No, he's pretty hard left Orrex Nov 2017 #6
I know what his politics are. Ken Burch Nov 2017 #9
There are plenty of liberal assholes (nt) Orrex Nov 2017 #10
Many on the hard left have been or are assholes. Blue_true Nov 2017 #19
It's irrational to believe temperament is indicative of political motivations. LanternWaste Nov 2017 #52
Ok, fine. It was just an observation. Ken Burch Nov 2017 #65
liberals can be assholes and sexist also JI7 Nov 2017 #7
Agreed. Ken Burch Nov 2017 #12
???? Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #3
McGowan and Argento are lashing out to be sure, and they have a reason Blue_Adept Nov 2017 #8
McGowan shouldn't have settled her case against this rapist. bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #13
What you're doing is called "blaming the victim" Orrex Nov 2017 #16
I'm not blaming the victim bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #18
The victim bears no responsibility for future victims. Full stop. Orrex Nov 2017 #20
Again, I didn't comment about the attacker's actions. bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #21
Post removed Post removed Nov 2017 #24
Yes, I know Orrex Nov 2017 #30
That's your interpretation. bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #31
Quit blaming the victim, and I'll quit calling you out for it. Orrex Nov 2017 #44
How about I continue supporting Baldwin's statement about this incident. bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #45
Post removed Post removed Nov 2017 #48
Do I really? bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #49
I don't care what you do in the bathroom with your monkey Orrex Nov 2017 #50
That's right bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #64
You call someone a troll just because they disagree with you? cwydro Nov 2017 #53
Did I call him a troll? Obviously not. Orrex Nov 2017 #56
He/she has the right to his/her opinion. cwydro Nov 2017 #58
You are inferring what you wish to infer Orrex Nov 2017 #59
You asked if they were sure they were on the right site. cwydro Nov 2017 #60
I stand by what I have posted, because I am correct in what I have posted Orrex Nov 2017 #61
You obviously don't know what 'blaming the victim" means. SharonClark Nov 2017 #32
"blaming the victim" bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #38
"PC crap?" Seriously? Orrex Nov 2017 #43
What am I not "liberal" enough for you bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #46
You're comfortable rightwing buzzwords, so there's that Orrex Nov 2017 #47
You replied to the wrong person Orrex Nov 2017 #42
How many would have been prevented if rapists didn't rape? mythology Nov 2017 #37
You tell me bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #39
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #41
McGowan sounds pretty troubled BannonsLiver Nov 2017 #14
THAT! It's not "blaming the victim" to point out that her settlement allowed Weinstein to coolsandy Nov 2017 #55
So, let me see if I have this straight NickB79 Nov 2017 #15
What you're doing is called "blaming the victim" Orrex Nov 2017 #17
I already said Baldwin should not have blamed McGowan NickB79 Nov 2017 #22
She consulted with an attorney TexasBushwhacker Nov 2017 #23
Considering how many women have accused him of various things, "carefully" isn't the word I would LisaL Nov 2017 #29
You obviously don't know what 'blaming the victim" means. SharonClark Nov 2017 #34
If Weinstein bears full and exclusive responsibility, then why is Baldwin being blamed? Dr. Strange Nov 2017 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author prayin4rain Nov 2017 #25
Yes. When she remained silent she left Harvey unfettered. The Wielding Truth Nov 2017 #28
Whether correct or wrong, Rose McGowan loses the argument when she starts tweeting like Trump Pachamama Nov 2017 #26
Is it possible to see her twitter history? joeybee12 Nov 2017 #27
Huh? cwydro Nov 2017 #40
She said gay men are misogynistic more so than straight men. tymorial Nov 2017 #51
and they "fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly" melman Nov 2017 #57
I stopped reading past the original quote tymorial Nov 2017 #62
She's also a sexual assault survivor LanternWaste Nov 2017 #54
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