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Mon Nov 13, 2017, 07:40 PM Nov 2017

Democratic socialism is having a very good year at the ballot box [View all]

When Lee Carter realized that he had defeated an entrenched Republican incumbent and been elected to the Virginia House of Delegates on November 7, the 30-year-old Marine veteran claimed his upset victory.

The Virginian was one of many candidates who were inspired by the 2016 presidential campaign of another democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders. The senator recognized the Virginia result by declaring that "Lee Carter’s victory shows beyond doubt that the American people are ready for change."

Lee Carter’s unapologetically socialist and passionately populist candidacy unsettled establishment Democrats in Virginia, to such an extent that Richmond Times-Dispatch political writer Patrick Wilson reported in late October that the challenger had been “abandoned” by the party brass.

That had a lot to do with corporate power, and its influence on both major parties.

But his victory was critical for Virginia Democrats, who picked up enough seats - at least 15 - to be on the verge of taking charge of the House of Delegates for the first time in almost two decades.

Carter recognized something that elite Democrats did not: Voters are far readier for a politics that pushes to the left on economic and social policy. And they are not particularly bothered by the word “socialist.”

His Republican opponent sent voters a pre-election mailer that juxtaposed the Marine veteran’s image with those of Soviet leaders and China’s Mao Zedong. The word “Socialism” was splashed across the front of the red leaflet.

The attack fell flat. Carter won with ease, securing almost 55% of the vote - and he was not alone. After the November 7 election, Democratic Socialists of America announced that its membership “now includes 15 new elected officials. This is in addition to 20 elected already in offices around the United States.”

At: https://www.thenation.com/article/democratic-socialism-is-having-a-very-good-year-at-the-ballot-box/

