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Sat Nov 11, 2017, 01:54 PM Nov 2017

Let this sink in [View all]

The President of the United States of America told the world on foreign soil that he accepts Putin's word over the intelligence agencies in America.
If that is not treason, what exactly is treason?


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Let this sink in [View all] malaise Nov 2017 OP
I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Mueller hears these lies. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2017 #1
Join the line malaise Nov 2017 #2
Mueller is probably wondering why he has all those flies in November. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2017 #22
May I ? syringis Nov 2017 #34
I'd better plan on camping out. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2017 #47
do :-) syringis Nov 2017 #51
My niece's are two boys and a girl. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2017 #56
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #90
Sweet! I did not picture you with older childrens! 🤗 sprinkleeninow Nov 2017 #87
Hi Sprinkleeninow syringis Nov 2017 #91
You're a young'un compared to moi! sprinkleeninow Nov 2017 #92
Thank you very much :-) syringis Nov 2017 #93
I have 'young' thinking. Guess it was handed down by my grandparents, parents and my mom especially. sprinkleeninow Nov 2017 #94
Ahaha! 😆 sprinkleeninow Nov 2017 #89
It sounds like Mackenzie's mother wrote it for her... greatauntoftriplets Nov 2017 #96
Please report back what you see... Cracklin Charlie Nov 2017 #26
ROFL malaise Nov 2017 #27
I can't resist... Tanuki Nov 2017 #54
Save room for me! Grammy23 Nov 2017 #67
Sure Grammy23 malaise Nov 2017 #68
What do you call a whole bunch of flies? Grammy23 Nov 2017 #69
I'll join that swarm malaise Nov 2017 #71
Trump is Putin' on quite a show over there... Blue Owl Nov 2017 #9
DUzy malaise Nov 2017 #11
Well done! greatauntoftriplets Nov 2017 #23
It's not a crime. So Mueller won't care, except maybe to be disgusted. nt Honeycombe8 Nov 2017 #50
Putin tells the Dumbass what he wants to hear - and of course he believes it Pachamama Nov 2017 #3
Oh come on now, malaise.... Glamrock Nov 2017 #4
Deep State is the New Code Word Stallion Nov 2017 #6
My apologies my good Stallion, my apologies... Glamrock Nov 2017 #8
he's been telling out intelligence community and military... Takket Nov 2017 #5
+1 n/t jaysunb Nov 2017 #75
Mueller bdamomma Nov 2017 #78
Treason you say? Nah, it wasn't treason it was teasin'. Just like Jared was teasin' about CNN! MLAA Nov 2017 #7
For some reason we're overlooking the most important point Xipe Totec Nov 2017 #10
True but he is undermining national institutions malaise Nov 2017 #13
Those are aggravating circumstances. Xipe Totec Nov 2017 #17
True malaise Nov 2017 #19
Jean Luc responds: n2doc Nov 2017 #12
Yep malaise Nov 2017 #14
And Putin's press secretary says the subject never came up. Kaleva Nov 2017 #15
Now that is madness on steroids malaise Nov 2017 #16
This is going to make a great movie someday. Kaleva Nov 2017 #18
He makes King George look sane malaise Nov 2017 #20
Even Nero and Caligula! SCVDem Nov 2017 #43
Alec Baldwin is on a Mr.Bill Nov 2017 #24
Lol! Kaleva Nov 2017 #25
Too good malaise Nov 2017 #30
But, will he agree.... SergeStorms Nov 2017 #66
I take Putin's and the press secretary's word on this one..n/t monmouth4 Nov 2017 #57
Even Alabama should be able to see through this one world wide wally Nov 2017 #21
No. Don't go there. Eyeball_Kid Nov 2017 #49
Trump accepts Putin's money. guillaumeb Nov 2017 #28
And the GOP Hypocrits citizen blues Nov 2017 #29
The Dixie Chicks merely criticized the war criminal George Bush malaise Nov 2017 #31
Watch Shut Up and Sing Hamlette Nov 2017 #42
And he did it on Veteran's Day! SunSeeker Nov 2017 #32
Can you believe how ReTHUGs would be responding if Obama malaise Nov 2017 #44
There would be articles of impeachment filed Monday. nt SunSeeker Nov 2017 #58
Will the US ever be able to go back to "Normal"? HipChick Nov 2017 #33
I don't know because the Speaker of the House told ReTHUGs to keep it secret and in the family that malaise Nov 2017 #36
Another person bdamomma Nov 2017 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #35
They were sworn to secrecy malaise Nov 2017 #37
Welcome to DU, SeattleTater! calimary Nov 2017 #46
He has no idea what he's doing. busterbrown Nov 2017 #38
He's an agent alright malaise Nov 2017 #39
I'm speechless... syringis Nov 2017 #40
So is Sally Yates malaise Nov 2017 #45
But, but... czarjak Nov 2017 #41
I am now totally convinced that the scumbag who sits in Enoki33 Nov 2017 #48
Could not be happening without ReTHUG malaise Nov 2017 #60
He also told the world China had every right to f**k America on trade Orangeutan Nov 2017 #52
and the GOP was incensed that President Obama gave a traditional courtesy bow in Japan. mamas Nov 2017 #53
Rachel, without actually saying as much, implied this in her opening "Time to Ask Why" segment Orangeutan Nov 2017 #55
I watched that malaise Nov 2017 #59
Putin hates bdamomma Nov 2017 #82
congress would have impeached Hillary several times by now..... spanone Nov 2017 #61
That was their only plan which is why malaise Nov 2017 #62
Me now thinks that there's more than just pee Liberalagogo Nov 2017 #63
Follow the Money malaise Nov 2017 #65
I am so far past outrage I don't have words mcar Nov 2017 #64
Just curious. former9thward Nov 2017 #70
It's a decent question except that in this instance he's siding with Putin malaise Nov 2017 #73
you know malaise bdamomma Nov 2017 #80
Putting money into Trump is the greatest investment Putin ever made. keithbvadu2 Nov 2017 #72
Heard of the "man with no country"? raven mad Nov 2017 #74
tRump hasn't stopped bdamomma Nov 2017 #76
The Republican draft Dodger is pissing on the veterans in our US Achilleaze Nov 2017 #77
When fox asked him at a presser in Vietnam Trump said he believes applegrove Nov 2017 #81
And on VETERAN'S DAY of all days... DesertRat Nov 2017 #83
If Obama MFM008 Nov 2017 #84
It's a double layer lie. Convo never happened since DT and Putin BOTH know the basic truth. nt greyl Nov 2017 #85
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #86
The clink, the joint, the hoosegow. Throw away the key. sprinkleeninow Nov 2017 #88
"adhering to its enemies" vlyons Nov 2017 #95
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