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25. It's SP funny, in that it is addressing "conversion therapy" for questioning youth.
Sun Nov 19, 2017, 01:52 PM
Nov 2017

But if you find South Park funny and realize that nothing Cartman does is *ever* supposed to represent the actions of a sane human being with a conscience....

You might think they did a good job with the show.

But it's OK if you're a Republican...and straight men just LOVE being grabbed by women Glorfindel Nov 2017 #1
Unfortunately it's not just Rs defending her. Duppers Nov 2017 #27
Oh, dear. Baitball Blogger Nov 2017 #2
It's about power HopeAgain Nov 2017 #4
Sometimes MFM008 Nov 2017 #29
Using Robin for this is crossing a line. moriah Nov 2017 #3
He is also pretending to zip up his pants. LisaL Nov 2017 #6
Exactly. Seriously, this is getting out of control. moriah Nov 2017 #7
How was he supposed to "sound unwilling" after the fact? Demit Nov 2017 #9
You are just trying to score points here. moriah Nov 2017 #12
I'm just trying to express my skepticism of Ms Tweeden here, is what I'm doing. Demit Nov 2017 #16
I'm saying we don't know. He's, sadly, not here to say. moriah Nov 2017 #17
Oh for heaven's sake. It is still possible to critique a performer's performance after he is dead. Demit Nov 2017 #22
Here's a video of Robin Wiliams USO performance from 2004. Demit Nov 2017 #37
I think that the OP is being ironic to prove a point. yardwork Nov 2017 #13
And many are unintentionally feeding patriarchal stereotypes by doing so. moriah Nov 2017 #14
I agree, and I've said so here on DU. yardwork Nov 2017 #18
Exactly. Not to sound like Moore supporters here at ALL, but... moriah Nov 2017 #20
But many supporting Franken are "being just like him" kcr Nov 2017 #24
No one's accused her of molesting them, either, have they? moriah Nov 2017 #26
Well, she didn't say anything either, for a long time. kcr Nov 2017 #28
We can ask them now, though. We can't ask Robin. moriah Nov 2017 #30
Wow. You know, you'd have a point if it was only Robin Williams. kcr Nov 2017 #32
.... I'm wrong for thinking you should interview the living? moriah Nov 2017 #33
Who says you're wrong? I agree with that. kcr Nov 2017 #35
Why is photo beyond the pale? He's not touching her, photographer is saying staged photo Hestia Nov 2017 #34
Overall your point is quite solid. Orrex Nov 2017 #19
I use it because it's a trope of the various "sleepover pranks". moriah Nov 2017 #21
Sure, like the ol' "hand in the bowl of water" gag. Orrex Nov 2017 #23
It's SP funny, in that it is addressing "conversion therapy" for questioning youth. moriah Nov 2017 #25
God. I hate that I had to hunt through numerous threads of dreck and slut shaming.... vi5 Nov 2017 #38
Well, well, well.... femmocrat Nov 2017 #5
Comparing actions in an act to ones down while one was sleeping Lee-Lee Nov 2017 #8
Please splain Her thrusting her leg over Williams groin, or her grabbing the guitarist ass, were Ninga Nov 2017 #10
Im sorry but who believes she was assaulted while she was sleeping? It was a tacky joke writes3000 Nov 2017 #11
I can believe someone could be exhausted on a flight... moriah Nov 2017 #15
Maybe being older but the Al Franken pic is not tacky or gross. Hestia Nov 2017 #36
Leeann Tweeden's Playboy mag cover Sam McGee Nov 2017 #31
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