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Lee Carter is a Democrat. lapucelle Nov 2017 #1
A Democrat with democratic socialist views. sandensea Nov 2017 #2
Democrats had a great night in VA, including Democrat Lee Carter. lapucelle Nov 2017 #7
They sho' did! sandensea Nov 2017 #10
Solid pick up for us. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #3
Was a great night. sandensea Nov 2017 #4
I dont know much about him. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #9
He sounds a Democrat to me. SandyZ Nov 2017 #21
He's a Democrat, and ran (and won) as one. sandensea Nov 2017 #23
How? This is what I am asking. I am seeing three Op's trying to take Democratic wins SandyZ Nov 2017 #28
I consider them Democrats from head to toe. sandensea Nov 2017 #31
Its HIM that identifies as a Democratic Socialist Nevernose Nov 2017 #44
But he ran as a (big D) Democrat. sandensea Nov 2017 #46
Its confusing to me too Nevernose Nov 2017 #52
Well said. sandensea Nov 2017 #55
Their tax return makes for interesting reading. lapucelle Nov 2017 #95
"He happens to have social democratic views." NCTraveler Nov 2017 #67
I beg to differ. sandensea Nov 2017 #70
You presented a straw man with no true counterargument. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #73
No. You mentioned ol' Joe Manchin as an example of 'social democratic' views. sandensea Nov 2017 #74
"I wish he did actually have some." NCTraveler Nov 2017 #75
So are Democrats.... n/t greeny2323 Nov 2017 #5
I know, what is this about? Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #8
These are Democrats (cap. D) with democratic socialist (small d) views. sandensea Nov 2017 #12
Did they endorse the Democratic nominee in 2016? Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #13
I hope so. sandensea Nov 2017 #14
Well, that sounds very convincing....................................not. Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #15
Sorry to hear that. sandensea Nov 2017 #16
Not if the purpose is to continue divide and attacking in order to gain ownership at our expense. SandyZ Nov 2017 #22
Hence, good faith. sandensea Nov 2017 #25
We are seeing it now, as ownership is being sifted from the Democratic Party and SandyZ Nov 2017 #29
Likewise. sandensea Nov 2017 #32
Nope. If you had any claim to progressivism last year you voted for the only progressive Ninsianna Nov 2017 #84
What if they didnt ? KTM Nov 2017 #20
Yes, because it shows if they have an agenda that is anti-DEM or not. Important to know. Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #27
Seriously?? You would prefer they had not won ??? KTM Nov 2017 #35
Prefer who had not won? I am a DEM! DEMS FOR THE WIN! woohoo! Anti-DEMS, nah! Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #42
Well, you JUST SAID you would oppose these DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES. KTM Nov 2017 #47
WTH? I only oppose anti-DEMs and those whose agendas are anti-DEM. Why would I oppose them? Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #49
Your posts are right above this; we can all read. KTM Nov 2017 #51
I support the DEM party. People who did not support or endorse or vote for HRC hurt our country. Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #56
13 million Sanders voters in the Democratic Party primaries. Many fall into your listed categories. YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #68
Yes, they're called Democrats. Ninsianna Nov 2017 #87
Who are "they" ? KTM Nov 2017 #93
Post removed Post removed Nov 2017 #63
I cant say what needs to be said here, but am glad you are saying it. Eliot Rosewater Nov 2017 #81
Is this a new meme? I feel like I missed the memo! Madam45for2923 Nov 2017 #6
I think Sanders smartened up, but I"m not on his email Hortensis Nov 2017 #50
Yes. SandyZ Nov 2017 #53
Certainly DiBlasio wasn't an upset ...44 points ahead in the polls ehrnst Nov 2017 #79
For sure. An incumbent product of NYers. He also operates Hortensis Nov 2017 #92
Like the Stolen Valor people who wear the medals but delisen Nov 2017 #103
Phony, all right. 90% of the time their ISSUES agenda is the same as Hortensis Nov 2017 #117
I know, right LOL and my meme is simple Eliot Rosewater Nov 2017 #82
Which means of production is he proposing to have the Commonwealth take over? brooklynite Nov 2017 #11
Democratic socialists aren't communists, you know. sandensea Nov 2017 #17
Socialism (Noun) brooklynite Nov 2017 #18
Nor are these people communists - or socialists in the sense you're referring to. sandensea Nov 2017 #19
So, they are not socialist, but want to be separate from Democratic, within the SandyZ Nov 2017 #24
Sure - but we should give people at least a little benefit of the doubt. sandensea Nov 2017 #30
You mean like so many self-identified DSA gave Hillary? (nt) ehrnst Nov 2017 #80
Thank you for saying that. /nt romana Nov 2017 #115
"...owned-regulated by the community..." CanSocDem Nov 2017 #97
No one is arguing otherwise. LanternWaste Nov 2017 #62
The OP suggests that Democratic Socialism (a philosophy inconsistent with capitalism)... brooklynite Nov 2017 #69
And the OP is correct. YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #72
And my reply remains the same... brooklynite Nov 2017 #78
The OP is not. Ninsianna Nov 2017 #88
. ismnotwasm Nov 2017 #26
Thats a whole lot of laughing.... KTM Nov 2017 #37
Does he live in Colorado? sandensea Nov 2017 #39
He's a Democrat, and nothing in your article separates him from the party that voted for him. Tarheel_Dem Nov 2017 #33
He is indeed a Democrat. sandensea Nov 2017 #36
Which means he's just a run of the mill Dem, one with the integrity to support and be a Ninsianna Nov 2017 #85
He identifies and was primarily supported The_Casual_Observer Nov 2017 #34
Exactly. sandensea Nov 2017 #38
I see nothing too "far" about his positions. Nothing. Many/most Dems stand for and with the same. SandyZ Nov 2017 #40
Same here. sandensea Nov 2017 #43
It's sad when someone who simply believes The_Casual_Observer Nov 2017 #41
I feel exactly the same way. sandensea Nov 2017 #45
When the Independent Socialist labeled Plan Parenthood as 'establishment' I have not been too SandyZ Nov 2017 #48
The old friendly fire problem. sandensea Nov 2017 #54
I have more of an issue with propaganda for a win at our expense. SandyZ Nov 2017 #57
The new deal was many many years ago...time to work to solve the problems of our day. Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #101
Those are the right wing supporting assholes doing the GOP's Ninsianna Nov 2017 #86
Unfortunately you are completely mistaken about this. The_Casual_Observer Nov 2017 #94
Is that a new party in Virginia? George II Nov 2017 #58
No. He ran (and won) as a Democrat. sandensea Nov 2017 #59
Working class and Unions. The strong, vast majority of the Democratic Party and our position. SandyZ Nov 2017 #60
Its just JPR angst ismnotwasm Nov 2017 #66
Plenty of Democratic voters hold socialist or close-to-socialist views. I'm one of them. YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #71
Jobs and unions. That covers about all in the Democratic Party. SandyZ Nov 2017 #83
And you can also take it to the bank that Millenial Dems like the rest of us see what the DSA Ninsianna Nov 2017 #89
That sort of confirms my thinking - but all of a sudden people (not necessarily you) have decided... George II Nov 2017 #76
Don't panic, y'all. Having been inspired by Bernie Sanders... Orsino Nov 2017 #61
Loyalty to the most powerful members of the Democratic Party trumps principle for some. YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #64
Exactly what principle is being trumped? lapucelle Nov 2017 #96
Why? Simply being educated about what the Democratic Party is and has been Ninsianna Nov 2017 #90
All I am hearing are policy of the Democratic Party. SandyZ Nov 2017 #91
Creeping corporatism still keeps socialism a dirty word. Orsino Nov 2017 #98
Any example of where it was? brooklynite Nov 2017 #99
Not in this country. Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #100
Are you saying that socialism is a dirty word that should be kept out of Dem messaging? n/t Orsino Nov 2017 #102
Messaging needs to be tailored to the State or district. In general, socialism works against Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #104
I cannot completely disagree... Orsino Nov 2017 #110
You can't call it socialism for the same reason we are now 'progressives' and not 'liberals'. The Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #112
K&R! Let's keep it up! YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #65
Was His A Convenient Use Of The Letter D After His Name Me. Nov 2017 #77
Yes, absolutely... I doubt half the folks that voted for him even knew of his association with the Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #105
Funny How That D After Your Name Will Get You Elected Me. Nov 2017 #107
Exactly. They can't run as a socialist because they will damn well lose. Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #114
There have been socialists in the Democratic Party for decades. David__77 Nov 2017 #108
That is completely meaningless to me. Socialism still has a bad rep...and we need more than Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #113
Got it. David__77 Nov 2017 #119
You are exactly correct...lets not help the GOP demonize us...and socialism is a loaded term. Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #123
But They Don't Run As Socialists Do They? Me. Nov 2017 #116
I dont get the point. David__77 Nov 2017 #118
Nice Try At Distraction Me. Nov 2017 #120
Ok. Im giving my viewpoint. David__77 Nov 2017 #121
Disagreement Is Part Of Politics Me. Nov 2017 #122
2 won in Allegheny Co DeminPennswoods Nov 2017 #106
Key point in text: "a politics that pushes to the left on economic and social policy." David__77 Nov 2017 #109
Great to hear mvd Nov 2017 #111
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