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In reply to the discussion: "Go to hell and resign" [View all]
"Go to hell and resign" [View all] SHRED Nov 2017 OP
Trump is a laughing stock and wants America to be one too. nt Irish_Dem Nov 2017 #1
America already is a Hayduke Bomgarte Nov 2017 #5
Are we any better than a banana republic? triron Nov 2017 #6
Correct. We are no better than a banana republic. nt Irish_Dem Nov 2017 #8
You are correct. arthritisR_US Nov 2017 #35
Yes we are now in third world status. nt Irish_Dem Nov 2017 #7
No one in the rest of the civilized world understands WHY... maddiemom Nov 2017 #15
/Yeah/ not fooled Nov 2017 #17
Amazing how presidential W looks these days. 7962 Nov 2017 #22
Yes re W. I never imagined they could go lower but look where we are. not fooled Nov 2017 #23
Anyone else notice xxqqqzme Nov 2017 #30
Stupidity to a certain extent... maddiemom Nov 2017 #31
That's a good point not fooled Nov 2017 #34
I would be okay if he resigns before he goes to hell. Baitball Blogger Nov 2017 #2
Good catch! Take his passport so he can't go to hell before he resigns 😉 MLAA Nov 2017 #3
I second that ! fierywoman Nov 2017 #12
Yeah that would be my preferred order as well. 47of74 Nov 2017 #28
Ditto Iliyah Nov 2017 #4
Don't worry, Trump will end up in hell. nt oasis Nov 2017 #9
Not soon enough. Texin Nov 2017 #19
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #10
Hell would have to lower its standards to admit Trump (n/t) Puzzler Nov 2017 #11
Because of Trump, I wish there WERE a hell NastyRiffraff Nov 2017 #16
I get emails from the whitehouse onethatcares Nov 2017 #13
Yep this infuriates me too! Plus he's lying. Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #14
Resign, THEN go to hell ailsagirl Nov 2017 #18
My thought, also. Kath2 Nov 2017 #21
And all that intel imformation that Trump is being told, goes right to the Kremlin... C Moon Nov 2017 #20
I was wondering if bdamomma Nov 2017 #24
He is destroying America as we've known it. Quickly. spanone Nov 2017 #25
I told all of my conressmen that They_Live Nov 2017 #26
Ironically hes calling Putin a liar, too Nevernose Nov 2017 #27
Suddenly disrespecing the military is cool w RWers. Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2017 #29
I disagree with the order. Laffy Kat Nov 2017 #32
Correction: Go to jail and resign, in any order is fine, ... L. Coyote Nov 2017 #33
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